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What Economy?

Bob Rinear, July 28 2021

There is no economy. There is however, trillions in Fed/Government money keeping the plates in the air. So let’s talk about inflation, the so called economy, and what’s really going on.

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DEBT CEILING AGITA RETURNS Antsy Investors Are Watching

Guest Writer, July 24 2021

The imminent return of the federal government’s debt ceiling is causing agita among money-market traders once again.

Conventional wisdom holds that the risk that Uncle Sam might default by missing a payment on a bill or two is next to nothing.

Nevertheless, investors are wondering if and how the Treasury can slash its giant cash pile to the level the department has indicated would be consistent with its policies and the 2019 act that suspended the limit. 

And they’re concerned about the impact that any such moves could have on short-term funding markets, which underpin much of the global financial architecture.

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The Split

Bob Rinear, July 21 2021

Why would someone pay me for that type of information? Well, the NASDAQ was in a bubble like we’d never seen. And Companies took advantage of that bubble by splitting their stock, thus making it cheaper for more masses to enter, and the stock would zoom back up. But traders often saw that the minute a split was announced, it would start climbing higher. They wanted in quickly and cell phones weren’t that popular yet. Hence the pager.

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U.S. OIL COMPANIES SLOW TO RAMP UP PRODUCTION - Energy Prices Up 45% Since Last Year;Protect Yourself with More Gold & Silver

Guest Writer, July 17 2021

If you want to know why prices at your local gas station are so much higher these days than before the pandemic, you only have to look at the number of oil rigs that are up and running off U.S. shores.

We know that the demand for oil has been rising as consumers emerge from Covid hibernation and businesses try to remake themselves to supply them. 

However, oil companies are dragging their feet on ramping up production, new data from Baker Hughes showed last week. And when production doesn't keep up with demand, it drives prices higher. 

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Protection-Part 2

Bob Rinear, July 14 2021

So, this weekend we mentioned some of the ills facing us and they’re aplenty for sure. We know they’re coming at us with Central bank digital currency. We know the BIS, IMF, and regional central banks are all in on it and can’t wait.

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Protections Part 1

Bob Rinear, July 10 2021

We write mainly about economic factors in these letters. But in reality, one can never ignore all the other factors that make up economic reality. For instance Political decisions weigh on economic factors. Global partnerships, alliances, wars, trade embargo’s, sanctions, you name it. It all adds up to actually influence your money, your investing and your way of life.

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Digital Control

Bob Rinear, July 7 2021

Control. The elitists worship it. They get a form of sexual gratification from it. And boy does it show. From the censorship on social media, where the President of The United States was banned, to the lock downs, the masks, the no travel rules, the shutting down of businesses to you name it.

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Guest Writer, July 3 2021

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court took two steps backwards in the fight for fair and transparent elections — and in the process struck one more blow to our fragile and vulnerable representative democracy.

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Guest Writer, June 30 2021

Friday’s article blog pointed out that in 2018, only 43% of companies in the S&P 500 Index incurred any expenses for research and development.

And just 38, or 7.6%, of companies accounted for 75% of the R&D spending of all 500 companies in the index.

So, I asked, where’s all the corporate cash been going?

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STOCK BUYBACKS POISED TO BREAK THE DAM - As Too Big to Fail Banks Pass Fed’s Annual Stress Tests

Guest Writer, June 26 2021

Stock buybacks and dividend payments are on the verge of gushing out of Wall Street banks’ faucets and breaking through the proverbial dam. 

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Guest Writer, June 23 2021

Just six months ago, participants in a monthly survey conducted by too-big-to-fail Deutsche Bank were asked, “[What] do you think are the biggest risks to global financial markets in 2021?”

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Unleash the Tepper!

Bob Rinear, June 19 2021

What’s it all mean? Are we at an inflection point in market land now, and the big bull market is over? Probably not just yet. That said, Quad hangovers can indeed extend several days, as traders reposition and rethink their futures roll outs. But make no mistake, the Fed’s statements, along with Bullard’s opinion, has changed the narrative some. We might see a much more volatile next two weeks as they try and square up all of this. Caution is warranted.

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Guest Writer, June 16 2021

Flying below the radar across the country, under the shadow of the better-known student loan crisis, colleges and universities have been having trouble paying their bills.

Axios’ Kate Marino believes there’s a reckoning coming in higher education — especially for smaller, private liberal arts schools — that’s been years in the making. 

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Bob Rinear, June 12 2021

Over in Russia they’ve asked all foreign migrant workers to return home by June 15th. Why would they do that? Russia has a labor shortage to begin with, so they use Asian’s to bolster the workforce. Why send them home?

The US has requested that Americans living in Russia should come home. When? By June 15th if possible. Why? Why kick out the migrant workers and why have US Citizens come back? Why will Visa’s to Russia not be given out any more?

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Money and Health

Bob Rinear, June 9 2021

But as time went on and I got older and maybe wiser by a brain cell or two, I started to see silver in a whole different light. By the time 2007 rolled around, and I had spent a few years “looking into this stuff,” my opinion swung 180 degrees. I still don’t much like it for jewelry, but that’s the mechanic side of me talking. When properly polished, it has its own form of warmth that I can indeed appreciate. It can look quite nice, as long as you keep the tarnish away.

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