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They went too far

Trump is going to pressure these social media companies with extreme regulations, unless they stop their practice of knocking down his supporters...

Bob Rinear | June 5, 2019

You all know how much I whine about the giant social media companies being nothing but spy-bots for the NSA, and how they are designed to control the masses. When 2 billion people use a platform such as Face book, and those facebook techs have access to all your direct messages, and what have you, they can indeed rule the world.

My biggest complaints of course are their silencing of people that don’t share their agenda. While I knew these outfits were scummy from the day they launched ( which is why I don’t really post to them) the thing that completely made me anti- Facebook was when they decided to shut down the gun groups.

We had a community of about 3, 500 people in our SouthWest gun community. We’d talk about guns, ammo, local ranges, shoots, and yes we’d offer our weapons up for sale or trade. It was a tremendous place to hang around and learn things. Just because we train people in various weapons self defense, it doesn’t mean we know everything. When you bring 3500+ minds to the table, you can learn a lot.

Well one day out of the clear blue several years back, FB sent all the admins a note saying that come the next Monday, the groups were being closed. Everyone “poo pooed” it as just a threat. But no, come Monday every Florida gun group with more than a hundred people in it, was locked down.

What scumbags. That was the straw that broke my back, but it was the FIRST straw for many people Many people looked at FB as some form of God creation and how wonderful they are. Then, just like that, they realized that they THINK they’re god.

Well google, twitter, Facebook, You-Tube, AMZN, and others believed their own BS that they know what’s best for mankind. What they think is best, is an ultra progressive left stance on everything, including Socialism. Day after day conservative voices were shadow banned, blocked, or had their accounts shut down. It was disgusting.

They figured they could get away with it, because most of the creeps that infest the Deep state are Hillary/Obama/Holder/Lynch/Comey/Clapper/ Brennen lovers and they would always let the social media outfits conspire against anything conservative. If you were a white, Christian, male, and you have an issue with FB or Twitter, you might as well try pushing on a string. They couldn’t care less about your complaints. But if you were a satanic pedophile, with an attraction to the Man-boy organization, you could say anything and your account was left untouched.

The Conservatives that have had their accounts shut down, weren’t about to stay quiet and although it took a while, eventually Donald Trump started putting out tweets about how Conservatives were being throttled, while leftists could say anything, even if it was fake news. Even if it was dangerous talk. Even if it incited violence.

Then he started making noises about how some of these companies ought to be investigated for bias. Most people were cheering for him, thinking that he’s fighting for the silent majority. But they’re mistaken. Mr. Trump is fighting for Mr. Trump.

Trump knows that come the 2020 elections, the Democrats are going to pull out all the stops. He knows that they’re going to scrape up all the illegals they can get their hands on. He knows they’ll be signing up dead people two generations back. He knows all this, and he also knows that he NEEDS all the Trump supporters he can get to keep spreading his message.

THAT is why there’s now investigations into the big companies. Consider this:

The DoJ-FTC joint anti-trust push into Silicon Valley's largest and most powerful companies began on Friday with a WSJ report published just before midnight. According to that report, which was swiftly confirmed by other news orgs, the DoJ is taking the lead on the investigation into Google. Then, on Monday, that initial report was followed by a handful of reports on Monday about investigations into Amazon, Facebook and, now, Apple.

Trump is going to pressure these social media companies with extreme regulations, unless they stop their practice of knocking down his supporters, Christians, white conservatives, and women who just enjoy being women and mothers. He’s going to do this, because that’s his base, and he needs his base “talking” to the people in the middle.

No conservative is going to get a true loonie leftist to suddenly come to the realization that the progressive left’s agenda is a disaster. We all understand that. But that’s NOT the person we’re interested in. We’re interested in the people in the middle, the “moderates.” They’re the people we want to keep from voting in literal socialists from the left.

I think this is an important development. These big companies have had free reign to do what ever they want to do, and you can’t fight back. I believe that Trump is going to try and change that. For the first time in their young lives, these companies are going to get resistance for their actions. It’s not quite clear what the initial outcome of this is going to be.

But for me, I’m simply loving the idea that finally, someone with a back bone, someone not afraid to stand up to these slime, is in office and willing to start throttling them.

Imagine what a situation we’d be in if Hillary was the President. You can bet that FB, Google, etc, would have free reign to malign anything that went against their agenda. They might not even let a conservative viewpoint ON their platforms to begin with. You’d probably have to sign a digital paper pledging your allegiance to the left to even use them.

They went too far. They shut down too many good sane voices. They shadow banned too many good conservatives ( Think Dennis Prager) Now the Trump camp fully understands how important having the Republican voice is going to be on these outlets, for helping him in 2020 and he’s coming for them.

I for one, am all in for it.