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Why We Need to Stop Jeb 2016

Not only is Jeb a Bohemian Grove member, just like his father and brother, and not only is he a committed CFR-supporting globalist, as discussed above, but his administration is guaranteed to be a virtual carbon copy of his brother's.

James Corbett | April 1, 2015

If you're one of those people who shakes their head and despairs for humanity upon hearing that Jeb Bush is the frontrunner in the New Hampshire primary race for the 2016 Republican nomination, then congratulations: you have your head screwed on straight.Oh, don't worry; this isn't another partisan hack piece by an angry Democrat (but you already knew that, dear readers, didn't you?).

This isn't a "he said Boku instead of Boko" spot-the-gaffe exercise or a "he said 'nucular'!" finger-wagging game. If only the very real possibility of another Bush in the White House were such a trivial matter.

Sadly, the stakes are much higher when it comes to the Bush name. I'm sure my long-time followers will need no elaboration on the real history of the Bush crime family and why another Bush presidency is a nightmare that must be avoided at all costs...but I'll elaborate anyway.

Depending on what websites you've been browsing, you may subscribe to the theory that George H.W. Bush is in fact George H. Scherff, Jr., a German emigre who was the son of Nikola Tesla's accountant and personal friend of the top Nazi brass. Or you may believe that Jeb is the literal great-grandson of Aleister "The Great Beast 666" Crowley. But whatever narrative you follow, you'll probably know by now some of the exploits of Jeb and W.'s grandfather, Prescott Bush.

    Prescott, like W., was a cheerleader at Yale, and also like both his son and grandson he was one of the 15 "lucky" men tapped for Skull & Bones in his senior year at college. The infamous secret society has even managed to draw attention from the mainstream media from time to time for its bizarre occult rituals involving skulls, coffins and similar paraphernalia. Oddly, that same mainstream media tends to cut off those who try to talk about the group founder's documented history of opium smuggling, and the only reporter in the 2004 election who raised the extraordinarily unlikely coincidence that both candidates were Bonesmen with the candidates themselves ended up dead of a sudden heart attack.

    Prescott's exploits, including his funding of Hitler and his part in the plot to overthrow the government and replace it with a fascist dictatorship are oddly missing from most mainstream accounts of the Bush family legacy, but one story that did manage to find its way out into the public domain is the one in which Prescott Bush and his fellow Bonesmen stole Geronimo's skull from his tomb and allegedly keep it to this very day as a prized possession in their creepy and secretive "crypt" on Yale campus.

    The Bush / Bones connection is not confined to this "wacky" little anecdote, however. Both George H.W. ("Poppy") Bush and George W. ("Shrub") Bush were Bonesmen. "Poppy" was recruited straight out of Yale by fellow Bonesman (and family friend / business partner / Washington insider) W. Averell Harriman for the Bush/Harriman owned S. R. Dresser Manufacturing Company run by fellow Bonesman H. Neil Mallon. It was through Mallon that Poppy met many of the influential Texan CIA members who ended up spearheading the Bay of Pigs...a debacle that Poppy himself played a role in through his own Zapata Offshore oil concern. It's also due to Poppy's Bones connections that he became the head of the U.S. Liaison Office to the People's Republic of China (similar to an Ambassador before the establishment of official diplomatic relations), a position shared by many Bonesmen over the years...a fact that makes perfect sense when you realize Mao was a Yalie, too.

    Nor are these connections the only worrying secret society connections in the Bush family legacy. Once again both Poppy and Shrub were members of another bizarre secret society that brings future presidents, visiting dignitaries, Washington insiders, Hollywood wannabes and powerful corporate bigwigs together for some fun (and mock human sacrifices) in the woods under a giant owl statue: the Bohemian Club. Guess who else is a member of the Grove? Jeb.

    Or there's the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rhodes roundtable offshoot that serves as the sister organization to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the US. It is de rigeur for any good up-and-coming globalist to be a member, which is precisely why its corporate member roster is a who's who of the Fortune 500 insider corporatocracy and its individual member roster reads like a who's who of globalist super-gophers. That's precisely why Poppy served as a Director of the Council from 1977-1979 (right after his stint as Director of the CIA) and why his administration was infested with Council members, from long-time Bush family friend James Baker to Robert Gates to Colin Powell. And that's why precisely those same people turned up again in and around Shrub's administration along with other CFR stalwarts like Condoleezza Rice, Dan Senor, Paul Wolfowitz and Christine Todd Whitman (yes, THAT Christine Todd Whitman). That's also why it's no surprise to find Jeb having co-authored a report on immigration for the Council that he is now using to position himself as a "moderate" in the CFR-owned establishment press.

    But if that's not enough to convince you that we don't need another Bush in the White House, let's add a few more items to the list.

    In 1981 John Hinckley, Jr. attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan. It was subsequently revealed that the Hinckleys were long-time family friends and political supporters of the Bushes and John's brother, Scott, was scheduled to dine with Neil Bush (George and Jeb's brother) the night that Reagan was shot. Reagan lived (in case you didn't know) but by all accounts he was a changed man after the assassination and the real seat of power in the Reagan administration became the Vice President's office, where Poppy lived up to his name by overseeing the Iran-Contra CIA drug running operations. After leaving office, Poppy remained a vital member of the shadow government structure that scholars have identified as the connecting thread from the JFK assassination to Watergate to Iran-Contra to 9/11.

    Indeed, the "9/11 Presidency" of Shrub showed that Bush, Jr. dutifully followed in his father's footsteps, carrying on the family legacy of death, destruction and duplicity. No one is alleging that Bush, Jr. was the mastermind of his own administration, but if there was any discernible difference between his presidency and that of his father it was only in the scale of the disasters and the rapidity with which his eight years in office helped speed along the New World Order agenda that his father laid out in the 1990s. Most obviously there was 9/11, an event whose real planners insured that the bumbling Bush himself was nowhere near and who may have doubled down with the threat of assassination or nuclear Armageddon to make his adherence to the "War on Terror" agenda absolutely certain. And where was Bush, Sr. on 9/11, you ask? Why, he was attending a conference in Washington with one of Osama bin Laden's brothers, of course. Indeed, the Bush connections to the Bin Ladens is fairly well known by now, and Shrub's business connections to the Saudi construction magnates have been ably documented by numerous outlets, as have his administration's hands-off policy on pursuing Bin Laden family terrorism and the use of Bush's own frequently chartered plane (tail number N521DB) in the infamous Bin Laden family flight out of the country in the days after 9/11.

    Also undeniable regarding Bush 43's days in the White House: he committed an international war crime by staging a false pretext for the illegal invasion of Iraq; he was convicted in absentia by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission for his part in overseeing the illegal US torture programs of the last decade; he knowingly lied about the NSA's illegal warrantless wiretapping program; he presided over one of the worst economic disasters in modern history; and, oh yeah, he stole the presidency in the first place (not that it would have mattered if Gore had won, but still...).

    One can well imagine a staunch Jeb supporter looking at this rap sheet and saying "Well you can't convict the son for the sins of the father (or grandfather or brother or various other family members)." And there may be a point to be made here; just look at Lieutenant Worf, after all (and his father was set up to take the fall for the Khitomer Massacre, anyway!).

    But even that defense falls apart under the slightest scrutiny. Not only is Jeb a Bohemian Grove member, just like his father and brother, and not only is he a committed CFR-supporting globalist, as discussed above, but his administration is guaranteed to be a virtual carbon copy of his brother's. As outlet after outlet has reported in recent months (and even CNN and Reuters have been forced to admit), the very same foreign policy advisers that brought you the Iraq War, illegal torture, and the "War on Terror" are now part of Jeb's coterie. In fact, many of these advisers, like the aforementioned Baker and Wolfowitz, have been attached to the Bush family for decades and played a large role in Bush, Sr.'s White House. Others, like Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff and Michael Hayden and Porter Goss are criminals and liars in their own right.     But don't worry: Jeb's his "own man," after all.

    Given all of these facts, and many, many more that there is literally not the space to document in a short summary report like this, can anyone believe that the hallmark of the Bushes' political legacy is anything other than an unrelenting series of horrific crimes against humanity and abuses of the American public and the people of the world? And given that legacy, can we really be expected to believe that Jeb Bush, with the same advisers and the same secret society memberships and the same views and the same business connections, is somehow going to be any deviation whatsoever from this family legacy?

And is anyone willing to wager 4 (or even 8) years of political chaos on the chance that somehow, some way, Jeb is going to be any different?