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Curiouser and Curiouser

This has NOTHING to do with electing Biden or heels up Harris. They’re simply puppets for the New World Order folks, the UN folks, the “Great Reset” folks.  This is all about getting Trump out of their sandbox. Trump’s most prescient statement was when he uttered “They’re not after me, they’re after you, I’m just in the way.”  And that’s exactly right.

Bob Rinear | December 2, 2020

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but it’s a LOT. 2020 is the year that “they” are going for broke. They’re all in, and I mean ALL in. The takeover of the US by globalist elites is in full progress. And most people just think this is about a silly Presidential race, how sad.

My stance is pretty simple. I believe 100% that Trump won this election in a pretty big way. I believe that the “fix” was in from the get-go with the ballots and the machines to flip it to Biden.  It’s a pretty simple stance really.

But what’s the purpose here? Do you really think that somehow 80 million people, the most ever in American History, thinks this creepy old man and his newly printed sidekick are the cats’ meow?? 47 years in Government with NO accomplishments bigger than getting the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor that was looking into his son’s dealings? 

Forget all that. This has NOTHING to do with electing Biden or heels up Harris. They’re simply puppets for the New World Order folks, the UN folks, the “Great Reset” folks.  This is all about getting Trump out of their sandbox. Trump’s most prescient statement was when he uttered “They’re not after me, they’re after you, I’m just in the way.”  And that’s exactly right.

Trump has frustrated the globalist elites at every turn. When they wanted to tax us for “carbon” he got us out of the Paris climate baloney. When they wanted more wars, he said no, and hasn’t started a war in any of his 4 years. When they wanted open borders to rush in millions of illegal immigrants like they’ve done with Europe, he said no, and started his wall.  On and on it goes, and the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Brussels elites, hate his guts. He’s raining on their socialist/communist/globalist parade, and they want him out.

You could have run a banana and a bunny rabbit against him and the bunny would be the “President elect” because it has nothing to do with them wanting Joe Biden specifically. They just needed a crook they could depend on to advance their agenda’s and be a blank check to make it happen. His dementia in this case is actually a positive for them.

As some people who hate Trump have written to me, “Where’s your proof? Why isn’t it all over the news if all this fraud you speak of is real??”’  And right there is a very curious question.  Why indeed isn’t the Main Stream media covering this?

Because as I said in the first paragraph, this is the big one. All the people that hate America have aligned for this coup.  This is the Hail Mary of all times and they’re going for it.  Big tech such as Google, You tube, Twitter and facebook have shut down conservative commentary. If you do something as simple as tweet about the irregularities of this election, you’re booted. Total control, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Well, TV is worse. On Monday, Rudy and the crew were in Arizona presenting their case. If you thought that the witnesses, mathematic anomalies, extended time frames, weird ballots, etc, in Pennsylvania were pretty amazing, that was just a warm up to Arizona. 

I have to believe that anyone who is being honest with themselves and not running on blind hatred of Trump, would have to say after that hearing, that there’s NO WAY that there wasn’t massive fraud involved.  So let me ask those who continue to tell me that I’m spreading vile crap, that Trump lost because people hate his lying ass, and I should suck it up and move on…Why isn’t the media broadcasting these hearings so the American people can make up their own minds? If it’s just smoke and mirrors, if there’s no substance, then why not air it. Make fools out of people like me??

Better yet, if Rudy and his evidence and witnesses are really crap, why isn’t the media covering it, so they can rip it all to shreds?  You know why. They don’t want YOU to see what really happened. The less people that see what these folks have as evidence, makes their job of pushing their agenda much easier.

So, we have big tech in on this. We have the media in on this. Who else is in on this?  I’m afraid that it’s so widespread that we really are in the biggest clash between good and evil we have ever seen.

What do I mean by “clash between good and evil?”  Forget personalities. This isn’t about “Trump’s mean” or Biden’s a crook, or anything else. This is about the ultimate direction of the US. THEY want someone in the Presidency of the US, that will not stand in their way of having the US ruled by Globalist institutions.

Take this Klaus Schwab jackass who created the World Economic Forum. Did you vote for this guy? Nope. Yet him and his minions are pushing the “Great Reset” for the WORLD. But they can’t get the world without the US.  So they have to take over the US from the inside, and then march us into their utopian wonderland.

Do you folks even bother to go look up outfits like this? Do you realize that one of their agenda’s is that it would be possible for them to forgive all debt across the globe, however you surrender everything to the state. You own NOTHING. They pay you a monthly basic income. They say you’ll be happy and less stressed.

Do you feel less stressed now? Is that what you want for your kids? Your grandkids? Socialist utopia where everyone gets the same things, but you own nothing?  That my friends is the EVIL that’s come to our shores.

They figured they had Hillary and their plans would be well down the road by now. But instead the people said “enough” of career politicians and Voted Trump. That set the globalists back and when he started screwing with their sandboxes, they got pissed. So the word went out… get this guy out of office any way you can. Well they tried with the Russian hoax. They tried with impeachment. They tried with the media. Short of simply killing him, they’ve tried it all. But worse, they knew by the size of the Trump rallies, the evidence on the ground, that Trump was indeed going to be in their way for another 4 years.

So they “went for it”. Rigged machines, fake ballots, biased voting inspectors, midnight vote count stops, 3 am ballot drops, you name it. And, with the help of a complicit media, an FBI that’s crooked as a stick, a compromised DOJ, they’re pretty close to pulling it off.

For all of you that think I’m being a “Trumpette” and I’m just whining because “he lost” please wake up. I’d be talking about all this if it was going against the other side. As much as I don’t like most of the agenda of the left, I wouldn’t feel good in the least if “my side’ used such crap methods to steal an election.

This is no longer Trump/Biden. This is US vs Globalism. US vs UN. US vs Brussels. US vs Klaus Schwab, etc. I really cannot imagine that any of you want to live in a socialist, United Nations ruled country. That’s what this is really about.

He said it best, “they’re after you, I’m just in their way.” And that’s why they’ve pulled out all the stops to get him out of the way.   Now the question is, since he absolutely knew this was going to happen, and he penned that 2018 Executive order about influencing elections, overseas involvement, etc, does he have the smoking gun evidence, to show the world, what’s happened?

Supposedly they have the server from Germany that has all the accurate tally counts. I guess what I’m asking here is this… did Trump lay a snare that the left walked into? Here’s the E.O itself and if you read it, it’s pretty nasty. Considering Dominion is a foreign company, and the software is foreign, if it’s proven that the machines were compromised, while being in a foreign country, all hell could break loose.

So, we’re at the crossroads here folks. Don’t be blinded by party on this. Look at it for what it really is, the “takeover” of the US. I suggest that these next 6 – 7 weeks are going to involve a lot of drama.

I still believe that good will overcome evil here and he gets his 4 more years to try and block the socialist movement. But in doing so it’s going to cause some mighty big waves. They didn’t go through all of this to just lay down quietly if he wins.

Try your best to lay down partisan feelings and consider American feelings. This really is for all the marbles. I want to keep our marbles and I hope you do too. God bless.