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Wealthiest Plan on Surviving Financial Chaos

Incredulous ideas about the economy from the mouths of the captains of industry, wealthiest have jump on gold accumulation, gold has been ping ponged

Bob Chapman | December 5, 2009

We have been reporting on economics and finance for over 40 years, and we thought that we had seen and heard it all.  That is, until we heard that Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, stated that he and his firm were "doing God's work."  While we were attempting to process that statement (and indeed we are still attempting to process that statement over a week later), our brains started "smoking."  We're still not sure if the "smoke" was on account of seething anger, total perplexity, or both.  In any case, before we proceed to tell you what we think about this warped whopper, we ask that you indulge us for a moment as we are all still a bit queasy in the aftermath of hearing this disgusting and disgraceful comment!

Please excuse us while we all collectively barf! --------- Ah, that's better!
Now, without any hesitation or doubt, we can categorically say that we have definitely seen and heard it all.  This statement, by such an evil, criminal miscreant, is the living, freaking end.  We can only vaguely imagine what God is going to do to this slime-ball in the hereafter.  One thing is for certain, whatever God has in store for the CEO of the Vampire Squid would raise chills up and down your spine!

Hey Lloyd, is insider trading and front-running God's work?  How about selling fraudulent toxic waste with bogus ratings, that your firm extorted from the rating agencies, to unsuspecting dupes?  Is that God's work?  And what about shorting the toxic waste derivatives your firm promoted and sold to its clients, or changing the weighting of indexes to screw your clients as you bet against them?  What about falsifying your financial statements to hide your insolvency so you could pay back your TARP money and dole out undeserved and outrageous salaries and bonuses?  What about suppressing the price of gold and silver to hide the ongoing debauchery of our currency in complicity with the Fed?  What about deceitfully destroying competitors by selling them toxic waste at par so you could destroy them and steal their business?   Oh, and lest we forget, what about infecting our government with your henchmen, and our economy with your toxic waste, so you could destroy our nation, and make fabulous profits in the process, in order to make way for an Orwellian one world government and police state?  Is all this God's work, Lloyd?  Surely you're joking, Mr. Blankfein!!!

Of course, Mr. Blankfein, a Jew by lineage, but most certainly not by religion, may have left out one salient fact when he made that statement, namely, that the "god" he worships is the Prince of this World, the Devil, and not the "God" of the Christian and the Jew.  So in a sense, he may really have been telling the truth.  He may have meant "god" with a lower case "g", meaning Satan, when everyone assumed that he meant "God" with an upper case "G", as in the Creator of the Universe.  Let us make it perfectly and emphatically clear for all our subscribers that Lloyd Blankfein and his henchmen at the Vampire Squid worship only Satan, and Mammon, whose work they are all doing, with alacrity.

The wicked Illuminati, led by a handful of satanic trillionaires, like to bandy about the term "god" because it is somewhat general and vague.  Their "god" is not our "God."  It is just a play on words.  Like when Obama claims to be a Christian, and then glibly turns around and promotes abortion, fetal stem cell research, the "cap and trade" global warming scam, socialized euthanasia medicine complete with death panels, bailouts for thieving bankster-gangsters, the escalation of warfare, pork orgies, crony capitalism and fascism, while at the same time appeasing Islamic terrorist groups and bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia.  He may worship "god," which in his case is Allah and the Devil, and he would even capitalize the first letter.  But Allah and the Devil are the precise opposite of the God of the Christians and Jews.  Obama the Usurper worships only Allah and Mohammed, not Jehovah (H--Y) and Jesus.  Make no mistake about it, his "God" is not our "God".

Give that Long-Legged Mack-Daddy (Obama) hell, Pastor Manning (of Atlah World Ministries)!  The only place we can get the truth now is in Harlem, New York.  It appears that those people who have benefited least from our economy and our republic, as we descend into fascism and dictatorship, are the ones who want to try and save us from the machinations of the Brotherhood of Darkness, now led by their marionette, Barack "The Joker" Obama, the man of many names and social security numbers who was miraculously born in both Kenya and Hawaii simultaneously.  How utterly and sublimely ironic.  Americans must be very proud that the downtrodden in Harlem are leading the way back to the truth while they sit on their big, fat duffs swilling beer and watching sports or trash TV.  Where are the leaders of our religious right?  Certainly not in Harlem where they should be.  They still think they can deal with the Dumbos and Jackasses in our Congress and Executive Branch.  They wouldn't know a wolf in sheep's clothing if it bit them in the nose.  Let's get rid of New Age occultist and pseudo-Christian Rick Warren, and put Pastor James Manning in charge.  Then we'll start making some real progress.

We still can't believe it.  Obama has added the Emperor of Japan to his groveling bow list.  The Joker has run wild, breaking 200 years of precedent.  Did you get the message America?  We now bow down to emperors and dictators, like Obama wants to be.  OK everybody, let's now all practice getting on our knees, groveling and licking elitists boots.  Good, now repeat.  Again.  Are you starting to get the picture?   Now let's all practice our goose steps and our "Heil Hitler" salute.  Good, now repeat.  Again.  Excellent.  We hope you all like being National Socialists.  Keep practicing now.  You're gonna love it!

Let's connect some dots.  We have George Soros, a high level spokesman for the Illuminati, telling us that China is going to take the spotlight away from America, that China is an ascending nation, while America is a descending nation.  This is what the Illuminists have decided for us.  At the same time, suddenly, China reverses course, not only legalizing the ownership of gold and silver for the first time in many decades, but actively promoting both to their populace.  By contrast in America, gold and silver are called barbaric relics, bubbles, and non-producing, no-return assets, about as desirable as syphilis, anthrax or the bubonic plague. So we have gold and silver promotion in the ascending country, and gold and silver suppression in the rapidly descending country.  We could not possibly hope to make a more eloquent statement about the virtues of gold and silver than that, and you had better drill this concept into your heads quickly, or you will be instantly vaporized in the upcoming financial holocaust.  The Illuminati have instructed China on precisely what they must do to keep their economy from collapsing, to keep their citizens solvent and to assure the retention of their political power.  But China is probably too late.  We do not believe that the Illuminati can hold things together long enough for China and its citizens to load up on an amount of gold and silver sufficient to carry them through the upcoming financial Armageddon which the Illuminists will use to clear the way for a one world government, economy and currency.

The Illuminati did the same thing for Hitler's Germany as they have just done for China.  Hitler was able to take the people of Germany out of the hyperinflationary Weimar disaster into financial prosperity based not on his own genius, but on that of the Illuminati headed by Rothschild, Rockefeller and the House of Windsor. They told him to stop the carry trade in the old German mark that was powered by a money-printing central bank and to float a new, non-interest bearing national currency in quantities limited to the amount necessary to support their planned future production.   This is precisely the strategy adopted by both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.  And you know what happened to them.  The main difference with Hitler is that he was following orders from the Illuminati, while Lincoln and Kennedy were bucking their orders.  We believe that China will end up like Germany.  Not only will they have less success initially because of their corrupt and very inefficient communist system and their continuance of a fiat currency system (the yuan), but they will also be used by the Illuminati as pawns of war so that these wicked miscreants can continue to pile up trillions in profits from the phony wars which they will orchestrate like the so-called "War on Terror" where the real terrorists are the scum running our government both up front and in the shadows.  China will be used as a pawn to consolidate the power of the Illuminati through wars for profit, mass genocide, ongoing bio-weapon pandemics, control of food and water sources and the financial impoverishment of the "useless eaters" via fiat currencies and the British Mercantilist System with its central banks and fractional reserve banking systems.  We warn China that those who make deals with the Devil end up in Hell.  

Make no mistake about it, the Illuminati know quite well that the only way to survive their massive financial destruction of the global economy is ownership of physical gold and silver and their related producer shares, which they are now massively shorting so they themselves can load up on them on the cheap, thus assuring their own survival.  What most analysts call the "Wall of Worry" is really a pessimistic false matrix created by Wall Street's massive naked-shorting of the asset class they wish to load up on at rock bottom prices before they cause that asset class to explode for wondrous profits.  The gold and silver bull markets have been following that pattern now for almost three decades, thus assuring a massive explosion near the end of the rally at its blow off top.  Make sure you are riding that train when it leaves the station.  The final departure is now quickly approaching.  If you're not in it, you can't win.

We highly recommend that you load up now, and that you keep loading up on every dip, as we steal the cheap gold and silver away from the Illuminati before they can unload their various dollar-denominated paper assets and use the proceeds to load up on gold and silver assets.  The "Chinese put" will keep gold and silver well bid for years to come, and if the Chinese want to save their government, that "put" is what will give them control over the Illuminati, so that they are not overcome or outsmarted by this evil crew of miscreant scum.  We believe that the Chinese have finally figured that out, which bodes well for gold and silver, and for China's recovery in the aftermath of the coming financial Armageddon.  The Chinese must, at all costs, keep cheap gold and silver out of the hands of the Illuminati as these societal malefactors bail out of their dollar-denominated paper assets via the dozens of dark pools of liquidity that allow them to make trades outside the view of the investing public and market regulators.  The Chinese must beat them to the punch if they wish to survive, glomming all the gold and silver they can while inexorably driving up the price of gold and silver out of the reach of the Illuminati so the Illuminist slime-balls can not profit further from their evil deeds.  They will destroy China otherwise. The other BRIC nations had better do the same if they know what is good for them.

The BRIC nations must never forget that the Illuminati have a jump on everybody else when it comes to gold and silver accumulation.  They have thousands of tons of gold, and millions of ounces of silver, which they have squirreled away over many centuries.  This gold and silver is off the books and kept in Swiss vaults and other offshore locations.  This is their failsafe money, and if the Chinese do not match them, they will not be able to control them.  We also note that much of the leased gold, which was sold into the market by the bullion banks, and much of the gold sold by central banks, was not sold to jewelers as the World Gold Council and GFMS would have you believe.  A very large portion was sold to the satanic trillionaires who run the various crime families that compose the Illuminati, which crime families also control the World Gold Council and the GMFS.  For instance, we know that most of the UK's 400 tons of national gold (half of its overall holdings at that time) that was sold at "Brown's Bottom" of $275 per ounce was sold to the Rothschild crime family.  The Rothschilds now have a 300% profit on that deal, soon to be 400%.  The people of the UK meanwhile have lost well over $11 billion and counting.  Before this is over, the citizens of the UK will be out over 100 billion dollars.  Rumors abound that the US gold at Fort Knox was stolen by the Rockefeller crime family, or sent to the UK by Lyndon Johnson to fund the London Gold Poole which undoubtedly dumped a large portion to various Illuminist crime families at rock bottom prices.  The rest of the US gold has been swapped, leased or otherwise hypothecated.  

Also, because the international accounting rules for gold reserves set by the IMF allow for multiple-counting of gold reserves that have been leased out, a large portion of the 30,000 or so tons of gold supposedly owned by the world's central banks could likely be in the secret vaults of the Illuminati.

How could they exploit those accounting rules?  Let's suppose that Central Bank A wants to decorate its balance sheet by building up its gold reserves and purchases 10 tons of gold in the gold market (perhaps from a producer, another central bank or a bullion bank) and then immediately leases the same 10 tons of gold to Bullion Bank A, which then sells the gold to Central Bank B, which then leases the gold to Bullion Bank B, which then sells the gold to a jewelry corporation, which turns out to be nothing more than a front company for an Illuminist crime family's gold accumulation schemes.  They make a few pieces of jewelry and then send the rest to the smelters to make special bars for the Illuminist crime family.  So now both Central Bank A and Central Bank B show the same 10 tons of gold as reserves on their books, even though neither one has possession of the gold, which has been sold into the Illuminist's private stash via its front company, which sale the GFMS treats as a jewelry sale when it was really for investment purposes.  The chain of central and bullion banks that purchase, then lease, then sell, then lease again, then sell again could theoretically go on ad infinitum until a non-bank party like the "jewelry company" buys the gold and takes it off the market.  You could say that the gold has been "ping-ponged."