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No amendment to the Constitution is absolute. - quote by Joe Biden

And there it is. Joe Biden, who probably doesn’t know what he’s saying any more, is coming after guns in a big way. Second Amendment?  Not absolute in Joey’s eyes.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone, the left has been on that little treasure hunt for years.

Bob Rinear | April 10, 2021

And there it is. Joe Biden, who probably doesn’t know what he’s saying any more, is coming after guns in a big way. Second Amendment?  Not absolute in Joey’s eyes.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone, the left has been on that little treasure hunt for years.

(Oh and by the way, Joe’s also rounded up a think tank group to explore expanding the Supreme Court. Remember when he was asked about “packing the court” and he wouldn’t respond? He said people shouldn’t know until he’s president. What a guy.)

One of the things that generally astounds me, is how the left comes up with solutions to problems, but never addresses the problem.  Frankly and I’m sure I’m going to tick off some people here,  they seem incapable of rational and logical thought.  Hey feelings are great and doing things that makes you feel good is something all of us like. But doing something that won’t work, just because you think it feels good, is futile.  I’ll try and refrain from saying stupid. Oops, just did.

Unless I have missed something in my 64 years revolving around the sun, guns don’t shoot things or people. They tend to just sit there doing a lot of nothing, until a people picks it up. From there, it can be used to provide food as in hunting, to provide sport as in shooting clays, to provide pride in excelling at mastering targets. Or, it can be used to kill, threaten, maim people.

Likewise it can be used to dissuade those nasty outcomes. A study published in 2013 by the Violence Policy Center, using five years of nationwide statistics (2007-2011) compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation found that defensive gun uses occur an average of 67,740 times per year. (Wikipedia)

But it can be much more than that. The problem is reporting. No one knows how many times a robbery or bodily harm threat was stopped because the victim drew a weapon. Why? Because in our bass-ackward society, if you tell the cops you drew your weapon on someone, you’re in for trouble.  Worse of course is if you actually shoot someone that then runs off. Telling that to the police, will land you in weeks of legal gymnastics. As much as you believe in your heart you had no choice, some punk prosecutor will make you out to be a serial killer.

Some would think that if there was a significant amount of bad guys with gunshot wounds, their statistics would show up in hospital emergency rooms. Not so fast. Most criminals know that any person that goes to the hospital with a gushot wound, is INSTANTLY reported to the police, and an investigation is launched. Therefore many try to avoid the hospitals. “Underground” doctors in all the major cities work on gunshot wounds in criminals.

Now for instance, if you doubt the objectivity of the site above, it’s worth pointing out that the Center for Disease Control, in a report ordered by President Obama in 2012 following the Sandy Hook Massacre, estimated that the number of crimes prevented by guns could be even higher—as many as 3 million annually, or some 8,200 every day.

I don’t know the actual number and no one else does either. But lets just say its high, really high. What are those 8,200 people a day supposed to do the next time someone’s trying to do them harm? I ask the left this all the time. Their answers are childish. “Call the police” they say. Right. Okay. ”Excuse me Mr. Mugger, can you stop whacking me in the head so I can call the police, because that’s what my democrat buddy says is my best option?” 

Look, you all get it. I’m a gun guy and you all know it. But even if I wasn’t, I would still let logic be my standards setter. Let’s see, criminals don’t obey the law, that’s why they’re criminals. So saying guns are illegal, has no bearing on them. It only hurts the legal, upright citizen. Hence my stance would have to be…let guns be legal for those upright enough to have them.

It’s pretty simple really. I’ve talked on this too many times, we need mental health facilities restored. It sure wouldn’t hurt to put God back in our schools either.  But let’s simply face facts here, gun control will not work. Not in the US, because they’re so many of them. Our Country is unique in the fact that it was “raised” on guns. For hundreds of years, gun ownership was not only legal, it was required if you wanted to eat. It was encouraged by our founders. They saw what happened in Europe where the citizens couldn’t arm themselves. That’s why they created the Constitution. 

So we’ve got some enormous amount of guns in this country. You can’t believe the estimates, because there’s no way to know. Hell until the 70’s you could buy a gun from Sears and have it shipped to your house. No background checks, no waiting periods.

Before that, every hardware store in America had a gun counter. My dad bought his first gun, a .22 bolt action rifle, for 7.00 dollars at the corner hardware store when he was 11 years old. How are those types of guns tracked or even estimated at? They aren’t and can’t be. One thing is for sure, it didn’t get thrown in the trash. It exists somewhere. But where? Who knows.

Over the past year and a half, weapons sales have exploded in a way never seen before. Millions upon millions of people decided that for some reason they needed a gun ( or three) and went out and bought one. More than 2 million firearms were bought in January alone, according to The Washington Post’s analysis of federal gun background-check data. That is an 80 percent year-over-year spike and the third-highest one-month total on record. In 2020 alone, some 23 million firearms were bought, representing a 64 percent jump year over year.

So if we add up all the grandpa’s guns, the Sears guns, the hardware store guns, the over the counter recent sales, I have to imagine it’s not the 400 million the estimates suggest. I’m leaning toward more like 750 million.

So am I to believe that if they make gun ownership so burdensome to remain legal, that everyone gives up…the crooks won’t have and get them??  Duh. They’re crooks, and yes they’ll have guns.

Let’s see how it’s going in areas with strict gun control? Not so hot. In Chicago, the numbers are staggering. So far just year to date, this is what’s happening:

Total shot: 837

Shot and killed: 153

Shot and wounded: 684

Pretty large numbers for a city with strict gun control, no? (by the way, I have a feeling there’s something quite nefarious going on in Chi-town, something unspeakable. Like organ harvesting. I’ve heard gang members say that crates of high quality weapons often show up in alley’s around town. Who’s putting them there, and for what reason? Think about it.)

My question to the lunatic left is simple. Let’s say you get your way and somehow ban ALL guns. No more sales, mandatory turn ins. When crime, especially violent crime soars, what’s your answer to that going to be? Crickets.

The bottom line here folks is this. They, the powerful elites, the Socialist/communists that are in the process of overtaking our country want you disarmed. They know gun control doesn’t work and they don’t give a crap. This isn’t about gun control, or safety or anything else resembling “caring” about you.  They want YOU disarmed and controlled. Period.

The full court press is on right now. You’ve been attacked by a bioweapon, you’ve been shut down, cut off from society, your business closed, and now they want you disarmed. Just 3 days ago in New Hampshire, a track and field coach was fired, because he pushed back against having kids wear a mask OUTSIDE while running. Can you believe how low we’ve sunk?

When the order comes from on high that you have to turn in your weapons and have your homes searched, you’ll know, we’re gone as a nation.  This is what they want folks, and they’re getting closer to it all the time.