Bob Rinear, April 8 2020

Which one is worse? The possibility of getting a virus that could kill you, especially if you have comorbidities, or … have your life savings wiped out, your home foreclosed, your car repossessed, your kids college dreams crushed, and living on welfare?

Everyone’s life is upside down right now. Life as we were accustomed, is grotesquely distorted. Tuesday it was my younger son’s time to run into the effects of this Corona virus lock down. He was laid off from his job.

He worked in an Infinity car dealership, as a budding technician. He really enjoyed his job. But, instead of servicing 30 – 40 cars a day, they’re down to 7. 8. So, they had to make some cuts. He understands it. He was surprised they kept him on last week as the numbers dwindled.

This is being played out in not hundreds or thousands, but MILLIONS of families across our nation. Every day that this shut down goes on, more stories like my son will continue to emerge.

So, many people are questioning the push for this extended shut down, when the seasonal flu kills so many people every year. It’s a good question, because in any normal year, the flu kills between 30 and 60 thousand people. If we don’t shut down the entire nation over that, why such a response to this?

There’s a lot of theories. One of course is that the globalists ordered the world to be shut down, to crash economies, and have so many more people totally dependent on Government. Then there’s those who believe that the virus was released to scare the hell out of everyone, and then those very people that let it loose, will make trillions off of the “mandatory” vaccine they’ll certainly introduce. Then of course here in the states, there’s no shortage of people who think that the left ( including our traitorous main stream media) wants the economy to crash, so they can blame it all on Trump.

I don’t have an issue believing any or all of those theories. But I do think that there’s a twist to this situation. This is NOT the flu. This was an engineered bioweapon. Don’t roll your eyes, don’t think it’s conspiracy. The conspiracy was them trying to have us believe some old hag eating bat soup was the start of this. If you happen to catch the “bad” version of this bug, your life is most seriously in danger. You’re going to be sicker than you ever have, and in the worst cases you will suffocate in agony and die.

That is why this shut down is such a conundrum. This bug was designed years and years ago. It shares many attributes of SARS. But with previous bioweapons like SARS, or MERS or even Ebola, they couldn’t make it contagious enough. This puppy is a different animal.

Remember back in the early reporting of this bug, some researchers said they discovered what appeared to be HIV virus encoded into it? I mentioned it in one or two of my letters. Anyway, those reports wer...

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Gold Havning Best Week in 4 YEARS

Guest Writer, March 31 2020

The coronavirus's impact on mining not only prevents an expansion of supply, but may actively shrink new production at the very moment gold demand is surging.


Committing Coronavirus Thoughtcrime

James Corbett, March 28 2020

All I know is that the room to express dissent on these topics is fast disappearing. It's time for those of us who can tolerate thoughtcrime to circle the wagons. The Thought Police are closing in.


Side Effects

Bob Rinear, March 25 2020

Everyone wants the virus gone. Everyone wants to go back to “normal.” But as I’ve shown you, this is tough to do.


WWIII Has Begun

James Corbett, March 21 2020

Yes, folks, whether you know it or not, World War III has already begun. And in the eyes of those waging that war, you are an enemy combatant.


So it Begins

Bob Rinear, March 18 2020

When the fuel companies won’t give fuel on credit, when the food wholesalers can’t get product from the farmers/cattle raisers, when the local mom and pop shop, can’t finance their meat market, the “bad” side of People will emerge.


Your Guide to Surviving A Crisis

James Corbett, March 14 2020

it is OK to unplug from this stream of information when you feel it necessary. In fact, maybe it will be necessary to do so to maintain your sanity and your perception of the world during this chaotic period.


Stayin Safe

Bob Rinear, March 11 2020

I know that’s not what the Administration is telling you. I know there’s a ton of people saying that this is just the flu, and the flu kills 60 – 100K people every year, don’t fret this. I’ve heard both sides of the argument. Obviously this is my opinion only, but my take is that this is going to get ugly.


The Rollercoaster Ride Has Begun

James Corbett, March 7 2020

So yes, we are on a ride right now. And it is a wild ride that is about to get even wilder. But let's maintain our perspective about what this ride is and what it's about.



Bob Rinear, February 29 2020

Be careful out there friends. The volatility has been wicked. Don’t let it whipsaw you to death. Sometimes the best play is no play. Good luck.



Bob Rinear, February 26 2020

Fed money does NOT kill corona virus. Fed money does NOT make people go shopping. So the Fed’s know this, and they wonder “do we shoot our ammunition at this thing, knowing it won’t do jack squat??” I think their answer is no.


Red Gold: China's Stealth Plan to Use Gold for World Domination

Guest Writer, February 22 2020

In short, when China really starts buying, it’s not going to be able to disguise it any longer. And that could cause a run on gold like the world has never seen before.



Bob Rinear, February 19 2020

Trump has mentioned in his books many times, if someone screws you, screw them back 10X harder. He’s been screwed over from day one by virtually every democrat and especially the Main Stream media. I have a feeling he wants revenge and he’s going to take out what he can, ahead of November.



Bob Rinear, February 15 2020

The debts are so large, the lack of “dollars” so big, that they have no choice but to do all this madness. But the fact is that the minute they don’t, the WORLD markets crash.


5 Important Lessons Absolutely No One Will Learn From Iowa

James Corbett, February 8 2020

Too bad the people who really need to hear this message stopped reading this article when they realized it wasn't really about the Iowa caucuses.


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