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Interview With Kevin Gallagher

Bob Chapman, July 16 2007

interview with Kevin Gallagher - video on YouTube. 

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Trade Imbalances

Bob Chapman, July 15 2007
trade imbalances, trade deficits, inflation, deprecating dollars,  salvation in exports,  and a corrupt attorney general.

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Bob Chapman, July 7 2007
Surprise, Scooter Libby gets pardoned, but George W. Bush will be judged harshly, Real Estate prices down sharply now, copper production boom, foreclosures climb, worker confidence down, federal debt rises, free trade opposed in South Korea.

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Dropping Housing Prices Making An Impact

Bob Chapman, June 23 2007
dropping housing prices making an impact, making a recession, and its potential for impacting the overall economy,how will financial institutions deeply in the mortgage business cope? Leaving our brightest and best behind.

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Loansharks Preying On US Soldiers

Bob Chapman, June 16 2007
Loansharks preying on US soldiers, misaligned currencies, mortgage notes, Samsung price fixing, Wak-Mart suffers from theft, a breakdown in cheap interest rates, raising Arizona utilities through the roof

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Uncertain Numbers For Growth

Bob Chapman, June 10 2007
uncertain numbers for growth, growth in holdings at the Federal Reserve, home sale decline in the future, the return of the markets to fundamental value, the American exit from Iraq, and the president who looks ever more like a 12 year old with a shotgun. 

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A Frenzy That Leads To A Slowdown

Bob Chapman, June 3 2007
a frenzy that leads to a slowdown, Sarkozy's yacht trip, and what he talked about and with whom, ambitions to invade Iran, return to Kosovo, credit scores lowering for municipal bonds; a coming meltdown in credit, speculators selling currencies, slowdowns in US productivity

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A One World Army For Globalization

Bob Chapman, May 26 2007
A one world army for globalization, mortgage index rising, Blair's successor, Guantanamo detainee describes conditions, Ron Paul as the Republican underdog, a coming correction for metals and interest rates

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Congressmen Under Investigation

Bob Chapman, May 21 2007
congressmen under investigation, Low grades for Bush, the imagined war on terror, and the suspension of liberties to come, Phoenix home sales way up, The republican debate sought to sideline Ron Paul, California real estate dreams drying up, Bernanke comments on the Real Estate market  on Mars

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Concentrations Of Risk

Bob Chapman, May 12 2007
concentrations of risk, dizzying heights in the market, fantasies of the Council on Foreign Relations, royalist fantasies of George Bush II and QEII, and the people who run your lives.

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IMF Predicts Growth

Bob Chapman, May 5 2007
IMF predicts growth, CDO failures, losses of over 1.3 trillion dollars, IMF's predictions of swirling seas of money, dumped by China and other asian powers, Karl Rove revelations of election fraud, was the Ohio election rigged? Measuring the dow in gold, and a Weimar Republic for America

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Contemplating The Bottom Of The Real Estate Market Prematurely

Bob Chapman, April 28 2007
Contemplating the bottom of the Real Estate market prematurely, before billions are lost, the shrinking retail dollar, will Monica Goodling talk freely with her immunity deal now in place? life in the  era of perpetual war, with mercenaries, government sanctioned abuse, torture and murder and a corporatist fascist government. 

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Carlyle Group Forecast On Liquidity

Bob Chapman, April 21 2007
Carlyle group forecast on liquidity, profits, interest rates, but what will bring about the end? News of rising foreclosures on homes, frauds, while the Supreme Court softens consumer protection laws. News of California leading the nation with home foreclosures. 

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Housing Balances The Economy

Bob Chapman, April 14 2007
Housing balances the economy, the failure of sub prime lenders, Paul Wolfowitz loses his job at the World Bank for promoting his own girlfriend to a senior position, Princeton Law Professor put on No-Fly List for Bush bashing, a failing grade for the idiot president, meanwhile, American disillusionment grows.

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straight Shooters Gone Wrong

Bob Chapman, March 31 2007

straight shooters gone wrong, update on the Plunge Protection Team, Bernanke remains silent, russia watches americans close to Iran border, what Boston must do in order to survive, asian bubbles, corporate scandals and courtroom confessions, lies for Alberto Gonzales, march of the Fascist State continues, as ordinary people are denied services for having a name that partially matches one on the terrorist watch list

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