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Protections Part 1

We write mainly about economic factors in these letters. But in reality, one can never ignore all the other factors that make up economic reality. For instance Political decisions weigh on economic factors. Global partnerships, alliances, wars, trade embargo’s, sanctions, you name it. It all adds up to actually influence your money, your investing and your way of life.

Bob Rinear | July 10, 2021

We write mainly about economic factors in these letters. But in reality, one can never ignore all the other factors that make up economic reality. For instance Political decisions weigh on economic factors. Global partnerships, alliances, wars, trade embargo’s, sanctions, you name it. It all adds up to actually influence your money, your investing and your way of life.

Thus, there is always a need to talk about developments that could one day affect us personally. In stock investing, there are for example, millions of die-hard chart players. They will tell you that the chart is almost “God-Like” and they supposedly will tell you exactly what will happen next to a stock or index or what have you. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but here’s a fact. News trumps charts.

Not sometimes, not usually, not now and then. Always and forever. You can have the prettiest chart you’ve ever seen. Trending higher, working its way up the 8 day, 9 day and 21 day EMA. ( exponential moving average) You can have the stochastics crossed and moving higher, the MACD over the 0 line and heading higher. You can have it all, looking like a photo straight from a bullish chart dictionary. But then a headline crosses the wire. The FBI has raided the headquarters of the company for suspect tax evasion and fraud. Guess what happens to that pretty chart? It blows up and the stock falls 25 bucks a share. News trumps charts. Always.

So when it comes to investing, the fact is that one has to keep an eye on the news, and then discern what news matters, what news is fluff, and what news is truly dire in importance. Unfortunately lately, there’s a ton of news hitting the wires daily, and almost none of it is good. But some of it is downright scary.

I talked to you a few days ago about “Digital Control” and how they are definitely going to roll out a controlled digital currency that they can control all aspects of its use. That right there is awfully scary. If they force everyone to exchange their current dollars, into this digital currency, they can simply “turn yours off” if you’re not obeying their dictates. That’s pretty nasty stuff. But that’s only one of a hundred different things going on, and none of it is pleasant.

Russia has gotten out of all US dollars in their reserve system. Think about that for a minute. The Dollar is the reserve currency of the world and the Russians don’t want any. But they’ve always detested having to bow down to the US dollar, and have been working on ditching it in favor of gold. Smart move.

However, now that we have a man with failing mental capacity sitting at the helm, our “Commander in Chief” Biden,  I’m noticing a lot of the world deciding that there’s no real threat of US domination any more.

LONDON, June 24 (Reuters) - Russia warned Britain on Thursday that it would bomb British naval vessels in the Black Sea if there were any further provocative actions by the British navy off the coast of Russia-annexed Crimea.

Russia summoned the British ambassador in Moscow for a formal diplomatic scolding after the warship breached what the Kremlin says are its territorial waters but which Britain and most of the world say belong to Ukraine.

Hello. Did you read that? They didn’t say escort them out of the area, or do fly overs. They said they’d bomb them the next time they get too close. This also wasn’t some second rate flunky from their news media.

"We can appeal to common sense, demand respect for international law, and if that doesn't work, we can bomb," Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

These are official statements folks. On the world stage. That’s a level of Bravado you don’t generally see. But unfortunately it is far from the only blustering we’re seeing. I got an Email from a reader that I’ve actually had lunch with in the past. Nice gent, I respect his opinions. Consider this:


Hi Bob,

  Did you see the speech from President Xi for China’s anniversary  ?  It was the most clearly veiled threat by him I have ever seen.  “Anyone who dares try ( any foreign forces to bully, oppress us ) …try to do that will have their heads bashed bloody against a Great Wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people”. 

 I have been importing for 21 years and 50 trips to China and reading English papers there.  I have never heard such a clear and direct threat and the clarity they seek to dominate.  Much of this now as adversarial nations see the US as weak with no real leadership, divided and not willing to stand up for freedom and a “strong military”.  Just teach our soldiers CRT, all from a small number of wealthy leftist and elitist who wish to grab personal wealth and dominance. Biden and crew are much to blame now for their weakness and his memory loss at the G7 was beyond embarrassing and a show by a buffoon that people call President.

God help us as I worry about my children and grandchildren.  I just reached a young 75 and as a descendent of Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death” ,  I wish there was something  I could do about all of this other than vote.  Is a sad time and I try to be positive daily but it is sometimes a challenge in seeing what is coming at us and the feasible results.

Yes I did see and hear his statements. They see the US as divided by race, by ideals, by progressives, with weak leadership that they can push around. This is a danger we’ve not really ever had to face before. At this moment, it is my guess that the idea of a hot war with China is indeed very possible. Oh and don’t think that if it were to happen, we’d stomp them out like bugs. They now have a bigger Navy than us, missiles as fast as ours, and a human army bigger than our population. This isn’t Libya folks.

So, we’ve got this Covid thing that was launched on purpose against the world. We’ve jabbed tens of millions of folks with an experimental vax, with no clue about the long term effects. We’ve got Klaus Schwabb telling us how we need to get rid of half the worlds population, and how you won’t own anything , have no privacy and be happy. Now we’ve got Russia, and much worse, China, threatening to bash in the heads of anyone that gets in their way.  Things as they say, are not looking wonderful right now.

Which brings me around to “protections,” which I labeled this article. How on earth do we protect ourselves from what “could” be coming? What do you do if you wake up Monday, and your bank account says your saving account totaling 54,000 dollars, has been converted to CBDC?  (central bank digital currency) What do you do?

I want to tell you that I have all the answers, but I cannot. Because I don’t.  But what I do know, is that history likes to rhyme and even though gold was legal tender in the 30’s, they made owning gold illegal with a fine of 10,000 dollars if caught. If “they” can force the population to turn in their gold under threat of jails and fines, am I to believe that they won’t do something equally as diabolical as forcing this new currency on us?? Well I don’t believe that, they most certainly will.

Look, I have two sons. I want them to have full happy lives. I want the whole damn world to get along, enjoy and prosper. Unfortunately the evil in some people simply will not allow that to happen. They want the control, the wars, the money, everything. I also believe that between June of 2019  and December of 2030, they’ve picked that time slot to get it all done, and  they’re going for broke. First with the lockdowns, the businesses destroyed, the fear, etc. Next up, along with more of that (because of variants wink-wink) they’re going to try for the money grab.

But what if we get a real war brewing? What the hell happens then? What if China’s bluster is more than just bluster and they make a move militarily? What happens then? Does the globalists plans get shelved and we’re back to WWII rationing in the US?

I don’t have all the answers folks, because none of this has ever really happened to us in almost 100 years. And just like the central banks buying public stocks, this has never happened before. New territory.

But what I do think will happen, is that our view of economies, will shrink to the local level. In other words, depending on the location, “trade” might be via barter in some areas, via gold and silver in others. I guess my biggest problem, is that I simply don’t know how bad things will get, and therefore suggesting the appropriate moves, is terribly hard.

What if the pendulum swings the other way, the globalists get put in their place, and nothing comes to pass? I guess that’s possible, but not probable. What if there’s a true hot war, Russia sides with China and for the first time, there’s foreign troops on American soil?? ( Yes I know about the Japanese that landed on an Alaskan island in WWII, I’m talking mainland) Well that’s a horse of a different color.

So on one hand your best move could be to change absolutely nothing and nothing really bad happens. On the other, it could be that those that went full prepper, are the only ones that get out of things unscathed. We simply don’t know the future. But we’ve got to do something, because from where I sit, their agenda is picking up steam. Just Thursday, CNN began talking about making the vax mandatory for everyone. First it was for those that wanted it. Then it was bribes of lottery tickets, travel, pole dances, etc. Now they’re talking mandatory.

Right along side the even greater push to vax everyone, we keep hearing about more and more ransomware attacks, shutting down supply chains, and as in Scandinavia, their largest grocery store as registers didn’t work.  Teachers unions are now saying they’re going to push Critical race theory in all schools. Day after day, you can sense it, they’re moving the goal posts closer and closer. So, we can either ignore it all, or figure ways to defend from it.

This has gotten pretty long already and I haven’t even talked about gold/silver/land, investing moves,resisting, being more activist at the local level,  etc. So let’s continue that on Wednesday.