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Nine Eleven

The horror of 9/11 wasn’t that Muslim terrorists attacked us. The horror was/is that people in our own nation, supposed “citizens” of the US, knew, helped and even profited from this.

911 Usa History

Bob Rinear | September 11, 2019

You know where you were. You know what you were doing. You probably know what you were wearing, and who was closest to you. It was 9/11. The day that changed America…forever.

For me, it is as clear as the day it happened. At the time, I still had a home in the Pocono mountains of PA, along with our “bay house” in Tuckerton NJ. September is a gorgeous month in PA, as the weather gets a bit more crisp, and the air a bit more clear.

Because I’ve been trading and writing daily market updates for 25 years, I was where I’d normally be at 9:00 in the morning. I was in my office, along with my office gal. CNBC was playing in the background, and it was a perfectly normal morning. I was scanning stock charts, and then “it” happened.

CNBC was one of the very first to cut to the tower that had just been hit. So I literally watched their coverage from the very first second that they cut to it. At the time, CNBC actually had a pretty good anchor on their show, an ex-lawyer named Mark Haines.

Haines was hosting at the time, and they cut over to a live feed of the first tower moments after it was hit. For the next two hours, he gave a running commentary about what was happening. It was by my opinion, the best live commentary of a tragedy like this, that anyone could have done.

Here’s a 15 minute video of him that morning, and as I watch that this morning, it was like I was there in my office so many years ago.

When that day was over, America was visibly shaken. The towers were down, the Pentagon was on fire, and a jet went down in PA. Reports started suggesting that Bin Laden was the mastermind behind these hijackings, and it was pushed on every station.

I wanted to get a sense of how people were reacting, and I headed to a local bar that evening. The mood was somber. Everyone was talking, but in muted tones. Everyone had a concerned look on their face. No one could believe what had just happened.

In the days, weeks and months that followed however, there were problems with the official story concerning the hijackings, and the way the towers came down. Coke snorting, nude bar visiting Muslims, using “box cutters” hijacked modern air liners, and despite failing to learn how to fly a simple Cessna 150 training plane, managed a high speed descending roll into the towers?

And the towers, which had been designed to absorb a crash by a modern jet liner, fell in freefall speed, straight into it’s own footprint? And what about building 7? It hadn’t been hit by an airplane, and like building 1 and 2, it too fell straight into its own footprint.

Something, no… a lot of things, started smelling like 10 day fish. There just happened to be a “training” program going on with the military that very day, and the training was about “hijacked airliners???” Yeah. And it just gets worse from there. I think the crown jewel was that in the glowing rubble of a gazillion tons of steel, they “found’ the passport, a PAPER passport of one of the hijackers. Uhm, yeah. Right. Sure. You bet.

The official line about the entire day, is abject bullshit. I didn’t even make it a month, and I knew the whole thing was sour. The official story didn’t make a lick of sense, not logically and certainly not scientifically. This was NOT Bin Laden in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, on a cell phone, shutting down our air defenses, while 19 perverted Muslim’s with box cutters flew into towers. Sorry.

The towers did NOT come down from the effects of two aircraft flying into them. The towers came down because of controlled demolition. It is such a human tragedy that an event as big as 9/11 could be cooked up, completed, and a fake narrative pushed onto the American population. But they did.

Why did they do it? Ahh, the grand question of all. For a lot of reasons, but mainly it falls into a few specifics. First they got to roll out their “patriot” act, and start such lunacy as the TSA patting down grandmoms. They got the power in that act, to do any damn thing they want to you, all in the spirit of safety of course.

Then they also got their “war on terror.” A war with no physical enemy, a war that can never end. Unlimited spending on hardware, software and the police state. I could go on and on.

For any of you that think people like me are conspiracy nuts, and that there were no bombs that took down the towers, you should visit “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. So far, 3,160 engineers have demanded a new investigation into 9/11. Why? Because they all say that the planes did NOT take down those buildings.

This is a collection of people with about 25,000 years of combined engineering experience of big buildings and they say it didn’t happen the way we’re told. Interestingly, a new study out of University, has just hit the news:

Following an extensive four-year study at the University of Alaska, using four extremely complex computer models, Dr. Leroy Hulsey, Dr. Zhili Quan, and Professor Feng Xiao found the “fire did not cause the collapse”.

In their report, it says: “The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology] and private engineering firms that studied the collapse.

“The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.”

Failure of every column in the building? Well, ghee that sounds like controlled demolition, doesn’t it? Indeed. In fact, there was NO reason to waste 4 years studying this. Larry Silverstein who bought the trade towers just weeks ahead of the disaster, ( and insured them for about 5 BILLION dollars) said in an interview that he gave the command to “pull it.” Pull it, is the verbiage used when they’re going to demolish a building. Watch this, it’s 58 seconds long.

There it is. He says they gave the command to pull it and we watched the building come down. Let me ask the big question. It takes months to wire a building for demolition. WHY was building 7 wired for demolition? And if 7 was wired for demolition, does it not stand to reason that Tower 1 and 2 were also? Indeed it does.

My take is that two things were used to take the towers down. I believe nano thermite bombs were used on several of the major support columns, to cut them as in controlled demolition, and I believe several “suitcase” nukes were used in the basements near the main elevator shafts.

There’s hundreds of video’s of the actual fire fighters that were in the towers, talking about “explosions” in the basement, explosions above them and below them. Again, the towers didn’t come down from two stupid planes filled with kerosene. They came down, because over the years, they had been wired with explosives at the columns.

The worst part of all this, was that “some people” knew of this plan. They helped put it together, plan it out, and pull it off. And guess what? They didn’t give a rats ass about killing 3500 innocent people.

The horror of 9/11 wasn’t that Muslim terrorists attacked us. The horror was/is that people in our own nation, supposed “citizens” of the US, knew, helped and even profited from this.

9/11 is one of the most “in your face” cover ups of all time. As these anniversaries continue to go by, please don’t ever buy into their story line. It’s simply not true.