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Is an Ex-Crackhead our last chance?

You all know the Mike Lindell guy from “My Pillow” and you know he’s absolutely convinced that the election was stolen. He claims to have all the evidence and has now produced 3 different films, presenting his case.

Bob Rinear | April 20, 2021

You all know the Mike Lindell guy from “My Pillow” and you know he’s absolutely convinced that the election was stolen. He claims to have all the evidence and has now produced 3 different films, presenting his case.

You can find them at  Well, he said he was going to produce a “platform” which will be a news outlet/cross between youtube and twitter. Everyone gets a voice, and the only things censored will be – no porn or nudity, the “big” nasty words, starting with F, C, N, etc and you cannot say the name of God or Jesus in vain. All other speech will be acceptable. He named it frankspeech dot com.

The launch was supposed to be Monday at 10 am Eastern, but supposedly it was cyber attacked so hard, they had to put that launch on hold and instead, use a video stream, to go live for 48 hours, interviewing people like Ted Nuggent, to Doctor Gold from the Front line Doctors, to Ben Carson, etc. I knew it would get the ultimate attack, and so did he. That’s why he had the backup plan.

I also tend to think he used the launch as a fishing expedition. Knowing they were going to come at him, why not have a backup plan, and then see just what exactly they throw at the original platform. That way his crew of IT guys and hackers can see the methods used to shut him down and can put in the measures to stop those attacks.

I have spent a lot of time on Monday and Tuesday listening, watching, and paying attention to what’s being said. As of Monday night, his “counter” for people that had visited the site, was over 93 MILLION. I’m not surprised. I had said weeks ago, that if Mike pulls this off, it will be the most used platform in Internet history.

Why? Simple. If his facts are correct, and I tend to think they are, Trump got 80 million votes. I have to suspect a HUGE portion of those voters will sign up to Mike’s platform, so they can say things without getting the boot like on Facebook or twitter or youtube. Secondly all the “influencers” - the several hundreds of staunch conservatives that built up followers totaling in the millions, that were scattered across the internet after being kicked off youtube, twitter and facebook, will now have a place to congeal.

Thirdly, you would probably be right in thinking that “normal” Democrats would want to sign up, just to see what most of the conservatives are thinking and saying. A place where maybe they could argue their points, and maybe learn a few others.  How many is that? I don’t know, but millions come to mind. And finally, you have to know that every leftist lunatic on the planet, will want on, so they can scream racism, homophobism, and every other ism they like to fling at folks that don’t follow their communist ideals.

It’s a brave undertaking. And as usual, his family has been threatened, he’s been threatened, and even during the first hours of the stream, punks had hacked his phone and were calling in, claiming to be Trump, or just to say nasty things.

            If you’ve seen his first two documentaries, I believe that you can ONLY come up with two conclusions. 1) the machines were rigged and the election was stolen or 2) you aren’t positive it was stolen, but so many things stink like 5-day fish, you want true forensic, official audits. Because if you come away feeling nothing happened, you’re either just so left you’d deny no matter what because “it favored your guy, so too bad on Trump” or… you’re ignorant.

Sorry to be so blunt, but let’s talk honesty and reality. Of course it was rigged. Now the question is, what can be done about it? Lindell is convinced that with his 3rd film being released to the public, so many new people would realize something ugly happened and that foreign countries had acted to influence an election in OUR country, that this case will go to the Supreme court as an illegal attack on our sovereignty. And win.

Oh by the way, Dominion the makers of those machines has had success in shutting people down, buy suing them for billions of dollars. Well, Mike announced that his company “My Pillow” which has 2500 employees in Minnesota, has launched its own 1.5 BILLION dollar lawsuit against Dominion, as a free speech suit. Could this be the “thing” that finally lets us in those machines to see what really happened?  Time will tell.

Which brings me to a touchy subject. Donald Trump. If you listen to the supposed “real truth seekers” they’ll tell you that Trump is just another puppet from the masters of the Council on Foreign Relations, picked to push their agenda forward. They point to things he’s said and done, as proof he was always working for them and not for you.

In some ways, this is true. Let’s not kid ourselves. The man wasn’t perfect, and him pushing for these vaccines is really bothersome to me. Yet I ask the question, does he know just how evil the puppet masters are? Maybe not. It’s not like someone like Trump has spent 25 years researching all the nuances of the scumbags at the IMF, or the CFR or the City of London. He was a mover and a shaker, not a conspiracy nut.

So it is possible that he truly believed the psycho’s around him, and that a vaccine was necessary, instead of knowing that this was a “plandemic” with some truly ugly agendas. When you’re surrounded by a lunatic like Fauci, who has a patent on the damn bug, I’d think it would be easy to be lied to.   But let me suggest this to you all: Donald Trump, love him or hate him, did more to “wake up” the average person to the fact that the news media is controlled and dangerous than any other president in history. He did more to call out the scumbags in Politics, BOTH Democrat and Republican than any other President.

And because of that, what’s happened? A Mike Lindell Happened, that’s what. Mike Lindell, the crack smoking, “carpet farming” junkie, gets cleaned up, opens a factory, employs thousands, meets and then gets to be chummy with Trump, starts to see the disgusting ugliness of Politics and the media, and is now trying to open a platform where free speech, especially from deep conservatives, will not be banned. Where talking about stolen elections doesn’t find you kicked off the site. Where questioning the motives about this fear induced panic for vaccines can be discussed without fear of waking up with no account.

Mike Lindell had 93 Million visits to frankspeech on day ONE, and it is ONLY because of Donald Trump. Now if Trump is 100% controlled opposition, as many “super truthers” suggest, tell me exactly how he’s helping the globalist agenda by spawning a Mike Lindell. You can add that to telling me how getting out of the Paris accord, the climate change baloney, and being energy independent helped his globalist puppet masters? How did building the wall help with their insane immigration agendas? I could go on and on.

Trump wasn’t perfect, and yes he’s done things for, and said things positively,  about some people that I think should rot in hell. But then, no one is perfect. Jesus didn’t run for President. Humans did, humans with faults and skeletons in their closets, and friendships they have to honor, for good or bad.

God’s ways are not our ways. If using a guy who would be awake smoking crack for 14 days in a row, ultimately ends up being THE person that helps straighten out this Nation, I’m good with it.

Pray for the guy. His heart is right, his intentions are right. Buy his pillows and sheets. He might be our very last chance.