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Basically what I’m trying to say is that I don’t take hardly anything at face value. In the stock market, just listening to some talking head on TV will wipe out your account in a heartbeat. Getting tips from the kid at McDonalds only works in market manias. I don’t believe earnings releases, nor Government economic reports. Hell our own Feds say they can’t see any inflation, meanwhile the paper towels that used to be 12.50 for a case are now 24. I guess Fed’s don’t buy paper towels.

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Bob Rinear | December 4, 2020

It seems a simple question, but is it? No matter what the event at any time in history, if you weren’t there to experience it, see it, hear it, you ONLY know of it through the telling of another man. Can you trust that man to accurately describe what happened?  Things as simple as a traffic accident, often have several different witness versions of what happened. Which one is the real one?

There are folks that we consider to be historians. In a perfect world, they’d be the folks that research certain events, and write them down as they actually happened, with no embellishment of the story. But that’s awful rare. Generally, some amount of opinion gets inserted.

I think it safe to assume that every one of us wants desperately to know the truth about things. Forget this silly election for a minute. Let’s just go back 20 years to that horrible event we call 9/11. There are people that truly believe that 19 people that couldn’t learn to fly a simple Cessna 150, somehow used box cutters to take over the most advanced airliners  of the day, fly them perfectly on target and crash them into the towers. Another one, again with a pilot that failed student flight school in Venice FL, somehow plotted the course to the Pentagon, made a descending corkscrew final, and then flew level to the ground, striking the Pentagon perfectly.  Do you believe that??  Well, unfortunately many do.

Why would they believe that? Because that’s the story that was presented. That’s the story that was repeated. That’s the story that the 6 major news outlets promoted. Therefore, there’s a large population of people that think “that’s what happened” and will look at you cross eyed if you suggest otherwise. If you come up with a theory that’s different from the tribe-think, you’re labeled. You’re a nut.

Well as you can imagine, I do not subscribe to that nonsense. That is NOT what happened that fateful day, and I can give you hundreds of examples of why.

I was hopeful that by now, after having the Internet as a common use tool for over 25 years, that the vast majority of people would have learned to use that tool as a research devise and try and discern the validity of major events, instead of relying on the lying main stream media. But unfortunately, it hasn’t happened to that extent. There’s still an enormous amount of people that think that the things the press tells them, or the things their college tells them, is reality.

Don’t misunderstand me, there’s been an enormous “wakening” over the past 20 years, as people have indeed decided that “something doesn’t sound right” and many of them have opened their own You Tube channels, and Twitter accounts to tell their stories.  But those 6 major corporations that are involved in 95% of the news you hear on terrestrial radio and TV, do NOT like the competition from such upstarts. So, they’re labeled conspiracy platforms and denounced as fake news.

How ironic.

So, what’s my point here with all this? I trade the markets for a living. When I’m wrong, it isn’t just my ego that gets hurt. My wallet gets hurt. My family gets hurt. So as you can imagine, before I enter a trade, I try my best to line up all the ducks. I want the technicals to be looking good or improving, I want it in a sector that’s been warm, I would love it to line up with some form of good news, and a rising overall market surely helps.

If I can line all that up, we can usually pull off a good trade. On Friday for example, we did just that with a stock symbol DDOG. I liked the looks of the technicals, it had just poked over its 50-day moving average, the overall market has been warm, and the stock has been looked at favorably by some analysts.

So, we set the buy in on a move over 99.65. It did that, we took it and in literally 20 minutes it was trading at 102.40. An almost perfect short-term trade.

Sometimes however, no matter how well you line things up, you can get blindsided. No matter what, news trumps charts all day long. You can have a perfect set up, enter the trade and then “blammo” down it goes like a rock, simply because there was some bad news about vaccine delays and the DOW went from up 120 to red by 50. It happens.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I don’t take hardly anything at face value. In the stock market, just listening to some talking head on TV will wipe out your account in a heartbeat. Getting tips from the kid at McDonalds only works in market manias. I don’t believe earnings releases, nor Government economic reports. Hell our own Feds say they can’t see any inflation, meanwhile the paper towels that used to be 12.50 for a case are now 24. I guess Fed’s don’t buy paper towels.

So, I do my homework. Likewise, when I write these letters, I NEVER put out fake news. EVER. I might get something wrong, as we all do. But I never put something in these pages that is blatantly false, just to try and back up my opinion. If I’m wrong about something, it’s because I’ve been misled into believing something that wasn’t true.

I’ve been writing articles for over 28 years. Two a week minimum, and sometimes up to 4. So, I have covered a helluva lot of topics. Have I had to go back and say “yo folks, what I said about such and such wasn’t true. It turns out the info I got was tainted?”  Yes indeed. I think that’s what any self-respecting person would do if they’ve found out they just pushed a false narrative.

But the bottom line is still the same. 99.9% of the things I might talk about in these pages, I wasn’t there to see it first-hand. I heard it from someone else. Which means that I have a responsibility to look into it enough to feel comfy telling you about it. In other words, I call it connecting the dots.

If I hear something that sounds like it could be true, I don’t generally just run with it. I poke around it, I try and find the original source of it, I try and prove it in my head before it goes on a page. Why? Because I hate the idea of misleading anyone.  It doesn’t mean I won’t screw up, it just means that I try my best not to.

Because of this election situation, nerves are frayed. Tempers are flaring. We are literally seeing families being torn apart. I know folks that their children won’t visit with now because of the “Trump/Biden” election. I know folks who’ve been told by 10-year-old friendships, that they’re not welcome any more.

How did this happen? I think that is a question that needs desperately to be asked. What is it that could happen in the political realm, to where supposed friends of a decade plus, are now Persona non grata? 

I think it is a whole lot deeper than just the normal back and forth between ideologies. There’s been Democrats and Republicans that were despised for their beliefs, their agenda’s, their mannerisms, etc for eons. This is deeper than that. There’s been family disputes about which side of the aisle is right, since Governments have formed. It usually hasn’t ballooned into what feels damn close to a virtual splitting down the middle, like a civil war.

I don’t know your spiritual position on things. I don’t know if you’re a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, an agnostic, an atheist, A Hindu, Buddhist, or what have you. But from where I sit, the common thread in all this is “evil.”  I believe evil itself is behind this rendering, this “tearing apart” that we’re witnessing. 

I think it’s pure evil that’s spewing that everyone should be locked down. I think it’s pure evil that’s concocted this vaccine madness, with an unproven DNA changing drug. I think it’s pure evil that they’re introducing “vaccine passes” that you will have to present to see if you’ve been vaccinated.  Just like in Nazi Germany, you needed your papers to proceed to your destination.

I think it’s pure evil the things that they have done to children in this country. Not just the pedophiles and human traffickers, but the push for no genders, the push for things like drag queens reading story books to kindergarteners. Or teaching youngsters at the age of 10 what anal sex is. 

I think it’s evil that the 6 major news outlets have had free license to lie to you daily, about any damned topic they wish. Speaking of lies, I see them every day in market land. Epic grand lies. And therein lies a rub. Those of us that know it’s a lie, versus those that say ‘it’s on TV, it must be true.” It’s evil.

The media says there’s no proof of fraud in this election. It’s a lie, there’s plenty of it. They know they’re lying, and in my mind that’s EVIL. Only EVIL would lie to the masses as they are doing.

There are times I don’t like the truth. It cuts, it can hurt. However the bottom line is that there’s the truth of a situation, or there’s fiction. It cannot be both. I’d rather have the truth that hurts, than the lie that comforts me, however fake.

Something big has changed in America. In the book of Christianity that I try and follow, there comes a great tribulation. Evil is upon the world. I have to think we’re inching closer to that day daily.

I don’t know what happens tomorrow any better than Miss Cleo does. I just look at what I see, try and connect the dots, and paint a picture from them. I see more troubles folks. Lots of people for instance, from the media to the State Legislatures themselves have said there’s been no fraud in this election. Then last night that video hits, where they sent everyone away from counting, and then when all the onlookers were gone, pulled what’s been called “suitcases” of ballots from under a table, and began running them with no oversight.   How do we square that circle?

We’re coming up on another big Holiday. The birth of Christ so many years ago. And we’re going to come into it crippled with lockdowns, by a bioweapon that was RELEASED ON PURPOSE , during the most intense election battle of all time. How sad is that?  Very. It’s EVIL.

I don’t need this crap. You don’t need this crap. Let’s try and hope and pray that somehow things get better. But until they do, prepare for more fireworks. They’re coming.