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You’re Nuts!

Mid-week I wrote an article about Frankspeech dot com, the site that Mike Lindell has created. At that site, Lindell goes over the “proofs” he has that the 2020 election was stolen. And, as we figured, it was going to be attacked and attacked it was/is. They’ve tried to knock it down via “denial of service” attacks, virus attacks, you name it. But somewhere north of 200+ million people have already logged onto it for some amount of time.


Bob Rinear | April 23, 2021

Conspiracy – Noun; a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

Mid-week I wrote an article about Frankspeech dot com, the site that Mike Lindell has created. At that site, Lindell goes over the “proofs” he has that the 2020 election was stolen. And, as we figured, it was going to be attacked and attacked it was/is. They’ve tried to knock it down via “denial of service” attacks, virus attacks, you name it. But somewhere north of 200+ million people have already logged onto it for some amount of time.

I asked the question “is a self proclaimed ex-crack head, going to save us?” But I didn’t say “from what” we needed to be saved. And judging by some of the responses I got from that article, such as “you’re nuts!” to “you’re the biggest conspiracy nut I’ve ever heard” etc, suggests to me that the brain washing of the American public is much more advanced than I had given them credit for.

So I ask the question, is Lindell’s work going to at very least, provide enough questions to enough people, for everyone to say ‘hey, something wrong happened here.”  I think it might. But there’s always going to be pushback.

Down in Maricopa county Arizona, they got the nod to do an audit on 2.1 million ballots. This was to start Thursday, but guess what? Arizona Democrats filed a lawsuit to stop the audit.  Why would they do that? Could it be, because “X” amount of people know that a true forensic audit might just show that something untoward happened? I would think so. Although their reason is : “The sole reason for this lawsuit and injunctions is to protect the sanctity of the ballots and more importantly to preserve voters’ privacy from a sham audit that has been corrupted by agitators and conspiracy theorists,” Gallardo said.

Sounds sort of weak to me. Protect the sanctity of the ballots? What the hell does that even mean?

I realize that suggesting that there was a huge plot, via rigging machines and ballots, to install the puppet of their liking, is hard for some folks to swallow. They can’t imagine “so many people being so corrupt.” I get it, because if you don’t do your own independent research, and only hear what the media tells you, you’ve never seen the other side of the argument.  

I’d like to post a few paragraphs that I’d like you to read:

As president, I will take immediate steps to renew U.S. democracy and alliances, protect the United States’ economic future, and once more have America lead the world. This is not a moment for fear. This is the time to tap the strength and audacity that took us to victory in two world wars and brought down the Iron Curtain.

During my first year in office, the United States will organize and host a global Summit for Democracy to renew the spirit and shared purpose of the nations of the free world. It will bring together the world’s democracies to strengthen our democratic institutions, honestly confront nations that are backsliding, and forge a common agenda

Second, my administration will equip Americans to succeed in the global economy—with a foreign policy for the middle class.

The Biden foreign policy agenda will place the United States back at the head of the table, in a position to work with its allies and partners to mobilize collective action on global threats.

The article goes on and on. Guess who wrote that? Joe Biden. Okay, nothing shocking there right? It sounds like the normal fluff you’d hear from a President shortly after being elected. But that’s not the case, see, that article was printed in FEBRUARY 2020, for the March issue of Foreign Affairs, which is the publication from the Council on Foreign Relations!

Oh by the way, do you know when Biden announced he had “finally” decided to run for President?  April 25,2020. A month after that article was printed.

So, BEFORE the Democratic primaries, and long before the DNC announced its pick for Candidate to run for President on August 18th, 2020…Joe Biden was telling the world what he was going to do as President and how badly Trump ruined things.

Just coincidence eh? How did he know, and why did the CFR print this article months before he announced he was running and months before the DNC picked Biden and many months ahead of the election?  Could it be, because they had it planned that way? Ever wonder why Biden did virtually NO campaign rallies and when he did only a few hundred showed up, and yet somehow he won? Could it be, the game was rigged? You know it was.

I can imagine there’s heads exploding, calling me a lunatic/tinfoil wearing/conspiracy nut with too much time on my hands. Sorry, folks, I didn’t write that article and I didn’t publish it. Joe Biden ( or rather his handlers) did and the CFR published it.

So let’s just start with some “truths” that some will think is just conspiracy talk. One is that despite what you might think, your politicians aren’t the ones that come up with the agenda’s. They’re the foot soldiers that do the grunt work. The world planning is done by a relatively small group of old old money elitists, at places like the City of London, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, etc.

Lunatics like Klaus Schwabb of the World Economic Forum, these unelected, money backed windbags…along with the bloodlines of the Rothschilds, the old Italian banker family the Medici’s, Frescobaldis, Fuggers', Frederick’s, and a handful of others. THAT is who sits at the top of the pyramid. They make the big agendas.  From there, their dictates trickle down through the various “agencies” from things like the UN, to the zillions of councils, organizations, corporations, politicians, etc.

Why did Donald Trump go from being everyone’s favorite celebrity for years and years, and then get roasted for 4 years, with a rabid media, and all sorts of Russian hoaxes, etc, when he became President? what changed?

What changed is that the elites had selected Hillary to be President, but Trump proved to be so popular with the masses, that he won the election. That threw a wrench in all of the plans they had concerning their agendas. From that very moment, the entire globalist focus and energy was to get him out, and put puppet Biden in.  They knew Clinton was toast, and they’d worked with Joe and Obama in the past. They knew he’d follow orders.  So they had 4 years to work out their plan of making sure Trump couldn’t win. 

You don’t have to believe me. You can believe what ever you want. When it comes down to Lindell, there’s one giant elephant in the room that everyone has to acknowledge. If nothing sinister took place, why was every attempt at an audit shut down? If there’s nothing to hide, why not openly display it on national TV? If 50+ percent of Trump voters think it was rigged, and 20 – 30% of Democrats, we’re talking 70% of the population that thinks something stinks.

Yet they fight against it to this day. That is why I asked the question about Mike. He took the reins, and using his own money has put forth some very compelling proofs. If things were truly on the up and up, why would they fight him so hard? You know the answer. Things were not on the up and up, and many people complicit in the steal are powerful people. The power to have people killed sort of powerful.

Forget Trump for a minute. If Lindell and his investigators are correct, there’s MANY politicians in office, that didn’t get there by being elected, they were selected.  Are you okay with that? I’m not.

The political landscape in this country is as fractured as it has ever been. In California, Newsome locked down his state ( while he went to dinners with his rich donors) and destroyed many thousands of lives. Here in Florida, our Governor opened things up, and signed legislation AGAINST vaccine passports. ( mark of the beast) 

In areas like Portland where riots are just an every day event, their politicians try their best to tell us this is normal, and its no big deal. Meanwhile my Gov. signed anti-riot legislation.

All across the country, we’re seeing huge divergences between the red and blue states. While Biden has promised huge anti-gun laws, several states have passed laws saying they will not abide by his 2nd amendment abolishment. Other states have passed laws that allow concealed carry without permits.

I have mentioned many times that some form of “civil war” was brewing. Instead of north-south, are we looking at blue-red? 

The globalists got their puppet. He’s doing exactly what they tell him to do. NONE of it is any good for you. People are fighting back. Lifelong Democrats are beginning to say things like “this guy isn’t Democrat left, he’s left of Lennin.”  I’m glad you woke up.

Call me nuts all you want. It doesn’t affect me. What does affect me, is disastrous laws, communist ideals. I could have gone to Cuba if I wanted that crap. Just understand this… what the globalists want for your future, is nothing even remotely connected to what your version of normal might be. I said it last week, I’ll say it again. Pray for Lindell, pray that he gets traction and more and more people demand true investigations. Pray that we can remain a sovereign nation, and not under the rule of faceless bureaucrats from Brussels.

Finally pray that somehow we ward off their next big move, which will be to crash the global economy and usher in their “financial reset” which is their ultimate goal. They’ve moved the timeline up. I think it was originally for 2025 – 27. Now I think it could be as soon as in the next year.

Good luck out there folks, we’re all going to need it.