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The Patent Scam

Do you think it’s possible that thousands of people have had their product designs stolen and then sold to the highest bidder across the globe? It’s not only possible it happens. More than you’d imagine.

Bob Rinear | May 24, 2019

NOTE> Before getting into this Holiday shortened letter, I want to wish you all a great Memorial day weekend. While you go about your barbeques and beers, please take some time to think about and say a prayer for all the service men and women that have indeed laid down their lives.

While I detest war, because as General Smedley said back in the 30’s “all war is a racket”, I certainly don’t detest the brave folks that have gone off and fought and yes, died. My dad and two of his brothers stomped across France and Germany. My cousins were in Vietnam. We were the lucky ones, they came home. But many did not, and for them and the Gold Star families that lost them, I offer a prayer of thanks, and hope.

Okay, sometimes people wonder why some patents don’t get awarded, but products “extremely” similar to the applicants patent shows up on the market place. Why? Because the Patent office is a spy outfit.

Yeah, they’ll issue you a patent on a new baby rattle if it’s significantly different from every rattle out there. That’s not an issue. But if it’s concerning a product that would be of very high value to major companies, the patent process is pretty much criminal.

Likewise, if it’s something that the US Government would like, you can bet one of a few things are going to happen. Either your patent will be “taken” from you, literally as a product that could affect national security, or, they go ahead and grant the patent, but have their own cronies create a similar product, and then “remove” your patent.

I wrote about this in the past. Think about it folks. You run an office where everyone with any NEW concept/product comes to you, to get it “licensed” so to speak, so no one else copies it and steals your thunder. Image the millions of things these people get to see before anyone else. Do you see the value in being that gatekeeper?

Do you think it’s possible that thousands of people have had their product designs stolen and then sold to the highest bidder across the globe? It’s not only possible it happens. More than you’d imagine.

What brought this up, was that my friend Mike had P.J. Marx on the Internet show “Front Sight Press,” Thursday night. P.J was the man behind Liberty Ammunition. Every time I’m reminded of P.J or Liberty ammo, I generally get aggravated. Not by P.J or his ammo, no I get twisted up over what the US Government did to him.

P.J. is an inventor. He’s made things like amplifiers, guitars, all sorts of things. Well, after 9/11 he got to thinking about guns and ammo, and he wondered if he could help the US military, by creating a better “bullet.” So, he dove into the physics of ammunitions, the materials they’re made of, the flight characteristics, etc.

Well, he did it. He created a new type of bullet/ammo that was lighter, faster, and by far the most lethal ever seen. So, he went to get it patented. As the patent process is not a fast process, it took some time, but he was awarded a patent on this new ammo.

But quite interestingly, he started hearing of a very similar round of ammo showing up “out in the field”. Upon investigation, it was clear to just about everyone, that “someone” had reverse engineered what P.J. had created, and was already pushing it out to the military.

He took Uncle Sam to court in protest. At the patent court, (which is a Government agency!) they found approximately 25 things that were so similar to P.J’s ammo, they granted him a win. Life was good right?

NOPE. Shortly afterwards, the Government APPEALED its own decision. He had to go through the trials again, and this time? Nope case denied.

My guess of course was that someone with big government military contracts got wind of this new ammo, got copies of the patent and went right to work making the same stuff. Then, the US Government simply decided to rescind PJ’s patent, so he couldn’t sue anyone again.

How’s that for scumbaggery? Pretty bad, isn’t it? Indeed. Anyway, P.J did develop a civilian ammo of the same basic design. It’s called “Civil defense” and it is THE EXACT AMMO I use in my carry guns.

If you have a self defense weapon in .380, 9MM, .357,.38,.40,.45, etc, I suggest you get some of this stuff. It’s by far the most advanced defense ammo ever created. It’s ALL I use. He also makes it in .223 for your AR’s.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you how criminal our own Government agencies can be. Think about that as we’re witnessing the criminal situation in Washington DC. This is a little note I sent out to readers Friday:

One of the more interesting things that is really heating up that has nothing to do with China, is the push back Trump is doing concerning how the investigation into him actually started. That means, everyone at the top of the foodchain that okayed going forward with the FISA warrants, etc, is going to be looked into. He has ordered "declassification" of the redacted names and information.

This is going to be ugly folks, there's NO question that Trump was spied on, using spyware called "HAMR" While all you see on main stream TV is Democrats screaming about impeachment and "Hiding things", I have a hunch you're going to see some really wild stuff going on with this.

IF he pushes back as hard as I think he's going to, Clapper, Brennen,Comey,Paige, Holder, Lynch, and many more very well could end up being indicted.

WHITE HOUSE: Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General's investigation into surveillance activities during the 2016 Presidential election.

The Attorney General has also been delegated full and complete authority to declassify information pertaining to this investigation, in accordance with the long-established standards for handling classified information. Today’s action will help ensure that all Americans learn the truth about the events that occurred, and the actions that were taken, during the last Presidential election and will restore confidence in our public institutions.

I know some of you have been following this closely. I have been too. I haven't said too much about it, simply because it really isn't something you can just explain in a few paragraphs. This is a long twisted tale, that goes back further than just before the election. No folks, under the Obama admin, a tool designed for spying on FOREIGN agents, was turned "inward" and this tool called HAMR ( Hammer) was used to spy on millions of US Citizens. This was illegal. All of that has been Deep state buried. Until now. It's come to light.

This is huge stuff folks. A cabal of supposedly Pro -US agency criminals, have used illegal means to spy, NOT just on Trump, although he was wired "hundreds" of times, but tens of thousands of Citizens. From there, it percolated through the run for the Presidency, and right into Trump the President. Illegal spying, FBI agents doing anything they could to stop him. Yes that’s treason.

Anyway, If they can steal PJ’s design and patent, and SPY on -not only the citizens- but the up and coming President of the US, imagine what else they can do. Yeah, it’s that scary. Have a Great Holiday.