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The resident morons and village idiots in Congress

Congress grows a backbone too late for Armenian Holocaust, tax slavery since 1913, Ron Paul's candidature, religious Right endorses Jackass and Dumbo candidates, and fails to understand religion.

Bob Chapman | October 24, 2007

The resident morons and village idiots in Congress have chosen a rather strange moment in time to grow some moral backbone, especially considering that they have been spineless wonders for as long as we can remember. They would not know what a moral is if it bit them in the nose. If one of our past Congresses had declared the slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 to be a genocide 90 years ago when they should have, they would have been acting with some justifiable moral rectitude and the whole matter would now be concluded, over with and in the past.

This is what they get for waiting 90 freaking years to label an obvious Turkish pogrom against Armenians as a genocide. And now big oil is reviving this long-neglected issue to generate uncertainty in the Middle East to propel oil to $90 per barrel even as Turkey threatens to cut off hundreds of thousands of our soldiers and contractors from their supply lines and air cover through Turkish land and air space. But let's not let the lives of hundreds of thousands of our brave military people get in the way of fun and profits! We could not have that! Are these imbecilic idiots in Congress the best we can come up with to lead our country? What does that say about us as a nation?

They say you get the leadership you deserve. If that thought does not curl your toes, raise bumps on your skin, send chills up your spine and make your hair stand on end, nothing will.

It is impossible to trace exactly how that bet against mortgages was made. We believe the possibility exists that Goldman and others deliberately precipitated the credit crunch in order to put markets out of kilter and at the same time make giant profits. We believe these earnings are phony and we believe the stock should be shorted.

GMAC’s mortgage arm GMAC Financial, will fire 25% of its workforce.

Manufacturing activity in NY State rose to 28.7 in October from 14.7 in September. New orders rose to 24.97 in October from 13.56 in Sept

A good part of the grains are the result of the falling US dollar. New York is a major exporter. Inventories rose to 3.49 in October from 3.19 in September. The prices paid rose to 36.05 in October from 35.11 in September. The employees index rose to 36.05 in October from 35.11 in September.

The US and England want transparency in sovereign funds and they want to establish a code of practice to avert a protectionist backlash in western countries to free trade and globalization. It is predicted that the greatest controversy will be created by the most secretive funds, which includes those from the Gulf and China.

The seven largest sovereign wealth funds have almost $2 trillion to invest and they are taking bigger stakes in sensitive sectors of developed countries, such as defense, energy, telecommunications and financial services. The top funds are China, Singapore, ABU Dhabi, Kuwait, Norway and Russia.

Increasingly aggressive investments made by such funds have alarmed policymakers in the US and Europe.

US building permits decreased 7.3% to 1.226 million in September.

The statement the inflation is under control is laughable. All we get are core prices that are worthless and no statistics on real official inflation. We refuse to quote such lies.

Housing starts plunged to a 14-yar low in September, a 10.2% decrease. They would have us believe inflation is up 2.8%. Quite frankly a 10.2% decrease in housing starts is stupid. They should have fallen 50% to relieve the glut of existing inventory for sale. Builders just don’t get it. Many of them will go bankrupt.

The Northeast showed construction gains in September with activity rising by 45.4%. Starts fell 10.1% in the West, 11.7% in the South and 28.4% in the Midwest. Housing starts are down 31% yoy. Builders continue to build. There were 180,000 completed new homes for sale at the end of August, just barely below the record of 182,000 in May. That is not a slowdown.

Society Security benefits will rise 2.3% in an inflation world of 11.1%. This is the smallest increase in four years. Yes, it is ‘let’s screw the aged’ so we can have wars for profit. This is an average of $24.00 a month in the average check. The average payout will move from $1,055 to $1,079 next year. The average retired couple received $1,761. Workers will pay a payroll tax on the first $102,000 in income for these benefits.

Mortgage application volume increased 0.7% for the week ended 10/12. The MBA’s index peaked at 1,856.7 on 5/30/03 and last week was 656.3. Refinance volume declined 1.1%, while purchase volume jumped 2.1%. Refis accounted for 45.3% of total volume, down from 46.2%. The interest rate for the 30-year fixed rate mortgage was unchanged at 6.4%. This year ARMs rose to 6.17% from 6.15%. It is estimated by the MBA that 2008 originations will fall to 2000 levels, or an 18% decline with existing homes falling 10%. This is pure wishful thinking. It will be much worse.

Home sales in Southern California fell in September to a 20-year low and the worst is yet to come. Home sales in the six county areas fell 48.5%, the lowest since 1988, yet in LA County they rose 1.2%. Apartment building sales fell 70% and two years of falling prices are expected - finally some realism.




Our Congresses for the past 94 years, starting with their passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax in 1913, have been nothing less than an absolute, total disgrace. They have sold us into tax slavery, they have allowed the Fed to devalue our currency through inflation and to blatantly and incessantly cause panics, recessions and depressions as they rip off the US public over and over again, ad nauseam, they have shredded our Constitution in every way possible every chance they get, they have either authorized or condoned the slaughter of our children in an almost continuous series of wars under an ongoing policy of perpetual war for perpetual peace and perpetual profits in order to line the pockets of trillionaire pigs who never have enough, they have stifled the moral outcry of our pulpits using the Income Tax laws to threaten their tax-exempt status if they speak out, and now they threaten to launch us into World War III over an issue that should have been settled 90 years ago. We would have been better off with a dictatorship! Don't laugh, because that is where we are headed!

We would like to see a third party with Ron Paul and Jerome Corsi as the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. While we hope he succeeds in getting the Republican nomination, Ron Paul's attempt to run within the current political system may not work because the system is rigged so that only the candidates approved by the elitists for the parties of Satan will ever get a nomination to run for political office. We also note, incidentally, that the symbols that were chosen for the parties of Satan are most appropriate, having been foreordained by our Lord in his perfect knowledge and wisdom. That's right, a Jackass and a Dumbo. Perfect.

The leaders of the religious right need to pull their heads out of their butts and stop endorsing Jackass and Dumbo candidates just because they might be pro-life and anti-gay marriage. Their myopic and incredibly naive view of our world is something the Lord will hold them accountable for, because, like the Pharisees, they have failed to discern the nature and the signs of our times or to distinguish between truth and lies. They have foolishly allowed a pack of ravening wolves wearing sheep's clothing to manipulate them by showering them with a plethora of contrived and worthless platitudes and by approving token actions on moral issues, actions that are taken solely for political reasons and not because of any underlying moral conviction. They can't even get our so-called Christian President to sign an executive order that would allow our military chaplains to pray in accordance with the dictates of their faith. Our Christian chaplains cannot even pray in the name of Jesus without incurring the wrath of their superior officers. Why then does this executive order even need a debate and/or a petition of concerned citizens to get our "beloved," so-called Christian Commander-in-Chief to put it on his agenda? What could he possibly be waiting for, we ask, unless perhaps he's not really a Christian at heart after all? Why doesn't he invite all the generals and admirals into the Oval Office for a little coffee klatch and lay down the law? Perhaps he needs to put a little fear into their hearts the way they are putting fear into the hearts of our chaplains? Don't hold your breath.

Our narrow-minded Christian right talks about pro-life and anti-gay marriage platforms as if these were the only issues that mattered. What about honesty and integrity? What about outright lies to Congress to get them to approve a war for profit? What about traitorous false flag attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the murder of several thousand of our citizens and the baseless and continuing orchestration of a phony war on terror? What about the slaughter of millions of Iraqi civilians and thousands of our soldiers and contractors to facilitate a grab for oil fields by an evil group of satanic trillionaires? Is it pro-life to kill that many civilians for the fun and profit of some of the most evil men that have ever walked the face of the earth, men whose lusts and perversity would make the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah blush? What about the countless financial scandals, one-bid contracts, obstructed investigations into every manner of graft and corruption and the politicizing of our justice system? What about the blatant invasions of our privacy with illegal wiretaps and data-mining of Internet and telephone service records? What about having a chief executive who thinks he is above the law, who has made the appendage of signing statements to the laws he signs into a form of art? What about blowing the cover of one of our CIA agents because her husband dared to speak the truth about some phony weapons of mass destruction? What about the numerous homosexual pedophiles, child pornographers and sadomasochistic perverts who grace the halls of Congress and the White House, many of whom have been caught in the act of soliciting minors and Congressional pages for sex? Do you think they are anti-gay marriage advocates? What about the male homosexual prostitute who has spent many nights at the White House? What about the torture and the extraordinary renditions of innocent people and the suspension of their rights to habeas corpus, and the humiliation of prisoners, all authorized by the drooling perverts in our current shameless Administration. What about the off-shoring and outsourcing of our jobs, the looting of our pensions, the destruction of our middle class, our economy and our currency, which will no longer be the reserve currency of the world thanks to the profligate policies of the current Administration? What about the incessant and blatant lies about economic statistics and the illegal 24/7 manipulation of all our financial markets? What about the failure to enforce our borders and our immigration laws so big business can have a ready source of slave labor? What about the secret destruction of our sovereignty with a clandestine North American Union, which the current Administration is trying to sneak past us by stealth until they can orchestrate another false flag attack? What about the War in Afghanistan to take over their opium poppy fields so the CIA can continue to fund their black operations, which are aimed at destroying our sovereignty? What about all the laws which have just been passed which give our President dictatorial powers over our military and over our state militias if martial law is declared, or which allow our President at his whim to declare that people who protest against our government's reprobate actions are enemy combatants and are no longer entitled to the protections provided by our Constitution? What about allowing the separation of church and state to widen even further and allowing evolution to be taught to the exclusion of God's creation? Have they done anything at all about this issue? Have they done anything about banning abortion completely by overturning Roe vs. Wade? Have they supported any states that have tried to do either of these things? Have they even attempted to do anything to discipline activist judges whose opinions are overturned over and over again as they try to make new laws instead of applying existing laws? Did they fight hard enough to get federal judge appointees of the President confirmed, or did they just make the appointments to make you happy and then not follow up, blaming it all on those pesky Jackasses? Do you think we should stop with a ban against partial birth abortion? Have they passed any laws, which in any way discourage gay marriage or civil unions or have they supported any states that have tried to do this? And finally, what do you think about a President who thinks that followers of Mohammed, who use the Koran, worship the same God as Christians and Jews, who use the Bible? Wow, the depth of his Christian understanding is nothing less than profound! He says that he prays every day, but we can assure you these prayers are to the prince of this world and not to the God we worship! Ask him about the Bohemian Grove!