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I feel horrible that I’m saying this stuff in my own country. I think you should be able to wear or support just about anyone or anything (that’s legal) that you like.

Usa Trump

Bob Rinear | July 11, 2018

A week or so ago I wrote an article about what amounts to an upcoming Civil war. Well frankly it’s already going on, it just hasn’t reached the shooting stage. But I got wildly differing opinions about what we see happening out there. It was interesting to say the least.

On one hand, I got responses that completely agreed with me. That the rise of the really fringe far left, had gotten completely out of control, and on the other hand were emails suggesting that I was blowing this out of proportion.

But it is hitting home now, and at the bottom of this letter, I’m going to show you why I’m revisiting this. Please read on:

Listen up folks. Most of you have lives to live, and jobs to go to, and life that keeps you busy. My job, is to watch markets, and ANYTHING that can at some point be a cause for me to go long or short a trade. Which means that I spend countless hours reading news, but not just news about this company or that oil discovery. No, I read news about virtually everything. And I don’t want to sound boastful, it’s not my intent. But I see more “on the ground” news that 95% of you.

I don’t spend the bulk of my time reading the vomit that’s regurgitated out of the main stream media. They don’t cover the things that I consider to be important. What’s important to me, boils down to a few basic things. Did something happen politically that can affect the market? Did something happen globally that can affect the market? Is anything happening “socially” that I should be aware of? Is there anything going on that’s going to affect me in my personal life?

Those are the things that get the bulk of my attention. So, when I see “Antifa” thugs creating protests in Seattle, throwing rocks and bottles and smoke grenades, and physically attacking other people, yeah, I want to know about it. Likewise, when I see the hysterical left, going moonbat crazy over things that shouldn’t even get a mention, I want to know about it. When I see over 100 people shot in Chicago over the July 4th weekend, I want to know of it.

About a week ago, a guy and his camera man from “campus reform” went around asking college students a “set up” question. Despite the fact that Trump had not yet picked a Supreme Court nominee, they went up to random College kids and asked this question “Now that Donald Trump has announced his Supreme Court pick, do you have any issues with his choice?”

Remember now, this was a WEEK before Trump announced his pick. One after the other proclaimed that his pick was “horrible”. The selected justice was “homophobic, Xenophobic,, will set the US back decades, doesn’t understand women’s issues, was wrong about the borders, etc. etc”

Each and every one of these kids were giving an opinion on a person that didn’t exist. One went so far as to say she had discussed the pick with her father and they decided this person was terrible. What does that say to you? What does it say when “some” of the next generation of college grads, are willing to immediately jump to the “liberal” defense mentality, when it hadn’t happened yet. They were all willing to LIE, on camera, about how bad the choice was. It hadn’t happened yet.

Speaking of not knowing yet, Did you know that the left had protest signs already printed up with all 4 of Trumps most possible picks on them, before he even announced the winner? They certainly did. They were going to be outraged no matter who it was.

Okay, so that’s just some left wing snowflakes, who have bought so heavily into the liberal narrative, that anything that any Republican could possibly suggest, is immediately trash, No good, Horrible at least. But then we have the confrontational situations. These are the things that are really raising my eyebrows.

A few days ago, a couple youths were in a late night eatery. One of them had a “MAGA” hat on. A man came up to them, snatched the hat off his head, tossed a softdrink in his face and said “You ain’t supportin shit”. Then he walked out with the kids hat, mumbling that it would look good in his fireplace.

Here’s where I’m going with this. You might have seen or heard of that event, because it did get some nationwide coverage, and the idiot was eventually arrested. But what you DON’T know is that these sort of skirmishes are happening on a daily basis, and being hidden from the airwaves. I have twitter feeds that show it. Facebook feeds that show it. But you know it is very pervasive when something as mainstream as Investors Business Daily runs an article. Consider this:

Angry Opposition: Every day brings new examples of the supposedly open-minded, inclusive, tolerant, peace-loving left threatening or attacking Trump administration officials or Trump supporters. Hatred and intolerance has been standard operating procedure on the extreme left. But thanks to enablers among Democrats and the press, it's quickly becoming dangerously "mainstream."

On Friday, Martin Astrof went to the campaign headquarters of Rep. Lee Zeldin, and then threatened to kill Zeldin and Trump supporters generally, according to news accounts of the incident. As he left, he nearly ran over a campaign staffer with his car.

An angry Trump critic allegedly punched a homeowner in Boynton Beach, Fla., for having a Trump flag in his front yard, and then dragged the homeowner 30 feet while driving away.

Brandon Straka — a gay former liberal who posted a video complaining that "the Left devolved into intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded, and at times blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric" and sparked the #walkaway Twitter trend — says a local camera store refused to serve him. Thereby proving his point.

258? Multiply that by 10. Or 20. Or 500. This is real, and it’s happening folks. Now the question is “Why should you care?” Because If you are not a deranged liberal snowflake, then your opinion about how things should be, is a threat to them. They hate you. They want to hurt you. I am NOT joking.

We are living in a period where you could very well get the snot beat out of you for wearing a MAGA hat. Recently a black man on you-tube told his audience that wearing that hat is the same as wearing a KKK hood. Let’s say just a half of one percent of his audience gets riled up enough to go physical on someone. In this instance, that could be 58 people that might engage someone wearing a stupid hat.

At some point, this escalates. For all I know, any one of those 100 shootings in Chicago last week could have been a clash between lefties and righties. In other words, someone’s going to get killed over all this. And then what happens?

Let’s say some Trump supporter is minding his own business and a group of Antifa/liberal/snowflake, Social justice warriors come up and start abusing him because he’s got a trump hat, or a pin or something. Let’s say he gets pushed around, spit on, etc. Then he gets away from them, but 10 minutes later, comes back and shoots one or two of them. WHAT HAPPENS THEN?? Does physical violence break out across the nation? Does the left go steal some guns so they can shoot the Righties? Do the liberals declare war on anyone on the right, and killing them is fine?

The media is praying for this. They can’t wait until some Trump supporter snaps from the bullying and kills a few of these people. Because it will be 24/7/365 coverage, and calls for gun confiscations. But the REAL reason they hope it happens is to stir up the left even more. To encourage even more clashes.

Right now, if you have a Trump sticker on your vehicle, you have some chance of being called out for it, especially if you live in Democrat areas. While you’re pretty safe driving down the road and parking at Jimmy’s Ribs in Texas, you very well could get yourself confronted or attacked in Seattle, San Francisco, NY, CN, MA, etc.

As you might guess, I’m really writing this to all my concealed carry readers. You are the people that are going to be tested the worst during all this. NOT because you’re a gun person, if it’s concealed they don’t know that. But because YOU have to have the self control to keep that weapon in your pocket, even if a group of these rabid monsters are taunting you, spitting on you, etc.

You know the law. You know that you’re only justified in using that weapon to stop the threat of severe bodily harm or possible death. You might have to endure some pretty uncomfortable moments if a group of these nuts get in your face. But you can’t just shoot them, even if your head is telling you it would be good for the gene pool.

So here’s what I want to say to you all. They say Hillary won the popular vote. While I don’t believe that for a minute, let’s say she did, and she won by say 3 million votes. That means some 60+ million people voted for him. That’s a lot of people. Let’s say you’re one of them.

Just for safety’s sake, maybe you shouldn’t broadcast that right now. If you’re a big strong guy who likes to mix it up a bit, then fine, have some fun! But if you’re more the meek kind, or a woman, there’s simply no sense right now in advertising that you like Trump. He knows you do, he won. But that Trump sticker/hat/flag/pin etc, to the wrong people, is an invitation to confront you.

I feel horrible that I’m saying this stuff in my own country. I think you should be able to wear or support just about anyone or anything ( that’s legal) that you like. But the bottom line is this folks, you all know we teach weapons training classes here in Sarasota. We give the concealed carry license classes. We have now had over a dozen people tell us that they want their concealed license because they have been threatened for being a Trump supporter.

So, there it is. That’s how serious this is. You could probably go all day/every day and never be confronted about your “I love Trump” sticker. But then, one day you might be. Is it worth broadcasting? Probably not. But only you can make that decision.

I want you all to be safe. Stay aware of your surroundings. This is indeed a soft civil war. I’m praying it doesn’t go hot. Good luck.