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How Governments Terrorize the Public

November 21st, 2015 By James Corbett

The strategy is remarkably simple. Provoke an attack, stage an attack, allow an attack to happen or simply capitalize on a spontaneous attack. Use the public's own outrage to push through draconian new legislation, all the while pretending to be the savior.

The meme has already been floated: "Paris changes everything" according to the terrorists in government who stand to benefit from the changes that the Paris terror attacks are bringing about.

    But is that so? Has Paris really "changed everything?"

    Well, let's cast our mind back to those heady days of November 12, 2015, shall we? How does the pre-Friday the 13th world compare to the world of today?

    Before the attacks, the EU could chide France for missing its budget deficit goals. After the attacks, the EU can try to chide them, but France can swat those concerns aside by invoking the EU's own protective security clause.

    Before the attacks, the French could protest a bill granting sweeping new surveillance powers to the intelligence services. After the attacks, the government can grant the police special emergency powers and amend the constitution to make those emergency powers permanent with widespread popular support.

    Before the attacks, the British people could protest their government's own sweeping, Orwellian surveillance bill. After the attacks, Prime Minister David Cameron can sugge...

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Who is Funding ISIS

November 18th, 2015
By James Corbett

France is a nation in mourning. But perhaps the French people can reserve at least some of their outrage for the government which has used their own tax money to fund, supply and support the terrorists they are now at war with.

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Terrible TPP Clauses Explained in Plain English

November 14th, 2015
By James Corbett

Without mass education on this subject, it is unlikely that such massive protests can derail this TPP deal. Given the amount of time, money and energy the multinationals have sunk into the negotiation of this agreement, it's not going down without a fight.

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The Art Bubble About To Burst

November 11th, 2015
By James Corbett

While this kind of eye-popping, record-setting art sale isn't particularly important in isolation, the overall trend in the art market is a reflection of much bigger forces at work in the economy.

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China Two Child Policy and the Population Crunch

November 7th, 2015
By James Corbett

China is not alone in its prospect of facing a demographic winter scenario of an aging (and eventually shrinking) population. In fact, the latest world population data shows that a majority of the nations on the planet now have a total fertility rate below the replacement rate of 2.1 children per couple...

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New Study Shows Antarctica Actually Gaining Land Ice

November 4th, 2015
By James Corbett

You see, the same researchers who can’t even accurately say whether the Antarctic ice sheets are gaining or losing mass are able to determine global sea level rise to within hundredths of a millimeter.

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An Introduction to Counter Economics

October 31st, 2015
By James Corbett

Economics is the realm of white markets: legal and lawful everyday exchanges in the above ground economy. Counter-economics is everything else: black market and grey market activity either specifically outlawed by the state or not licensed or approved by it.

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A new Five Year Plan For China and What You Need to Know

October 28th, 2015
By James Corbett

...look for a flurry of eye-popping, toe-tapping Communist Party propaganda to unleash that on the public in the weeks following the plenum.

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5 Stories From the Oil Markets You Need to Know

October 24th, 2015
By James Corbett

As we've discussed before, if this oil slump continues it's going to have a profound impact on transforming economies around the globe, not just in the Middle East.

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The Real Winner of the Canadian Election

October 21st, 2015
By James Corbett

The truth is that it doesn’t matter who wins this election, the real winner will be the same winner as in every election. The same Canadian Council of Chief Executives clique that helped shape the SPP negotiations in secret backroom negotiations with the “elected officials” who supposedly govern the country.

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Announcements, news and information.

Judy Chapman

May 19th, 2015
By Webmaster

Judy Chapman passed on today, May 19 2015

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Get Prepared EXPO 2015

Get Prepared Expo – Meet Instructors, Attend Seminars, and Banquet Dinners March 27, 28, 29,  2015 – Cowan Civic Center – Lebanon, MO

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Big Savings in May from Mountain House

May 21st, 2013
By The Freeze Dry Guy

Freeze Dry Guy is pleased to offer this highest quality product at a fraction of the manufacturers, suggested retail price. The Mountain House Freeze Dried Eggs with butter flavor is a must have for your food storage.

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Freeze Dried Pineapple Cans On Sale

If you love Pineapple as much as I do, you’re really going to love ours. We are very excited to offer you our finest quality Pack Away Foods 100% Freeze Dried Pineapple at an introductory price for the month of May.

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Robert Chapman Gold Coin

Bob Chapman Gold Coin A gold coin to honor Bob Chapman. A special offer from Central Metals Corp.

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Bob Chapman

The creator of the International Forecaster, Bob Chapman.