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An Accident?

My stance has been that Donald Trump was tapped to do “something”. He wasn’t just lying on his gold gilded bed one night, having a glass of wine with his beautiful wife, and then “whammo! I know I’ll run for President!

Bob Rinear | July 12, 2017

On Sunday I wrote an article that was bothersome to some people. My main theme of the work was that “nothing’s an accident.” Seemingly completely unrelated issues such as transgender bathrooms and millions of African “Refugee’s” can’t be related, could they? On the surface, it would appear, no…not even remotely. But the surface is often a mirror, that doesn’t let you look at the bottom. Think of a really lovely looking pond. Pretty, tranquil, serene. Then they drain that pond and on the bottom you see the junk. The trash. The tires, cans, bikes, and what have you, that’s been tossed in.

So, on the surface it seems impossible that pushing children to be gender neutral, could in some how be connected to African refugee’s. But they are. See, as much as it is so hard for people to grasp this, the “one world” globalists are behind most of the insanity that is the current world. They have a certain set of agenda’s that they have to complete to reach their wet dream of a one world government, a world of homogenous people with no National borders. The overriding agenda is to destroy every sense of normality that one would consider “American values”.

That starts with the Family. Throughout history, the most basic core of society was the family unit. A strong father to discipline his sons, a good homemaker mother, skilled in the art of motherhood, to teach her daughters. That cohesive unit has stood the test of eons. From families, came communities and so on. It’s bedrock, not only here in the US, but around the world.

The Marxist globalists have always dreamed that utopia was not just a one world government with no national borders, but the “ultimate” in equality. No more cultures, no more whites, blacks, Mexicans, Swede’s, German’s, etc, no more high incomes for the achievers, just a bland world of misguided “people of earth”

That’s been their goal for a long long time. So they figured out that the standard family unit had to be attacked. Divide and conquer. Don’t just accept gay and lesbian couples, but encourage it. Don’t look down on single parent gay families, encourage it. Don’t teach the kids the best way possible, use common core and dumb them down, encourage three year old boys to wear dresses, promote sexuality at every opportunity, promote porn at all times, remove decent programming and replace it with brainwashing garbage on the tube, etc. etc.

Folks, from the wars, to the refugee’s, to the “White Privilege” being taught at colleges, to the dumbing of our children, to the army paying for transsexual surgery, to having drag queens read library books to children at the Boston library, it’s all the same. Destroy the basics, the “norms”, the cultures. This stuff isn’t by accident and it isn’t some natural progression of higher thinking. Do you really think it’s high intelligence and helpful to the family of young girls to have Miley Cyrus parade around on stage, twerking with a blow up penis? That’s not progressive, that’s a way to help push your 12 year old daughter into tossing the idea of a normal family unit in the trash. It’s an agenda to uproot everything that was once taken as normal, and decent.

I know this stuff is hard to believe. I get it. But I’ve been in the trenches of watching what the elitists have been up to since their first iteration of Agenda 21. I’ve kept close eyes on the Club of Rome, the Bilderbergers, the trilateral commission, and the rest of the crew that deems themselves to be the architects of how the world should be. Let me tell you something, they’re satanic, and psychopathic. They have the most twisted visions one could imagine. Little by little they erode what was once beautiful and stable.

Some of you have probably heard of Robert David Steele. He’s supposed to be an ex CIA guy, and he’s been making the rounds of the alternative news for the past year or so.

Recently I met up with him, and one of the things that he likes to say is that Donald Trump is an “accidental” President. In his view, he was never there to actually win the thing, he was to pretty much wipe out the competition and help get Hillary elected. In essence, he wasn’t supposed to win, and it came as a surprise. I don’t agree, even a tiny bit.

Truth is often stranger than fiction. When you’re talking about the President of the strongest nation the world ever saw, you don’t just “happen” to become the President. You’re not there accidentally. No, you’re “selected” to be president.

My stance has been that Donald Trump was tapped to do “something”. He wasn’t just lying on his gold gilded bed one night, having a glass of wine with his beautiful wife, and then “whammo! I know I’ll run for President! I’ll give up all this splendor, and living life large and have my name dragged through the mud. I’ll take all the arrows, the look into my past, my bankruptcies, and make it all public. It will be hard, but darn it, I’m going to do it!”

Sorry. That don’t fly with me. I have a better idea. I say he was “tapped” to be the President. I say a group of very high ranking people approached him and said “We’re going to give you the path to the Presidency. We can’t guarantee it, but we are pretty sure we’ll pull it off. Then when you get in, we want you to do……..”

It’s the “to do” thing that’s still got me stumped. I’ll admit it. We’re 100 days into his term, and I still can’t put my finger on exactly what he was picked to do. Some think he was picked so that the global economic situation can be crashed on purpose and he gets blamed for it. That way the elites could point to him and say “See you foolish people, you wanted a Nationalist, and all he’s done is ruin the economy, the market, and your retirements! You did this to yourselves!”

Yeah. Okay. Others think he was chosen because of his many Jewish connections while he was a builder in NY, and he’s going to help Israel get what they want in the Middle East. Okay, then there’s the contingent that says the “good guys” picked him as a last chance to fight back against the globalists, and take back some of America’s heritage. All right, then some think he’s really some form of Putin spy, working to help Russia take over the US. Yeah, okay.

Then there’s those who think he was picked to do all the great things he said on the trail, but then was confronted by what Putin calls “the men in dark suits” who threatened his life and his family, and told him not to rock the boat.

For every good, I can give you a bad. He’s removed a lot of stupid regulations. Good. Hillary’s not in jail. Bad. He took us out of TTP, good. We still have Obama care, bad. He put Gorsuch on the Bench, very good. He’s still talking about Assad using Chemicals, bad.

Right now, what it looks like to me, is that Trump was told “you can play with your MAGA, put folks back to work as best you can, get rid of stupid regulations, sure up the Supreme Court, etc, but keep your nose out of military policy, that means the Middle East, NATO, Russia, NK, etc.” That looks to me to be about the path he’s been on. Trying to do right for the US at home, while allowing the Military/industrial complex to play their games abroad.

Let’s see what the next 100 brings.