Investing In Yourself

Bob Rinear, January 16 2019

Consider investing in yourself for a while. It might be the best return you ever got.

A few days ago I was writing an article about Longer term investing, and the first thing that generally comes to my mind is the FACT that “most” people don’t invest in the most important thing of all. Your own health and wellbeing.

I remember as a young kid, my dad was your typical blue-collar worker. He was in the oil industry as a chemical operator. He made just enough to keep a roof over our heads, take us on vacations, keep two cars, keep food on the table and get my sister and I educated. But there was one particular day that sticks in my mind.

We were talking about money, and happiness and all manner of things one day, and I said to him something along the lines of “you’re always in a pretty good mood, yet you’re in no way rich. Doesn’t it bother you that you don’t have the money to buy the things that you’d really like?”

His response was perfect. He said “My dad raised 7 of us through the great depression. Times were pretty tough. Then when the war broke out, I was shipped to France. I’ve been frozen to the bone, scared, shot, hungry, and tired. Now look at me. I’ve got a home, a job, all I can eat, a fine wife, a boat, a car, and two decent kids. I’m as rich as I need to be.” Wow. I never thought about it like that.

It made an impression on me, even though I was only maybe 10 or 12 years old. Maybe “rich” isn’t about having a billion dollars. Maybe rich is being healthy, and having the things you need, more than the things you want.

Fast forward 50 years to the present and there’s a “meme” you might see pop up here and there from some motivational site. It says something along the lines of “Happiness is enjoying what you have, not what you think you might want”

I think my dad hit that nail on the head a long time ago. Job one might just be to invest in your state of mind. If you’re reading this In the United States, you’ve already been blessed. You could have been born into the slums of South Africa. In fact, to be among the wealthiest half of the ENTIRE world last year, an adult needed to own only $3,210 in net assets (minus debts), according to the data. To be in the top 10 percent, a person needed to have only $68,800 in wealth. If you have 69K in assets, you are richer than 6 Billion people. You’re blessed, be thankful for what you have.

Yet now it’s 2019, and in a lot of ways the world i...

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No One Hates Free Markets Like the Banksters

James Corbett, January 12 2019

This is the plain truth of the matter: The bankers love whatever ideas, systems, beliefs and revolutionary movements will allow them to have more power over the lives of others.


China Bought More Gold

Bob Rinear, January 9 2019

They’re buying it for a reason and the reason isn’t to lose money. It’s stability, it’s diversified reserves, it’s a way to “back” their currency.


5 Outrageous New Year’s Predictions

James Corbett, January 5 2019

So just imagine what will happen when people all around the world get the chance to demonstrate the power of these ideas to a public reeling from a market collapse.


Gold Is Moving

Bob Rinear, December 19 2018

But now it’s stirring again. While it is still trapped below 1300, what we do see is the gold miners have really perked up.


Venezuela Joins the Social Credit Club

James Corbett, December 15 2018

...this system is being lusted after by would-be tyrants in every corner of the globe. This month's case-in-point: Venezuela! That's right, citizens of everyone's favorite socialist paradise are about to be treated to a new ID card...


The People vs. Paris

James Corbett, December 8 2018

Yes, it was just three scant years ago that we were treated to all the ballyhoo and tosh about the Paris Agreement and how it was going to save the world.


The End

Bob Rinear, December 5 2018

Every time this market has gone a bit sour over the past 6 years, they’ve found a way to goose it higher.


War Profiteering in WWI

James Corbett, November 28 2018

... it was not merely to line the pockets of the well-connected that the war was fought... it was a chance to change the very consciousness of an entire generation of young men and women


SEC Launches Glitchy Database To Prevent Another Flash Crash

James Corbett, November 17 2018

Will this actually help prevent another flash crash? Will the database do what it's supposed to do?



Bob Rinear, November 14 2018

Speaking of Madness, I’m on record saying that AI is a very dangerous thing. Opening areas that will have social impacts.


Are Trump Regime Hardliners Heading for War on Iran?

Stephen Lendman, November 7 2018

Endless US launched war in Syria rages. Is aggression on the Islamic Republic coming? Will Trump regime hardliners dare embroil the region in something far more dangerous than already?


You’re Next!

Bob Rinear, October 31 2018

Censorship is not harmless folks. When they control the narrative to the point where the only thing you can hear is their version of things, then we’re well on our way.


How (Not) to Pop a Bubble

James Corbett, October 27 2018

Quantitative Tightening means that all those dollars that were thrown around the world over the past decade are now being sucked back into the US.


Time Too Short?

Bob Rinear, October 24 2018

The old adage on Wall Street is that the market climbs the steps going up, but takes the elevator down. It certainly does.


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