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Memo Mania

So Flynn pleads guilty to making false statements and the Judge accepts the plea. But then shortly after that judge was taken off the case, with no public reason given. But wait this all gets better. Really.

Bob Rinear | February 7, 2018

It’s time to talk about this “memo” that’s dominated the news for the past few days. The current line of thinking is that according to the Republicans, this is treason at the highest level, while the Democrats are trying to make it look like a nothing burger, and the FBI itself is trying to down play it.

But I don’t buy it. This is more high level chess folks. So let’s do a little background here. Donald Trump didn’t just wake up one day and say “hey, I think I’ll give this President thing a shot”. No, he knew as early as 2012, and probably much further back. How can I say that? He registered the trademark “Make America Great Again” the day Romney lost.

Most of Trumps detractors consider him a buffoon, an idiot, a bumbling hot mess that should be no where near the Presidency. Granted however, 99.99999 percent of those people slinging mud aren’t billionaires. 99% aren’t even millionaires. In fact, except for inheritances and lotteries, stupid people hardly ever become “Rich”.

I’ve been sitting back for a long time trying to figure out the plot here. I had a hunch Trump would win as President. What I couldn’t figure out was “why was he picked to try, and how would they do it?” Obama was easy to figure out, he would advance the loony left’s craziest ideals, increase the racial divide, lower the position of the US Globally, allow the most militant of leftist politicians, and allow Hillary free run to operate her illegal foundations. Easy Peasy.

But this Trump guy didn’t fit. He wasn’t a politician. He didn’t need anyone’s money to run. He wasn’t beholden to lenders. And he said all the right things. Things like “The media is fake”. Things like DC is a swamp. Things like most of our politicians are crooks. He took it to a level that resonated with millions of people who are sick to death of political correctness, corrupt politicians, a main stream media that NEVER pushes the truth, just their agenda, etc.

Between the “Them” whom ever they are that helped get him this Presidency, and his resonating with the American People, he became President. But a lot of people lost hope that this guy wasn’t just another stooge politician, because he didn’t instantly try and put Hillary in jail. I had other thoughts.

I’ve mentioned many times that it makes NO sense for the elites to appoint a guy that would shine a glaring light on the fake, lying news media. The Media IS the deep state/elitist left brainwashing tool. If you don’t believe me, look up operation mockingbird some time.

I also mentioned that I was amused but confused about why when Trump was running he continued to suggest that he could get along swimmingly with Vlad Putin. The left was screaming bloody murder that Trump was in Putin’s pocket, a Russian stooge, and Trump would just repeat over and over, “Yeah, he seems like a strong leader, we could probably get along well”. Statements like that would be headline news on CNN as they’d go apoplectic over it.

Yet something very strange happened. After taking as much heat as humanly possible while under investigation for supposedly coordinating with the Russians to sway the election, after having every TV news anchor melt down about Trump being treasonous, after having every Democrat scream about Trump being a Russian pawn, what happened? During the investigations, it was revealed that Hillary herself, in agreement with the Obama Admin, had indeed some 20% of the US nuclear uranium to Russia!

HOLY CRAP! Instantly everyone saying that dealing with Russia had to revise their stories. The media had to try and squash the news, sit on it, not let it out. Democrats tried to spin it that “thing were different, you’re reading this wrong”. No, we weren’t and it was about a clear as Hillary’s illegal Email Server. The last Administration, not only worked with the Russians, secured a deal to sell them fissionable material ( the stuff they build nuclear weapons with) but the Russians paid Bill Clinton 500 million dollars for freakin speech.

No, the Russians paid Bill to seal the deal on Uranium One. Everyone that was screaming that even talking to the Russians was akin to treason looked as dumb as they truly are. But that little “set up” really opened my eyes. Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he was Campaigning and Praising putin. He knew about uranium one, and set a plot to expose it.

Now things get really interesting. The Trump /Russia collusion thing is so out of air, that even FBI agents were admitting there’s “no there, there”. Yet it goes on. Now why is this? The loony left, because they’ll believe anything their party tells them, still thinks Trumps “going down” over collusion that doesn’t exist. But I think we’re seeing ACTII in the drain the swamp play. Just like Trump set them up with the Uranium One embarrassment, I think he’s doing it again.

We just learned that General Flynn is having his sentencing postponed until June. Remember Flynn? Let’s look:

On Dec. 1, Flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. and agreed to "cooperate fully, truthfully, completely and forthrightly" with the investigation of Russian meddling in the presidential election and whether advisers to Donald Trump were involved in collusion.

Now all of a sudden, Flynn’s sentencing is postponed. Why? According to the press, it’s this:

Due to the status of the Special Counsel's investigation, the parties do not believe that this matter is ready to be scheduled for a sentencing hearing at this time," said the document, signed by Mueller, two senior assistants, and Flynn attorneys Robert Kelner and Stephen Anthony.

But wait a minute. The guy confessed already, right? Why not sentence him? But, wait a second, what did he confess to?

"As National Security Adviser, Flynn hired spooks from the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as civilians who have almost no public footprint. These people all got Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) security clearances, which they retain to this day. When they were "fired," they disappeared. WITH their TS/SCI clearances.

So, Flynn talks to the Russian Ambassador about the Sanctions placed on Russia. That's perfectly fine, no issue at all. Doesn't he know that he's being tapped and recorded doing this? OF course he knows that. And THEN, he decides to give a totally Voluntary interview with Peter Strzok, and in that interview Flynn made statements that were untrue. And why would Flynn come voluntarily? If he was really guilty of something shouldn’t he have been trying to get outta Dodge?? Again, ask the question, Didn't Flynn realize that Strzok already knew the truth? Sure he did. He knew exactly that Strzok knew what was said. Yet he came forward voluntarily and then said some untrue things. How odd, eh?

So Flynn pleads guilty to making false statements and the Judge accepts the plea. But then shortly after that judge was taken off the case, with no public reason given. But wait this all gets better. Really.

Trump appointed Rod Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General. Rosenstein then appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Not long after there appears to be bad blood between Trump and Rosenstein. The media goes nuts, thinking that Trumps going to fire Rosenstein and try and halt the Mueller investigation. The left goes crazy, “if Trump fires Rosenstein it’s absolutely because he wants to stop the Mueller investigation, and he should be impeached!” they scream.

This is the same plot Trump used with Putin/uranium one. The left thinks Trump’s scared to death of Mueller, and is trying anything he can to stop the Russia investigation. Once again the left is Cheering Rosenstein and Mueller as “the best of the best” and being of the utmost character. Do you see where this is going? Trump has the legal authority to fire Rosenstein, Mueller, or Wray any moment he wants. But he hasn’t. Why not?

So we get this “memo”. Yeah it’s bad, and the things in it are ugly. But from up here in the cheap seats, this looks at best to be Part two of a bigger plan. We are all supposed to be focused on this memo, but I think it’s a distraction. I think, ESPECIALLY since Flynn’s sentencing has been postponed, that they’re going after bigger fish.

Don’t forget they brought application for FISA to a Judge. The information used to create the Dossier, was unvetted and paid for by the DNC. Yet the JUDGE accepted it. Then the judge that accepted Flynn’s plea of guilty is removed from the case.

I may be guilty of forgetting to take my med’s, but I have a hunch that Mueller is going to find nothing of merit to the Russian collusion by Trump. But I also think he’s going to find all sorts of other interesting things, things done by FISA judges, Certain FBI operatives, and Yes, Hillary’s State department. I also don’t believe that finding these things are going to be an accident. I may be way off base here. But I don’t think so. Someone, or a lot of someone’s are being set up here.

I hope you have a big bag of popcorn, because this show is getting extremely exciting!