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I hope I’m Dead Wrong

I want to address your safety this week. I have had about 15 people in “danger zones” Email me and ask me what they should do if things get unruly around their neighborhood. So let’s get to it.

Bob Rinear | November 4, 2020

I want to address your safety this week. I have had about 15 people in “danger zones” Email me and ask me what they should do if things get unruly around their neighborhood. So let’s get to it.

Once again I have been accused of spreading fear concerning what might happen after the election. Well I’m not spreading fear, I’m spreading the words of the mutants themselves. The very people burning, looting, rioting have said that much worse things are going to happen if Trump isn’t gone.

Zoom video calls have been intercepted where leaders of BLM and Antifa discuss how they’re going to try and literally take over Washington DC, Force Trump out if he’s won, and actually try and take over the White House. Now granted the military will put an end to that madness, but hey, you have to give credit where due. The left is like the Terminator, they don’t stop. They won’t give up.

Its mid-day Tuesday, meaning the voting is going on, and we don’t know anything about the outcome. My guess has been that indeed, if it’s really clear that Trump has retained the position, the left is going to melt down. That means riots, looting and intimidation.

I think Trump wins this. I think that the lunatics are going to throw a fit bigger than anything we’ve seen so far. I am not going to say I know this for a fact, but I have reason to believe that nefarious people have fronted the money, and have had the Chinese manufacture and send weapons to various antifa/leftist groups. My fears were confirmed months ago, when a shipment of illegal “full auto” A/R lowers was found. That’s what can turn a normal, semi automatic AR into full auto mode. Yeah, your so-called “machine gun.” The shipment came from China. There’s dozens more that weren’t caught. How many of those dark lowers were imported and doled out to “cells” around the country? I don’t know, but it’s something to ponder.

What I fear is that these lunatics have cells around the country and they’ve been armed with some pretty hefty armaments. If this is true and they do come swarming out of the woodwork on Nov 4, you have to make sure you remain safe.

Stay home if you hear of unrest. Don’t follow trouble. Keep your house and your family safe. I’m not going to teach a full course here, just a few pointers, but it’s important info, because it is different than what you’d first think.

If you think it’s possible that groups of 50 or so animals could come down your street causing mayhem, you need to plan for it. They generally operate at night, so job one is to keep your windows blacked out. So few people realize that “the side the light is on, is the side that can be seen.” In other words think about looking at an office building in the daytime. With just window tint on the windows, if the sun is even out just a bit, the inside of the office looks black. You can’t see a thing. But at night, if there’s just one little light on inside, you can see every detail of the room, from the desk the computer the chair, the clock on the wall, the people, everything.

So you need to block the light from getting out of your house. The last thing you need is for the mutants to see you inside and pick you as someone they want to harass. Turn off most of the lights in your house. Don’t make it dark, just dimmed to where you can see. Make sure blinds and curtains are closed. Usually the animals will bypass the darkened house, thinking there’s no one to screw with, and don’t forget that “no one” likes the unknown, even the mutants. A darkened home might just be a trap with 5 armed people ready to blow their heads off, so best left alone.

This is different than when times are more normal and it’s a lone criminal or two looking to break into a house and steal things. Then of course you want your house lit up like a stadium. Outside lights should be blazing, motion detectors engaged. Light is the biggest no-no for the urban criminal looking to steal your TV and jewelry. But in a mob scene, you do NOT want to attract the mob. You want nothing to attract attention to your home. They’re looking for people to harass, and having your house lit up like Broadway tells them “hey we’re in here!” You become a target.

Next up, stay away from windows. Even if a mob is willing to pass by your darkened house, they might still want to hurl a brick through your bedroom or picture window just for ha-ha’s. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a red brick hurled through your front window. Remove things that can be used as a projectile from your front and side yards.

Make sure if you have a garage, the car is inside it. A car in a driveway is an easy target for smashed windows and even being torched.

If a brick or something does come flying into your home, do NOT rush outside and confront the animals.Call 911 and tell the operator what’s happened. Keep the phone call alive with the operator, so they can hear everything if indeed more things come flying into your house.

Hopefully you are armed and have your family in a centralized area with no windows like a bathroom. Again, remember this is for an active riot situation. If you get word that 35 upset people are marching down your street, throwing things, knocking over things, shining lights into homes, shooting lasers at your windows, round up the family and usher them into a central room with no windows.

As much as you may want to take your rifle and go mow down a half dozen of them, don’t. Remain calm. The only time you should be shooting is if they’ve breached your home and are inside. At that point, all bets are off and you are in fear of your life and your family’s life. It’s like this; If the mob is marching down your street, and they hurl a brick through your window, it’s no big deal as long as they keep on marching along. Yeah it sucks but it can be fixed. But, if a band of them start kicking in your front door, THAT is the time where things could get ugly.

Once again call 911. Tell the operator you are armed, and a group of thugs are literally kicking in your front door. Tell her/him that you are “absolutely in fear of your life!” Repeat it. Tell him/her that you have family members in the house, and you’re in fear of their life. Leave the phone on. Let them hear the front door being abused.

Hopefully they don’t gain entry. But if they do, you have major life changing decisions to make. You don’t know if the cops are coming because they might be tied up in several other locations experiencing the same issues. You’re on your own at that point.

Every situation is different. How you decide to handle it is up to you. The very last thing I want to do is kill another human. But if they’re kicking in my door what else will they do if they get in?

The biggest problem of all is fire. Something as stone age as a Molotov cocktail ( gasoline in a bottle with a lit rag as a fuse) thrown into your front window is a massive problem. Most homes in America are stick built. 2x4 or 2x6 studs made of wood. A sheathing of plywood or particle board. More wood. A wrap in vinyl siding. More flammables. Drywall with paper facings. More flammables.

Nothing scares me like such a crude device. Easy to make, easy to use, and extremely effective. The effectiveness however, rests upon the builder of the cocktail. If it’s just gasoline or alcohol, there’s a good chance the vapors will burn off before any real structure heats up enough to combust. Don’t get me wrong, a half a bottle of gasoline on fire in your living room is enormously dangerous. But the same half bottle tossed on your porch “probably” won’t have the flame time to catch your steps on fire. Anyone that’s made a campfire knows that even with gasoline, trying to light up an 8 inch log, doesn’t work. You need little stuff first.

If you’ve read between the lines here, you know that I’m saying “make sure there’s no small combustibles against or immediately next to your house. Green bushes and shrubs, generally won’t light up even with a dose of gasoline. A ton of dead leaves and twigs however, is prime time for trouble.

If a fire bomb comes through your window, you only have two choices, evacuate the home, OR.. get on it immediately with a fire extinguisher designed for gas or oil fires and try and get it out. If you fail, you have no choice but to go outside. Leave the house on the side “away” from the mob. If the mob is walking down the street, exit via a back door.

Look, I don’t want any of this to happen. Just because we teach weapons training, doesn’t mean I want to have to engage in this crap. I want to be wrong and nothing happens after tonight. Good, call me a whacko for even mentioning it. But unfortunately, I do believe there’s going to be trouble spots. Be safe friends.