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The Shooting

This is supposedly “not a gun guy” and yet ONLY a gun guy would know what they are, where to get one and how to install it. Something stinks with this.

Bob Rinear | October 4, 2017

First off, let me assure you that I do NOT know what happened in Vegas. But what I can tell you is what didn’t happen. One guy in one room of the Mandalay Hotel, did not shoot down 60 people and injure 500 more. Who did it and why is still a matter of speculation, but the official story simply doesn’t add up.

We watch the Narrative change on a minute by minute basis. First he had 10 guns, then 16, then 19. First he had hundreds of rounds of ammo, but then he had thousands. First he was killed by FBI hostage agents. Then he killed himself. First he had full automatic rifles, then he had “bumpfire” stocks.

Let’s do some of the simple things. This is from his Brother: “He’s not an avid gun guy at all. The fact that he had those kind of weapons is just ­ where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background or anything like that. He’s just a guy who lived in a house in Mesquite, drove down and gambled in Las Vegas. He did stuff. Ate burritos.”

Likewise, supposedly, no one that knew him had any idea that this guy was Rambo in drag. While supposedly fairly rich, full auto rifles are a very niche area for the serious gun aficionado. I’m a huge gun guy and I have zero full auto weapons. Why?

Under the [National Firearms Act], it is illegal for any private civilian to own any fully automatic weapons manufactured after May 19, 1986. Only registered Class 3 FFLs may make them, and then only for purchase by qualified state and federal agencies. There are no exceptions. According to the ATF’s official handbook on NFA laws and regulations, it’s not even legal to make new replacement parts for pre-1986 machine guns: “There is no exception allowing for the lawful production, transfer, possession, or use of a post-May 18, 1986 machinegun receiver as a replacement receiver on a weapon produced prior to May 19, 1986.”

So what about pre-1986 machine guns? Are civilians permitted to own those? Yes, with a host of exceptions. The pre-1986 machine guns may be sold only by a Class 3 FFL and must be registered with the ATF. Easy peasy, right? Not really. The process of registering a NFA item with the ATF is costly, invasive, and time-consuming.

Not to mention the real bottom line. Yes you can find pre-1986 full auto weapons, but you will NOT find one for under 15 thousand dollars. From start to finish, you’re looking at 20 grand for ONE auto rifle. This guy had how many? Yet he wasn’t a “gun guy??”

Now they’re saying he had rifles with bump fire stocks. What’s that you ask? A bump fire is a stock you can swap onto your rifle, where it uses the energy of the ‘kickback” when you fire a round, to trigger up the next round. They take some practice to make them work right, but when you “get it right” you can almost duplicate full auto for short bursts. However, it’s not like a “machine gun” where you can just hold it and fire off 500 rounds. Sorry, I’ve shot them. Doesn’t work that way.

But let’s go with it and say he put bumpfire stocks on some of his rifles. This is supposedly “not a gun guy” and yet ONLY a gun guy would know what they are, where to get one and how to install it. Something stinks with this.

Then we’ve got the changing narrative of the witnesses versus the official story. The first reports by witnesses said that there was more than one shooter. But then that was scrubbed. Then the bizarre report by a young woman who said that some Spanish looking woman was wandering the crowd some 45 minutes earlier saying “you’re all doing to die tonight!” Who was she and what did she know?

The Express (UK): “One woman, who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were ‘all going to die’ after pushing her way to the front of the venue…The witness, 21, told local news: ‘She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die. They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious’…She [the winess] described the lady as Hispanic. The lady was escorted from the venue along with a man. The unnamed witness, who was attending the event on her 21st birthday, described the pair as short, both around 5 ft 5ins to 5ft 6ins tall, and looked like ‘everyday people’.”

What about this shooters “room-mate?” At first they couldn’t find her, then found her overseas and within 2 hours somehow knows she’s not connected to anything? Really? What about “reports” that they found “Antifa” literature in his room?

Naturally the ISIS folks took a page out of Chicago’s famous leader by not letting a tragedy go to waste and they piped in about it:

CAIRO, Oct 2 (Reuters) ­ Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a shooting that killed at least 50 people and wounded over 400 in Las Vegas early on Monday, and said the attacker had converted to Islam a few months ago.”

“’The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition’,” the group’s news agency Amaq said in reference to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.”

Did this guy have some form of attachment to ISIS or the Antifa people? I have no clue. But what I do know is that normal every day people, don’t buy 100K worth of automatic weapons, Federal stamps, buy bumpfire stocks, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and No one knows about it. Sorry. Likewise, most “normal” people don’t go to the dark web, or the inner city and buy such weapons on the street.

I have looked at the video’s and one of the first things I noticed is that 1) the sound doesn’t’ make sense to me. This is a concert. Have you been to one? They’re pretty darned loud, loud to the point that you can rarely even talk to the person next to you. Yet you hear these shots going off like they’re right there in the lawn.

IF the only shots were coming from a hotel room on the 32nd floor, the walls, ceiling and floor of that room would have muffled the sound of those shots to a big extent. The sound coming out the front of the window, had to travel 1500 feet and then be “louder” than the music? Hmmm.

I also noticed that the direction that people were running changed twice. If you can hear shots firing, your “echo location” in your brain will point your eyes towards the sound. Your instinct would be to run away from it. But you’ll see they start running right, then change left then back to right. Strange.

There’s no end to the anomalies of this incident. So one has to ask the question, if the official story is bogus, if there was more than one shooter, if this guy was nothing but a patsy ( a dead patsy by the way) then what was the real agenda here? You can make up your own mind on that and there’s a lot of things you could ponder. For instance, I find it amazingly coincidental that this took place at the very time there’s a bill trying to go through Congress allowing suppressors to be sold without the stamps and trusts.

If you’re not familiar, way back in the 30’s Uncle Sam had an issue with gangsters and such and they passed a law that the only way you could get a “silencer” ( as they nicknamed it) was to buy a Federal Stamp, wait 9 months and then guard it with your life as it’s connected to you for ever. Well, millions of people enjoy the shooting sports and they’ve been pushing for years to get rid of this arcane law.

Think about it. If you buy a lawnmower it comes with a muffler. If you buy a weedwhacker it’s got a muffler. Or an outboard or a car or what have you. But if you buy a hunting rifle, you have to buy ear protection to keep from going deaf because you’re not allowed a suppressor. It’s stupid.

Was Sunday somehow arranged to shoot down that bill? Called the Hearing Protection Act, it’s Trumps first foray into the fight over 2nd amendment rights and the anti-gun folks. I don’t know, but in this day and age, I wouldn’t put it past them.

The bottom line here is that what we’re being sold is not the truth of this matter. Whether we ever find out the truth is debatable, But one thing is absolutely certain…the Socialists, the global elite, and most of the Democratic party, hates an armed US. They hate that Americans can own weapons. Whether this act was staged to try and ram gun confiscation down our throats or they’re simply going to use this act as their “ammunition” the fight is definitely coming. Again.

We all know that if Hillary had won, we were about to get a ton of new gun laws. Trump ran as an NRA guy. This whole scenario could have been a plot to try and get Hillary’s gun control passed under a Trump Admin. We’ll find out soon enough.