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UN Condemns Illegal Israeli Settlements

James Corbett, December 28 2016

Strangely, though, there is no word yet out of Tel Aviv on whether Israel will be declining the record-setting $38 billion aid package the Obama administration promised earlier this year.

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2016 and The Descent Into Chaos

James Corbett, December 17 2016

But still, given the off-the-wall craziness we've seen transpire in the 2016 (s)election race so far, can anyone really rule out such an unprecedented turn of events? 

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Why Did Japan Just Ratify the TPP?

James Corbett, December 14 2016

The most intriguing possibility, and one that would immediately turn around and bite the Trump administration in the posterior is that it would open up the space for including China in the deal. And a TPP with China as the star signatory would be a very different deal...

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Group Calls for Kissinger's Arrest in Oslo

James Corbett, December 10 2016

But in fact, Henry Kissinger is notable among the unindicted war criminal jetset in having not one, not two, not three, but four separate legal systems with outstanding requests to answer for his participation in various atrocities.

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Next EU Domino Falls as Italy Rejects Renzi

James Corbett, December 7 2016

It’s still too early to know how this will play out, or even when an election is likely to be called. Italians could be heading to the polls right away if a snap election is called... As Bloomberg notes on Grillo, this biding of time may be necessary to give the establishment time to rig the election against the Five Star Movement.

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Economics Is Not A Science

James Corbett, December 3 2016

So if not economics, then what? How do we describe the study of the order that undeniably arises from the sum total of human activities? How do we understand this nearly unfathomably complex web of activities that bind humanity together if not through "economics?"

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FT Admits the Global Liberal Order is Collapsing

James Corbett, November 30 2016

Yes, the global liberal order as envisioned by the banksters and their puppet politicians is collapsing. And yes, it is going to be messy, chaotic and violent.

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The India Cash Crunch Explained

James Corbett, November 19 2016

The great step toward the cashless and completely controlled economy is underway. It's a trial run for the process of demonetization itself. It causes counter-economic activity to come under bank scrutiny.

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Post Election Market Volatility

James Corbett, November 16 2016

A president may have a different plan for creating jobs and getting industry going again, but there is no magic wand that will solve this central-bank created bubble problem.

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Notables Heading to the White House Along With Trump

James Corbett, November 12 2016

...will you Trump voters commit to standing by the principles you thought you were voting for... or will you rally around the party flag as a new crew of neocons, banksters and establishment insiders step into their pre-ordained roles?

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Change the World Dont Vote

James Corbett, November 9 2016 all of the million things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the phony baloney political charade exemplified by national selection day. Because if all you ever do is tick a box in a voting booth and sit back to see who wins the rigged sporting event, you probably believe the lizards are the best thing that ever happened to you.

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The Truth About The Comey October Surprise

James Corbett, November 5 2016

...these twin bombshells are notable not for what they reveal about the corruption of the Clinton camp or the FBI, but what they reveal about the behind-the-scenes warfare taking place between powerful media and financial interests  puppeteering the presidential (s)election itself.


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Central Banksters Throwing in the Towel

James Corbett, November 2 2016

Whatever the case, you've got to hand it to the banksters: They've kept the bubble floating along long enough for Goldman's best pal Hillary Clinton to come within arm's length of the White House.

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Yet Another Naval False Flag Sets Stage for Yemen War

James Corbett, October 29 2016

If this latest Yemeni incident surprises in any way, it is only that the US hasn't passed a Red Sea Resolution that justifies a full-scale invasion of Yemen as revenge for the ignoble perfidity of those dastardous Houthis...

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Oil Market Update

James Corbett, October 26 2016

Indeed, given the coming ballyhooed transition to the “post-carbon” world, it looks like there's nothing for the oil industry to be excited about at this time.

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