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This Column Is Like An Economic Weather Report From Around The World.

Bob Chapman, November 4 2003
This column is like an economic weather report from around the world.

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Currency Theft, Raises In Interest Rates Will Signal The End Of The 'nice Decade'

Bob Chapman, October 27 2003
Currency theft, raises in interest rates will signal the end of the 'nice decade' ... we would all be better off if the Fed were dead ... and the slump in demand for corrugated cardboard cartons are an excellent economic indicator of outsourcing ......

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A Formula Is Set For The Next Depression

Bob Chapman, October 17 2003
A formula is set for the next depression

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Predictions Of Canada / US Currency Merging When Martin Starts Next Year

Bob Chapman, September 24 2003
Predictions of Canada / US currency merging when Martin starts next year . . . deep penetrating cavity searching x-ray machines in airports . . . Frequent fliers to become frequent fryers with regular doses of ionizing radiation from the nuke chute . . . and what's a few miscarriages and cases of leukemia when fighting international terrorism?

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Ex Army Staff Tell Of Indadequate Plannining

Bob Chapman, September 19 2003
Ex Army staff tell of indadequate plannining for peace after gulf war, CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour tells of press censorship in Iraq.

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A Quote From A Very Famous Person

Bob Chapman, September 14 2003
This week's Train Wreck is a quote from a very famous person. Read it, then click the link at the bottom to find out who it is.

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Big Brother Is At It Again !

Bob Chapman, September 5 2003
Big Brother is at it again !

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Secret Ops US Forces Are Sneaking Around The Kootenays In British Columbia, Canada

Bob Chapman, October 11 2003
Secret Ops US Forces are sneaking around the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada ... US Capital flight is currently taxiing for take-off ... echoes of 1963 GATT round,... and silence on reporting anti US in Iraq presentations all over the world....

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Galileo Will Be Opening Up A Dossier On You

Bob Chapman, August 29 2003
Galileo will be opening up a dossier on you .......

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