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But I think there’s a much more sinister side to all of this in the works too. And, while I try to keep some of the more “dark” issues out of the letters, sometimes you just have to put it out there. So, what am I babbling about? Klaus and his World Economic Forum.

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Bob Rinear | August 31, 2021

For 17 days, my wife was up in New Jersey to visit with her dad and brother. It’s a great time for her, because she only sees him once a year, and this year all the extended family that’s left, got together last Saturday and threw a tremendous barbeque.

I guess there was something like 28 or so folks and they brought all manner of goodies. Some brought blue claw crabs, some brought clams, some chicken, some ribs, salads, etc. I have to admit I was a bit jealous.  They must have had quite the feast.

The “problem” however, was that I was left in charge of running her office. That’s not generally an issue, because our office gal, is just simply the best. She’s the operational backbone, and as is the case often, she knows more about things than we do. Well, she came down with Covid, meaning I was 100% alone in running the daily operations for two weeks.  

You simply cannot be running a staff of 26 caregivers, doing scheduling, answering phones, talking to clients, etc and be “up” on all the developments in the economic world. So I have been out of the loop for sure.

But since I got her back on Saturday night, I’ve had more time to look around and see what madness has taken place, and there’s heaps of it. I was fully aware of Jay Powell and what he had to say about tapering and interest rates, and I’ve called that the “Powell Punt.”

He’s never going to hike rates, and as far as tapering goes, he left himself a hundred doorways to escape from having to do that. All he needs to say is that because of the Delta variant, his projections about the economy have missed the estimates and it wouldn’t be prudent to remove accommodations. So he won’t. Probably ever.

But one has to ask… why? Well, one reason of course is because of what I’ve mentioned to you all a thousand times, ANY removal of the stimulus we’ve become addicted to, will have serious economic impacts. You simply can’t remove the drugs from the junkie without physical withdrawal. They are aware of this.

But I think there’s a much more sinister side to all of this in the works too. And, while I try to keep some of the more “dark” issues out of the letters, sometimes you just have to put it out there. So, what am I babbling about? Klaus and his World Economic Forum.

All of you know by now, especially if you read these types of articles, that there is absolutely a “globalist/elitist” cabal. This is the old world money from the famous families of France and Italy, the Rothschild’s banker powers, the unelected blowhards at the top of the IMF, or World bank.  These are the CFR folks , the club of Rome folks. 

Well make no mistake, our Federal Reserve is NOT on your side. They are tools of this globalist/elitist/banking cabal, and they serve their globalist masters. Period, end of story. They were created in Secret on an Island in Georgia, given the ability to control monetary policy, and in the shadows… make the rules that the puppet politicians carry out. And by the way, you voted for none of them. They’re a private operation, owned by…banks. Sweet, eh?

Most of you have seen or at least heard of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic forum. Some of you might have even seen his little video, where the millennial is talking about his life in the future. He owns NOTHING, he has NO PRIVACY but he’s happy. So he says.

Well to own nothing, means someone else does. Who? In other words, according to their plans, us useless eaters will “rent” everything we need. Our homes, our cars, even our appliances. Well, who are we going to rent them from??? “Somebody” has to own the crap we’re going to have to rent, right? Right.

Well look no further than our central banks and globalist bankers. I’m sure you’ve heard that huge financial outfits like Blackrock are buying up residential housing. Hell there’s some areas, where they’re buying entire developments. They’re paying cash, and usually well above ask, so there’s no competition.

Does Blackrock really want to be a landlord? Not really, they’ll hire management companies for that. But this isn’t rumor or tin foil stuff. They are out there buying with both hands. So, let’s ask the next question…where are they getting all the money to gobble up all this housing?

Our Federal Reserve is buying 120 billion dollars worth of assets every month. This is what the talking heads are saying should be tapered down, that it’s excessive, and we don’t need it. Well guess what? If the plan is for the banksters to own it all, then by all means they need to keep printing money and doling it out to their fellow investment banks. They’re going to need trillions, to purchase up all the assets.

However, that’s the mild version of things. There are much uglier, much darker versions of what the future could hold. There are those, and frankly some of “those” are very bright and pretty connected people, that say they’re just going to take over. Like this:

You wake up one Monday and your bank account is closed. The central bankers are populating accounts with their new completely traceable and controllable digital currencies. All crypto’s from bitcoin on down, are confiscated and you will be given a “ratio” to their new central bank digital currency. (CBDC)

Your possessions are now property of the state. Your home is no longer yours, it’s been confiscated by the Government. Your weekly pay will be in CBDC’s and taxes instantly removed. They will take your home rent out of your pay via weekly installments.  You will receive Universal Guaranteed Income each month. This won’t be enough for you to quit working, but will cover some expenses.

There’s an MIT article about Guaranteed income here:

From up here in the cheap seats, it’s apparent that the feds have been “buying it all” up. For the last 11 years, they’ve bought untold numbers of Treasuries, Mortgage backed securities, and God knows what else.

If that last part got you saying “Huh??” I will clarify. The ONLY things you know about what the central banks are doing is what they tell us. Am I to believe they don’t have their own little side hustles going, where they’re printing “dark” money that never hits their ledgers, for what ever they want to do with it?  Well I don’t believe that. I absolutely believe that they operate just like the mafia bosses and all criminal enterprises, they have TWO sets of books. One for us peons and the analyst society, and one for their friends at Davos, Jackson Hole, the UN, the CFR, the Club of Rome, the City of London, etc.

The bottom line is that I think they’re going to continue printing like mad men until it’s time for them to pull the plug and institute their digital currency, begin whatever madness they have up their sleeve for you to “own nothing” and further enslave us.

For those who think that this sounds like Hollywood fiction, and there’s no way they can do this, consider what the hell is going on right now with Rona and the jabs. If they’ll lock you down, and put tens of thousands of small businesses out of business, do you really think they won’t go for the grand prize and take it all? You’re way too trusting.  We’re in a whole new world folks, and nothing is out of bounds now. You’re witness to a front row seat of good versus evil. I read the book and know who wins…but it’s pretty ugly until it’s over.  Stay safe, love up your family and friends, because I could see the next couple years being mighty tumultuous.  Good luck.