Bob Rinear, May 22 2019

...the scary part is the Government role. When Government gets to say what you can or can not talk about, we have LOST the most important freedom of all.

Anyone that’s read my articles for any length of time, probably knows that my opinion is that most people don’t really have a clue about how things truly work. Now I’m not saying that to try and seem “better” than anyone else, it’s more like a lifestyle choice. You either look for the truths in things, or you simply accept what you’re told and go on doing “your thing.”

I don’t play video games. When the first “Mario brothers” came out so many years ago, I got the toy and played the game for a few months. But it never urged me to go on and play any of the multitudes of games available now. Yet there are many people, an enormous amount actually, that are 100% addicted to their games. They’ll wait in lines in the rain for the next release of a game.

If someone told me that some particular monster in a game, was really the hero, I’d simply say “okay” and that’s that. I would have NO clue if what I was told was really true, because I don’t play the games. I’m not immersed in video chats and blogs about games. I don’t even care if the monster is really a hero or a villain.

Conversely, people consumed with their particular hobby or passion, are often too wrapped up in it, to really “fact check” something their told. If it sounds “okay” and especially if people in their social circles are good with it, then they’re down with it.

I’m never “okay with it.” If someone tells me something that doesn’t quite fit my idea of logic, I look into it. I want to find out if I’m being snookered or not. Most people however, seem to just accept it and go on with their life.

The people at the top, the real influencers of human behavior know this well. Companies that specialize in advertising know this well. Hit the right buzz words, pluck the right emotional strings, and you can sell them lies all day long. Hell, frame it right and they’ll help you support the lie. Why? Because they’re wrapped up in their lives, their games, their Netflix movies, their TV shows. Who’s going to give up their last viewing of Game of Thrones, to check out if over in France, 500 illegals from Sub-Sahara really took over an airport? (they did by the way.

Also By the way, why wasn’t that broadcast all across US media? Because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Anyway, I do have a point behind all this. We here in the US like to espouse the idea of “freedom” and how wonderful we are because of it. I won’t devolve into a discussion here today about how many “freedom’s” we&rs...

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Neocons ADMIT They Will Lie Us Into War

James Corbett, May 18 2019

If a new "catastrsophic and catalyzing event" happened tomorrow... would the public blindly support the government in a headlong rush to war or would they question what they were being told?


Wars and Rumors

Bob Rinear, May 15 2019

Folks this is nothing but pushing for war with Iran. Israel and the Saud’s want the US to come in and mop up Iran.



Bob Rinear, May 1 2019

I’m not trying to spread fear porn here friends. Look at Venezuela, they’re enduring a coup. The US is enduring a coup attempt of its own.


China’s American Arsenal

James Corbett, April 27 2019

And now the Chinese are building a carbon copy of the American military, jet by jet, drone by drone, rifle by rifle.



Bob Rinear, April 24 2019

Keeping the planet healthy is a whole lot harder than most imagine. We’ve been told to recycle, to shy away from plastic bags, go green and use cotton bags, drive electric vehicles, etc. Yet as you see, it all “sounds good in theory” but comes up short in reality.


Debunking Albert Pike’s WWIII “Prediction”

James Corbett, April 13 2019

So, does all of this piss you off? You know, all of this drivel being peddled by "conspiracy researchers" in the name of "spreading the truth"? Does it make you angry?


The Next World Reserve Currency

James Corbett, April 6 2019

So here's the real question: If the dollar is going to go down, what will replace it?


Mea Culpa?

Bob Rinear, April 3 2019

Just about everything you see any more is nothing but lies. I’ve been exposing them for 25 years. I’m tired of them. You should be too.


Japan’s Emperor Is Abdicating. Here’s What It Means.

James Corbett, March 30 2019

The hope for many is that this coming period will be one of renewal for the Japanese, economically, politically and otherwise...


Do Humans Have Free Will? Not If Big Tech Wins!

James Corbett, March 23 2019

We are being shaped, our experiences directed, our choices made for us each and every day.


What Does A Demographic Crunch Look Like?

James Corbett, March 16 2019 looks like we here in Japan are once again getting a sneak preview of the challenges that are going to be facing the rest of the developed world very soon.


How does it Happen?

Bob Rinear, March 13 2019

The bottom line is that like Obama, it’s rarely the person that climbs to the top. It’s the “man behind the curtain” that pulls the levers and pushes the buttons, that gets that person to the top.


False Flags Over Kashmir

James Corbett, March 9 2019

So now we have a perfect mess in Kashmir. It contains territories administered by three nuclear powers, all of whom have been to war in the region within living memory...


MMT the New Old Buzzword

Bob Rinear, March 6 2019

Pay attention over the next year and a half and you’re going to see MMT become a main stream talking point.


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