Hey everyone, 

I think I have something here you're going to like. Remember when they hit us with the bioweapon called Covid, and then rolled out these MRNA vaccines? Sure you do, we still talk about it. Well, as all that was brewing, it seemed to me that the globalists that have been working for over 100 years to take us down, turn us into serfs, depopulate us, were finally launching their diabolical schemes.

That spawned the "Dark Winter" series. In that series we talked about being self sufficient, especially if they pulled off something like crashing the grid, disrupting trucking, shutting down oil and gas refineries, etc.

We wrote about everything from sourcing and filtering water, to growing food, to home defense, to why you need at least a "tiny" solar set up, to dozens of other topics concerning getting through what could be several months of really tough times.

Over the past year, I've had many people say that they wished they'd saved all those articles, as some of them were really important to folks.

Well, I've done something way above and beyond. For the past couple months, I've gone back in the archives, I've dug up the articles, I've amended some of them, and I have created a PDF Ebook.

But it isn't just the original articles. I've expanded it into a 271 page BOOK. Not only is the build up of how and why our doctors deceived us about ivermectin, and hydroxychloriquine in the lead up, I've got new resources to share all through the book. Things like "wouldn't you feel safer if you had a years worth of your prescription medicine on hand, in case something bad happens going into the election season?"  Well I've got the links to where you can get 12 month supplies.

All throughout the "book" I've got the links to all manner of things. Like the newer water filtration system I've been testing out for 2 months and how it's half the price of a Berkey, but does the same job, in some ways better.

This has been a labor of love for me. I've really enjoyed putting this all together. The water, food, solar, guns, etc, has all been greatly expanded. It's pretty comprehensive. For instance, do you finally want to put at least a small solar set up in your shed, so that even if the grid did go down, you could still charge your cordless tools, run your electric tools, finally have some lights in there, etc? I give you links on what I'd buy, from batteries, to panels, right down to the wires. Want a bigger system? I've done the same thing, even what pre-made kits I'd use.

At the very end of all this stuff, I had a bit of fun with it. We all buy stuff. Some of it's junk and some of it is just wonderful. So, I have a list and links to about 20 or so products that I've bought, used, and found them to be something I would buy again if I needed to.

The bottom line is that for practical purposes, for the average person, I think this Ebook is as good as it gets as to helping anyone be much better prepared for emergencies and more self sufficient in general.

I'm eventually going to put this book on the website ( once it gets finished, we're on version three after two hack attacks) for 29.95. But if any of you folks want a copy of this Ebook ( yes you need it) and toss us a donation over 20 bucks, I'll send you the book.

Is that a deal? I think so. I've worked hard on this for a long time. I've tried to include everything I could think of that rounded out the whole picture.

So, there you have it folks. Hit the donate button and toss us 20 or more dollars and you'll get your book within 24 hours. It of course comes into your Email and it is a PDF document, which every browser can open. I hope you enjoy it.