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What’s Really Out There?

I have had no reason up until now to explore the alternatives. No one in my immediate family has had cancer. My dad made it to 86. My mom’s still chugging at 90. But now, my vision is expanded.

Bob Rinear | August 21, 2019

Over the weekend, I decided to share with my readers some life changing news. My wife of 36 years, was confirmed to have Breast cancer last Thursday. While I’m not going to retell the story, I am however going to talk about the reaction to our plight. It is quite remarkable.

The reason I decided to tell everyone about this new development in our lives, was simply because my schedule was/is to become pretty chaotic. So, if I missed writing some articles or what have you, I didn’t want folks writing in asking where their letter might be. At the end of the letter however, I said that “ We’ll get through this, but I’m not against asking for a kind prayer for the wife. Thanks”

Well, the feedback was incredible. Many many people wrote in that they’d say prayers for Diana, and send positive vibes. We were humbled that so many people felt that somehow we were part of their extended family, simply because every few days my articles would show up in their Email boxes, and I cover a lot of topics, not “just” economics and stocks. The “love” was palpable. Thank you.

But the actual reason for me touching on this subject again, isn’t only to say a deep thank you to all that wished her well. What astounded me was the amount of people that had already gone through what she’s going through ( or something similar) and their victories. That was incredibly inspiring.

Less inspiring, but much more aggravating, was the amount of people that wrote in with alternative therapies that had not only worked, but that astounded the traditional cancer treatment doctors. I say it’s aggravating, because big pharma absolutely, 100%, wants you to have NO access to these treatments.

We’ve all heard all our lives that there’s been cancer cures that had high evidence of success, but the doctors where shut down, sued, lost their licenses, discredited, etc. There’s no question that some of these people were selling nothing but snake oil to take advantage of people that would pay anything to get a miracle cure. That kind of crap should be shut down, and the perpetrators jailed. You have to be a major league scumbag to prey on people that are desperate just to stay alive.

But there’s also those that have used alternative approaches and have had spectacular results. Let’s face it folks, miracles do happen. The God that created us certainly has the power to Cure us. Psalms 34:19 comes to mind; Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.

In the past 3 days I’ve heard from people in 6 different countries. Some of their testimony is simply astounding. A man from Texas told the story of how he’s taken care of his recurrent skin cancers with a special salve. 20 years, and still going strong.

A woman from Austria wrote me and told the story of how she was in stage 4 breast cancer, it had metastasized, given a horrid prognosis, and told basically “we’ll do the best we can to keep you alive” by the medical people. She discovered a clinic in Germany, utilizing a protein, and 6 months later, they could find no evidence of any cancer. Anywhere. 3 years clean. Total cost? 21,000 dollars. No chemo, no radiation.

A man from Norway told me that his wife had a “death sentence” prognosis for her cancer, and because they wanted some dignity in her last days, they opted not to do intensive surgery, radiation and chemo. Instead, on the advice of a friend, they started using a particular “B” vitamin. 21 months later, they couldn’t find a trace of cancer in her.

I could go on and on. I bet I have 15 or more people that have shared their story of using unconventional means to beat this disease. Now, here’s the question. Is it the “placebo” effect we’re seeing here? The mind is the most powerful thing on earth, so is this evidence of the mind believing it will be healed and making it happen? I’m sure “some” of it fits that bill.

Is some of this the result of the power of prayer and a miracle? I’m sure some of it is. When you have a church of 200+ people all praying for your healing, that’s a lot of spiritual power. God could certainly say the word, and “boom” your cancer is gone.

I’m also however absolutely sure that since every person is indeed “different”, that some of these alternative therapies work incredibly well. A particular alternative approach might not do a single thing for me, but in your body’s chemistry, it might clear you up completely. I’m okay with that way of thinking.

Yes there’s diet, lifestyle, destressing, meditation, prayer, exercise, etc. All that helps. But to think that all alternative therapies are nothing but snake oil hoaxes is a bit silly to me. I will not entertain the idea that someone in Europe is going to take the time to write me about being so ill, they were destined to die in 2 months, but instead used traditional medicine and alternative therapies to be cancer free for years, as a hoax.

What would be the point? She’s not making any money off me. The “stuff” she used can be had in FL as well as Belgium. So, there’s no motive, other than to tell me her story, as she truly believes it.

The question on my mind is this: What else is out there, that’s not well known? What subtropical combo of rainforest plants might be a cancer killer? What “little old lady” in some remote village has been curing cancers for decades? What previously explored drugs have had promise, been shelved, are now off patent and will never come out again?

I think that every cancer doctor wants to believe he/she is doing the best thing he can do for his patients. Yet at the upper end of “big pharma” there’s a conundrum. Cancer in the US is a half a TRILLION dollar a year business. At the biggest cancer center in Houston, 20,000 people are employed or do work connected to it. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country are connected to the cancer industry. From the Xray techs, to the pharmacies, to the surgeons, the oncologists, to the nurses, to you name it.

If tomorrow, the all natural, cheap cure for cancer was to be found, what would happen to all of them? What would they do with the research facilities? So one argument is that big pharma doesn’t want to cure cancer they want to manage cancer , because if they do cure it, millions are out of a job. Seven figure salaries go ‘poof.” It’s a compelling argument for sure.

I have had no reason up until now to explore the alternatives. No one in my immediate family has had cancer. My dad made it to 86. My mom’s still chugging at 90. But now, my vision is expanded. We are going to have to choose the treatments we’re comfortable with over the next several weeks. These testimonies from people I’ve never met, has opened my eyes to the fact that convention isn’t the “only” option.

It’s time for me to get busy. It should be quite a journey.