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What color that Dress

In the course of just 10 days, the things that we’ve seen transpire would have taken one’s breath away in virtually any other time in history. But in 2015? Nah, not so much.

Bob Rinear | March 4, 2015

I’ve just come through a particularly trying week, one in which my mother-in-law passed away, and along with it the grief and sorrows of the family. As you might imagine I’ve been preoccupied with that event, and not able to devote the time I generally spend in watching the madness of our world unravel.  But sometimes the enormity of what takes place simply muscles its way into your life no matter the distraction.

    This week was surely one of those times. In the course of just 10 days, the things that we’ve seen transpire would have taken one’s breath away in virtually any other time in history. But in 2015? Nah, not so much.  See, we had a dress color to debate. The internet and the news media was obsessed with trying to figure out if the dress in question was one of white and gold, or blue’s and black. It was massively important stuff, so much so that Hollywood figures, Country music stars, journalists, doctors of psychology, and more weighed in with their thoughts.  It was by far the most important discussion of the last several days.

    One of lesser mental aptitude might have thought that the taking over of the Internet by the Government might have been the biggest topic of discussion? Or maybe the killing of the Keystone pipeline? Or the move to ban AR-15 ammunition? Maybe the 4th Quarter GDP being revised down from 5% to just 2.2% would stir some lively high level debate? Or maybe the Chicago PMI coming in at the lowest reading since 2009 should have/could have spurred some high level national debate? Nah, see there was this dress….

    In Arizona, some supposed “vandals” way out in the desert, had the exact tools and the exact knowledge to find and then cut through case hardened internet cables and plunge a large portion of several towns into “internet darkness”. Communications came to a halt, ATM’s shut down, stores closed up as their credit card processing failed, gas stations went dark. In some areas 9-11 stopped working. People were panicked, and yes in a relatively short period of time fights broke out. Yet in a world of “the internet of everything” where your entire lives are now at the mercy of streaming digits, I heard not one lively media debate on just how fragile our nations Information grid is. See, there’s this dress and it’s really hard to tell just what color it is…

    On Friday the price of ground beef hit an all-time high. In a world where the Federal Reserve tells us daily that they just aren’t seeing any inflation and in fact want more of it, one might think that a news media might pick up on the fact that a life staple; like hamburger …soaring out of the reach of the low income earners might be worth a discussion. But they were way too busy finding experts to tell us why the dress was either blue or white. One must keep priorities in perspective.

    Early Saturday morning the Chinese cut their interest rates. In the short period of time that 2015 has been in existence, no less than 21 nations have slashed their interest rates, some of them to below zero. In Denmark we find that if you make deposits into the bank, they will now charge you up to a half of a percent for that luxury, but on the other hand, if you apply for a loan and are approved, depending on the terms of your agreement, the bank may indeed pay YOU interest for taking the loan. This unprecedented twist of reality, which goes 180 degrees against anything you’ve ever leaned about economics, is not the topic of any news outlet that I can find. Ya see…there’s this dress, and its color is of the utmost importance….

    In Puerto Rico, the 3rd largest bank on the Island went belly up and being that it is a US commonwealth fell under the auspices of the FDIC.  Speaking of the US, our economic data has been the worst in 12 moths, with 33 out of 38 economic readings coming in below estimates. Earnings estimates have plunged the most since the Lehman debacle, and the Baltic Dry shipping index has hit an ALL time low. Yet try as I might this week, I could not find one single news outlet that was discussing thes troubling facts. See we’ve got this dress, and the color is in question…

    In the Ukraine, their currency has virtually collapsed, as hyper inflation has taken root.  Their leading bankers have threatened to halt all currency trading. In Greece, there’s riots breaking out around the nation as the people reject the idea of the European Central bank still controlling their country. But that all pales in comparison to the all important Dress….

    One might have thought that with all the people that are so completely absorbed into being internet junkies, the fact that the FCC has not released the document to the public concerning the “net neutrality” rules, there’d be uproar. In a moment very similar to Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” they have voted to pass Government regulation of the Internet, without seeing the contents of the rules. This is so completely absurd as to warrant being the front page, front headline on EVERY news station in EVERY town USA.  But no, see….there’s this dress….

    Each and every thing I just mentioned above should be national discussion because of the ramifications of it all. Each topic I tossed out there has the distinct ability to affect YOU somewhere or sometime down the road. And yet as usual the important things are hidden away, not discussed, and abandoned. In its place is pabulum for the masses.  Dresses and Kardashians and football.

    While this isn’t something new, one may have thought that when the public got the gift of the Internet and could actually learn some truths, they’d have used it for the real advancement of people. Instead it’s been used to watch more movies, play more games and ogle Kim’s butt.  All fine “entertainment” for sure, but unfortunately it isn’t consumed as entertainment. It is consumed as “lifestyle”.  

    Never before have I had such an overwhelming feeling of watching the sheep being prepared for the slaughter. They aren’t keeping the masses in the dark about the important things because the color of a dress is more important. They aren’t taking up 55 minutes of a one hour news cast discussing Bruce Jenner because it really has some form of deep social meaning to us. They’re keeping everyone in the dark about real issues so that they’re clueless to the things they’re doing in the background, the things that they don’t want the idiots to be privy to.  

    As things return more to normal for me this week, I’m going to make it my goal to show you why the things they don’t want you to know are indeed the important things that will affect you. If you think it is by accident that the DHS bought a couple billion rounds of hollow point ammo, while Obama just decreed M855 AR-15 ammo illegal for regular folks, well I’m sorry to pop your bubble. It is not by accident. If you think it is not important to understand why the Fed’s say we’re on track for a major recovery when almost every economic indicator is crashing, you will indeed find out the hard way.

    If you think they haven’t released the FCC rules about governing the Internet because they haven’t gone through the final committees, you’re blatantly stupid. Sorry to be so obnoxious, but that’s not the reason.  The real reason is that they’re using the people to expose all the back doors around the legislation. Once they learn all the ways folks can get around their rules, they’ll close those loopholes.  

    Read that again folks. Remember my slogan; “the bankers aren’t stupid they’re just evil.” This goes for most Government agencies.  Well evil “learns” too, and what they learned by passing rules over the years was that the public was pretty adept at finding legal ways around the rules. They hate that with a passion, but what could they do about it? Easy. They pass the legislation, and then monitor the Internet space and gather up the ways people will loophole around the regulations. Then they will write specific rules into the final law to close those loopholes. Basically they’re using the public as guinea pigs and test subjects.  

    The plan is simple and effective. The moment the debate came up about net neutrality, some really smart people started saying things like “Well if they do this… we can do “that” to get around it…”  Well guess what? They’re taking notes of those “do that’s” and closing up those alternatives. They want complete and total control of what you can see and hear, and they are NOT willing to be legally defeated in work-arounds. They want it all this time.

    I said as we came into the new year that 2015 has the ability to be a very important time for us all. There are things that could literally be life changing events. As this year goes on we’ll chat about the global reset, the chances for the US losing Reserve status, the idea of real war breaking out, the Russia-China alliances, the move from France and Germany to a more “eastern” tilt, and so much more.  Just don’t get distracted by the latest media craze like the stupid dress. They always launch them to coincide with real events they don’t want any focus on.