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UN Chief Guterres: An Imperial Tool

Since installed as UN chief, he’s been silent about US/NATO/Israeli terror-bombing – massacring countless thousands of defenseless civilians, the highest of high crimes ongoing almost daily in multiple theaters.

Stephen Lendman | July 24, 2018

Installed by Washington as world body secretary-general to serve its interests, he disgraces the office he holds.

Instead of adhering to UN Charter principles, he breaches them by supporting what demands condemnation.

Instead of opposing US naked aggression, he supports it by failing to denounce what no one should be silent about.

Instead of supporting victims of aggression, he tacitly backs the perpetrators by failing to demand accountability for their high crimes.

Since installed as UN chief, he’s been silent about US/NATO/Israeli terror-bombing – massacring countless thousands of defenseless civilians, the highest of high crimes ongoing almost daily in multiple theaters.

He shamefully called US-orchestrated, Saudi-led terror-bombing of Yemen a “stupid war,” failing to denounce its naked aggression, mostly harming defenseless civilians.

He disgracefully criticized Syrian forces, courageously involved in defending their country against US-supported terrorists – permitted under Security Council Resolution 2401.

He’s been silent about flagrant US/NATO/Israeli/Saudi et al violations of SC Res. 2254, calling for ceasefire and diplomatic resolution to the long-running war in Syria – naked aggression launched by Obama, falsely blamed on Damascus.

He failed to denounce holding Eastern Ghouta, Douma, and other Syrian civilians hostage as human shields by US-supported terrorists.

He’s hostile to Damascus, Russia, and long-suffering Palestinians, silent about US responsibility for endless carnage in Syria, failing to demand Israel be held accountable for decades of high crimes too egregious to ignore.

He shamefully called for withdrawing Hezbollah freedom fighters from Syria, involved in combatting the scourge of US-supported terrorists.

He failed to condemn Israeli apartheid viciousness, its illegal militarized occupation, theft of Palestinian land, dispossession of its lawful owners, and oppressive Gaza blockade, suffocating its defenseless people.

Disgracefully calling Israel a “democratic” state grievously insulted millions of long-suffering Palestinians – viciously persecuted by Ziofascist tyranny – apartheid on steroids.

He failed to denounce Israel’s nation-state law, officially and illegitimately affirming Israel as a colonial/apartheid regime, enshrining Jewish supremacy over equal rights for Arab citizens into its Basic Law – issuing only a meaningless weak-kneed statement through his spokesman saying:

“We reaffirm the United Nations’ respect for the sovereignty of states to define their constitutional character while emphasizing the need for all states to adhere to universal human rights principles, including the protection of minority rights” – notions he pays lip service to alone.

Ignoring Israel’s undeclared terror war on Gaza, he issued a deplorable statement, opposing the right of entrapped/oppressed Gazans to defend themselves against suffocating blockade, saying:

“I am gravely concerned over the dangerous escalation of violence in Gaza and southern Israel.”

“It is imperative that all sides urgently step back from the brink of another devastating conflict.”

“I call on Hamas and other Palestinian militants to cease the launching of rockets and incendiary kites and provocations” – tepidly urging Israel to “exercise restraint to avoid further inflaming the situation.”

Gazans are isolated under suffocating blockade, ongoing for over 11 years, the UN and world leaders doing nothing to hold Israeli accountable, nothing to relieve the suffering of Gazans and all other Palestinians – siding with Israeli viciousness for failing to act against it.

Guterres disgraced himself for demanding Gazans cease resisting Israeli tyranny – a universal right affirmed under international law.

Throughout his tenure so far, he failed to challenge high crimes committed by Washington, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners. 

He’s part of a longstanding problem, not the solution, supporting world peace rhetorically alone, failing to use the power of his office to demand aggressor nations be held accountable for their high crimes.