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Change the World Dont Vote

James Corbett, November 9 2016 all of the million things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the phony baloney political charade exemplified by national selection day. Because if all you ever do is tick a box in a voting booth and sit back to see who wins the rigged sporting event, you probably believe the lizards are the best thing that ever happened to you.

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The Truth About The Comey October Surprise

James Corbett, November 5 2016

...these twin bombshells are notable not for what they reveal about the corruption of the Clinton camp or the FBI, but what they reveal about the behind-the-scenes warfare taking place between powerful media and financial interests  puppeteering the presidential (s)election itself.


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Central Banksters Throwing in the Towel

James Corbett, November 2 2016

Whatever the case, you've got to hand it to the banksters: They've kept the bubble floating along long enough for Goldman's best pal Hillary Clinton to come within arm's length of the White House.

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Yet Another Naval False Flag Sets Stage for Yemen War

James Corbett, October 29 2016

If this latest Yemeni incident surprises in any way, it is only that the US hasn't passed a Red Sea Resolution that justifies a full-scale invasion of Yemen as revenge for the ignoble perfidity of those dastardous Houthis...

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Oil Market Update

James Corbett, October 26 2016

Indeed, given the coming ballyhooed transition to the “post-carbon” world, it looks like there's nothing for the oil industry to be excited about at this time.

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How the Government Uses the Banks to Choke Off Legal Businesses

James Corbett, October 22 2016

...entire classes of businesses, including perfectly legal businesses that were already operating under strict licensing laws and regulatory regimes, became pariahs, cut off from the backbone of the financial system.

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Clinton Goldman Speeches Reveal Anti China Strategy

James Corbett, October 19 2016

Now let's be clear; absolutely none of this is in the least bit surprising. It isn't shocking, or some top level secret, or some piece of Machiavellian behind-the-scenes manipulation that Clinton doesn't want you to know about...

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Lawsuits Launched Against DNC and Bush Administration

James Corbett, October 15 2016

Whether it be the class action lawsuit against the DNC, Saleh v. Bush, or the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission conviction, there remains brave lawyers and prosecutors that are willing to stand up to the neocons, even if such a stand puts them in harm's way.

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Turkey and Russia Revive Turkish Stream

James Corbett, October 12 2016

given widespread disgust with Erdoğan in the EU population these days and the hysteric demonization of Putin, all eyes have to be on the EU right now. Will they attempt to decrease reliance on gas from Turkey knowing that it's sourcing from Putin? Do they have any alternative?

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US Caught Faking Al Qaeda Videos in Iraq

James Corbett, October 8 2016

We are asked to believe, in other words, that the Pentagon went to the effort, and considerable outlay of resources. to create fake Al Qaeda videos for the sole purpose of tracking suspected militants.

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The Deutsche Bank Fiasco and What You Need To Know

James Corbett, October 5 2016

...don't worry. Deutsche's derivative black hole has been pared back to a much more modest 46 trillion or so euros, a mere 15 times German GDP. Does that make you feel any better? I didn't think so.

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China SDR and the End of the World

James Corbett, October 1 2016

Whether SDR bonds will take off depends completely on whether the central bankers can convince the financial world of the benefits of scuttling the dollar reserve system.

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Global Trade is Seizing Up

James Corbett, September 28 2016

The dramatic slowing of trade growth is serious and should serve as a wake-up call. It is particularly concerning in the context of growing anti-globalization sentiment.

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Climate Alarm Debunked but Climate Swindle Continues

James Corbett, September 24 2016

So who are the real deniers? And where are their paychecks coming from? And how can the public simply put blind faith in blanket statements about 'scientific consensus'...?

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Counting the Cost of the War of Terror

James Corbett, September 21 2016

We have to be careful not to fall into the psychopaths' trap. The real costs of the war of terror cannot be measured in dollars and cents. They are not tallied in a ledger. They are not about money at all.

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