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Zika Virus Fears Leading to Over Reaction

As viewers of my recent interview with Jon Rappaport will know by now, the number of cases of microcephaly, a severe neurological condition resulting in children born with abnormally small heads, in Brazil has been vastly over-reported.

James Corbett | February 6, 2016

It’s official: the Zika outbreak sweeping Latin America is now a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The World Health Organization has now declared it, so that’s that.

    Don’t worry your pretty little microcephalitic head about it, though, they’re already convening meetings on the subject so you can just put your mind at ease and let the experts do their job. Just like they did during the bird flu scare, right? Or swine flu. Remember swine flu? On second thought, don’t remember that. This time it’s different. Trust them, they’re the experts.

    In announcing the outbreak, WHO Dissemblar-General Margaret Chan said:

After a review of the evidence, the Committee advised that the recent cluster of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders reported in Brazil, following a similar cluster in French Polynesia in 2014, constitutes an “extraordinary event” and a public health threat to other parts of the world.

In their view, a coordinated international response is needed to minimize the threat in affected countries and reduce the risk of further international spread.

Members of the Committee agreed that the situation meets the conditions for a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
I have accepted this advice.

    Let’s translate the WHO speak for the newbies, shall we?

    An “extraordinary event” means “something we can piggy back on to spread fear, increase prestige, sell vaccines and generally profit from the panic.”

    A “coordinated international response” entails more than just mobilizing 200,000 Brazilian army troops to go door to door in the “battle” against Zika-carrying mosquitoes. It means an “appropriately severe” reaction from the WHO so those mosquitoes (and the countries where they reside) know who’s boss.

    And a Public Health Emergency of International Concern is, as I pointed out last year during the Ebola hype, “a legally-binding international agreement on disease prevention and control” which “allows for potential international coordination of the crisis and grants the WHO powers to obtain and share information about the crisis anywhere within the IHR territories with or without the consent of the individual governments involved,” up to and including boots-on-the-ground intervention by NATO and/or the US military if need be.
    So now that we know the real stakes of what has just occurred here, let’s parse the hype from the straight dope about this Zika breakout.

    Here’s what we are told: an outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil is causing babies to be born with debilitating birth defects and now the virus is spreading across the globe.

    Here’s what we are not told: the Zika virus was first isolated in 1947 and is associated with fever, rash and joint pain which usually lasts 2-7 days and does not result in death. It has never been associated with microcephaly. There has been a minor increase in microcephaly cases reported in Brazil but also a massive over-reporting of potential cases. And there has been no demonstration of a link between Zika and microcephaly.

    Do you see any difference in those two narratives? One of them gets featured on the nightly news and the other doesn’t. Two guesses which is which.

    As viewers of my recent interview with Jon Rappaport will know by now, the number of cases of microcephaly — a severe neurological condition resulting in children born with abnormally small heads — in Brazil has been vastly over-reported. Since October, 4,783 cases have been identified but 709 of these cases have been confirmed negative (i.e. false reports). Most news organizations are interpreting this as meaning that there have been 4,074 cases of microcephaly in the last four months, certainly a dramatic spike over the country’s usual average of less than 200 cases per year. But in fact, 3,670 of these cases are still under investigation; only 404 cases of microcephaly (or “other alterations in the central nervous system”) have actually been confirmed. Even more strikingly, only 17 of those 404 cases have been found to be “related to the Zika virus,” although what precisely that relation entails has not been detailed. So in other words, there has been a slight increase in reports of microcephaly after a major widespread panic that has led to waves of hysteria and over-reporting. Nor has there been any demonstration of how these cases might be related to the Zika virus.

    So what are the possibilities here? Here are the main ones.

1) The Zika outbreak is exactly as advertised: it started naturally, but this latest strain is mutated in such a way that it causes neurological conditions in newborns (unlike any other strain of Zika virus in history).
2) The Zika outbreak is a bioweapon, designed as a eugenical depopulation tool, and this is either a test run or the start of the real deal.
3) The Zika outbreak is a cover. While there may be a real Zika pandemic happening, it’s not causing the cases of microcephaly.
4) There is no abnormal occurrence of microcephaly (or “other alterations in the central nervous system”) at all.

    Note that until we see any hard data to the contrary, scenario number four is the default assumption. And we have yet to see hard data to the contrary.

    But here’s what we do know, regardless of which situation is playing out right now:

1) The very same vaccine companies and pharmaceutical labs that directly profit from every public health emergency are going to profit from this health emergency.

2) The same organizations and institutions that gain greater control and flex their muscle in the wake of every public health emergency are going to gain control and flex their muscle in this public health emergency.

    The first point is obvious. We already know that the scientists who recommended stockpiling drugs in the run-up to the swine flu hysteria created an “unjustified scare” to profit from their direct connections to Big Pharma. We already saw how companies working on experimental Ebola treatments received direct economic benefits from the Ebola scare of 2014. And it’s no surprise that one of the first things Obama did at the outset of the Zika scare was to divert funds and research towards developing a vaccine…despite the fact that there’s nothing on the horizon, none of the Big Pharma cronies have so far coughed up any of their own money to develop anything, and it could take years to bring a vaccine to market.

    The second point is now obvious, as the WHO declares its PHEIC and Brazil becomes the first nation to commit its military to the fight against what very well might turn out to be a phantom. And once again the globalists get to sharpen their tool of medical martial law and push the envelope a little bit further in preparation for the next real global pandemic…bioweapon or otherwise.

    In the meantime, I’m making the exact same pronouncement as I did the last time we suffered through this pandemic hype:
    “You are not going to die of Ebola Zika. Live your life accordingly and forget what the terrorists are trying to tell you.”