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We Will Watch Obama Like A Hawk

USA now the Obamanation, Illuminati and elites are always the real winners in elections, politicians ruled behind the scenes by the powerful, gold and silver futures have been suppressed, more economic bubbles coming, stock market losses to reduce global wealth by trillions

Bob Chapman | November 5, 2008

Congratulations, America.  You are now officially the Obamanation.  Not that you had any other realistic choices. And the only other viable alternative, McCain, was no better than Obama. He will now be forced to do as he is told under threat of exposure, and will have no independent latitude to make decisions concerning anything which the Illuminati care about. Biden will be his handler just as Cheney was, and continues to be, Caligula's handler.  In fact, that's why Biden, a fervent and hardened Illuminist, was chosen as VP.

    The October Surprise also explains why Palin was chosen as VP for McCain. McCain and Palin were never seriously in contention due to the coming October Surprise, so this gave the Illuminists a chance to cater to the Christian Right without any worries about Palin ever becoming President in the event that McCain could no longer serve in that capacity.  Once again, the naive and fawning Christian Right got all excited over being patronized in yet another false-flag overture to Christians.  The Palin nomination was intended as a plug for incumbent traitors in Congress who had electorates filled with Christian voters.  The idea was to energize these Christian voters so as to help these incumbents get reelected.  In this manner, the evil Illuminists attempted to keep the best government officials that money could buy in office, while the government officials who were up for reelection attempted to keep their established system of embedded graft and corruption going.  Apparently, despite all that has happened, the Christian Right still can't recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing, nor are they able to perceive when they are being led down a garden path.  With that kind of gullible leadership, Christianity is doomed in the US.  In time, we will become just like Europe, unless God intervenes with an Exodus-like series of miracles to spark a Christian revival, because that is what it will probably take to wake up our sleeping Christian leaders.  

    We would like to rejoice with our black citizens about the election of our first black President, but we believe that this victory will be bittersweet, or perhaps even Pyrrhic in nature.  Had Martin Luther King been elected, we could have rejoiced with you.  But in case you hadn't noticed, Mr. King, whose thoughts and philosophy were the antithesis of those held by the Illuminati, ended up being assassinated by them, while by contrast, Mr. Obama, an elitist bootlicker who surrounds himself with upper tier Illuminist advisors like Brzezinski, Buffett, Volcker, Rubin and Anderson, and who kow-tows to the same evil Illuminist scum who are financing his Jimmy-Carter-like campaign out of obscurity, ended up being elected President of the United States. This shows you, in no uncertain terms, how corrupt the system really is.

    We judge people by the content of their character as Dr. King suggested, and based on Mr. Obama's campaign associations alone, we would have to conclude that his character is not a good one.  His support of Fannie and Freddie in the face of their obvious bankruptcy, and his number one spot as the target of Fannie and Freddie campaign contribution largesse, puts the icing on the cake, as does his support of Mr. Odinga, whose attempted coup in Kenya has resulted in the destruction of 800 Christian churches and the murders of hundreds of Christian Kenyans, events which were totally suppressed by the fane-stream media. He is not Dr. King. In fact, he is the precise opposite of Dr. King, who preferred peace over militancy.

Worse yet, we note that the current group of Illuminati are the most virulent racists of all time.  They make Hitler look like a civil rights leader.  What may be happening here is that these fiends are trying to associate what will be the worst economic, social and political times ever suffered by Americans, which these elitists have malevolently and intentionally orchestrated to bring America to its knees and to pave the way for world government, with a black Presidency.  In one brilliant master stroke, they will take all the misery they have created to push us into a corporatist, fascist police state, and place it on the head of a black President.  In addition, they will make sure that his Presidency is a disaster and that it does not succeed.  Obama will be in over his head, and due to his compromised position regarding his citizenship, he will do whatever they tell him to do, and none of it will work.  That is because it is not supposed to work.  They want to bring you to your knees so you will bow down to the new self-proclaimed masters of the universe as the old Goldilocks Matrix is discarded and the new corporatist, fascist police state is substituted in its place.  Our question is: Does Obama know this, or is he about to get the surprise of his life?  Is he a patsy, or is he a player?  If he is trying to be a player, we can assure him he will never be accepted by the masters of virulent racism. Note how well this association of national disaster with a black Presidency will play into the rhetoric of white supremacists.  White supremacists will be in state of nirvana.

Like Pavlov's dogs, the sheople are conditioned to come bleating to the voting polls on Election Day to cast their vote for reprobate A, or for reprobate B.  They think they are making a choice, but for most part, in the important campaigns like President of the US and many other major state and federal elective positions, the choice has already been made for them.  Pick Illuminist Skull and Bones candidate A, or pick Illuminist Skull and Bones candidate B, ala Bush against Kerry.  Either way, we win. Candidate A will promote items "a" through "m" of our agenda, and candidate B will promote items "n" through "z" of our agenda.  Thus, ergo, our agenda is always moving forward, no matter who gets into office.  Come, come, our little sheople.  Come into the voting booths and choose your poison, errrrrrr, politician.  (Bah-ah-ah-ah-ah). Come, come, our little sheople.  Pick the person who will slaughter you. (Baaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)  Oh, how silly of us.  Did we say "slaughter?" Oh, we are so very sorry, we meant to say "water."  That's right, pick the person who will water you.  Please forgive us for that little Freudian slip.  (Bah-ah-ah-ah-ah).

The candidates will always tell you what you want to hear, and then they will do exactly as they are told by their Illuminist handlers, which is usually quite different from what was promised during campaign rhetoric.  That is why there is not a dime's bit of difference between Jackasses and Dumbos.  They must do as they are told, or they are sent on a trip to Dallas, or on a plane ride over Martha's Vineyard.

Politicians blab away, talking about what is on their party's agenda, and then they are told what to do by those in our shadow government who run the whole agenda, which is of course divided between the two parties.  We promise Mr. Obama that we will never listen to what he says, but will we watch what he does like a hawk. We will burn away all the Illuminist lies and webs of deceit which are woven around his actions to obscure and to obfuscate their true nature and purpose.  We will give him a chance like anyone else and we will be his supporter if he is honest and forthright.  But we will be his worst nightmare if he tries to get "cute" with the American people.  We will expose what he is doing and lay it bare to the American public.  If he is not being honest we will see right through it, and then tell you, our subscribers, how things really are.  This is what we have done over the course of the past ten Presidential Administrations preceding Obama's coming Administration, and is what we will continue to do.  Remember, Mr. Obama, we have been doing this for over 50 years and we know their agenda and how they operate far better than you do.  We can also assure you that they are not telling you everything they plan to do.  You could not take the shock.  You might even be enraged.  They will tell you what is coming on an as-needed basis.

Obama will now put the finishing touches on the destruction of America which was started in earnest under the previous trilogy of traitors, or triad of trouble, which commenced with the Administration of Bohemian Bush, Sr., continued with vigor under Slick Willie Clinton, and then was nearly completed during the epically catastrophic Caligula administration, which we note is still not finished with its skullduggery, and won't be until Caligula leaves office, if ever.  Could it be that Obama be booted out based on his citizenship issues, thus enraging black citizens by dispossessing them, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and leading to riots, civil unrest and martial law, which would mean that Caligula would get to stay in office until Biden took over.      Perhaps it turns out that Biden, and not McCain or Obama, was the real Manchurian Candidate after all.  What happens when a standing President declares martial law, the President-elect is ousted, and the Vice-President-elect takes the President-elects place?  Who prevails?  Bush or Biden?  Either way, we lose.  We note that the last thing Bush wants is to leave power and not have the ability to stop another Administration, or a people's committee, from conducting a real 911 investigation.

The above are just a few of the possible scenarios, which the Illuminists could force on us in order to implement martial law and a feudal, Orwellian police state. Who knows what could happen as long as these Illuminist sociopaths are running our shadow government?  Never underestimate the cleverness of these megalomaniacal, satanic trillionaires, whose intelligence is powered by supernatural forces of evil and darkness.  Next comes another major war to distract us from the destruction of our economy, and to destroy our military so we have no defense against foreign troops or against both foreign and domestic mercenaries.  We also note that Obama has promised a new national draft so that your children get to be cannon fodder for the fun and profit of the US military-industrial complex and so they also get to become the objects of persecution and terrorist retribution overseas as they are forced to stick their noses into everyone else's business where they do not belong.

Even if they end the war in Iraq and divvy it up with big oil while retaining a mercenary force, rest assured that they will move on to the next war or escalation in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, in the Balkans, or on the Russian border.  Who knows with these maniacs?  This is the end of our society as we know it.  This is the Fall of the House of Usher.

The prices of gold and silver futures have been suppressed to such an extent by the Illuminists within the Treasury Department that there is a stampede out of gold and silver futures, an event that could lead to default. As you all know physical gold and silver are in short supply and we are seeing higher premiums. At the same time the rigged futures market is just the opposite. All throughout history good money, gold, has driven out bad, fiat, and that is why the gold and silver futures market will either collapse because no one will play anymore, or they will default as a result of inability to deliver.

Gold is a 2-edged sword. Gold and silver go up with inflation and hyperinflation and gold also goes up or holds its own in deflation in a flight to quality.
We have been in the credit crisis for 15 months and the US and world economies are headed at breakneck speed into deep recession. We have stagflation, inflation and stagnation and it is going to get considerably worse as we head toward eventual deflation. Personal consumption expenditures are falling, as is GDP, which in the third quarter finally entered the minus column. We have a rigged rally in the dollar as consumption falls and government expenditures climb. Long before this is over the part of GDP consisting of personal consumption will fall from 70% to 72% to the long-term mean of 64.5% and that alone will cripple the economy. Although we see it going into the 50s as depression takes hold a few years from now. Our government and Wall Street are orchestrating a less severe recession to keep you spending and to keep you in the rigged stock market. As a result you are talked into a bailout package for banks and Wall Street. It doesn’t work and over 80% of Americans are against the package because they know what is going on. They are listening to alternative radio and reading what is on the Internet. In spite of that a purchased or compromised Congress give the corrupt Illuminists what they wanted. It must also be remembered the administration told congressmen that if we didn’t have such legislation that they’d impose Martial law. That is what corporate fascist government is all about.

We are already in a severe recession. All of our government’s statistics are bogus. The bailout was for the most part for money center banks, the big financial conglomerates and transnational corporations. Those funds went to the insiders, not to smaller institutions. They were for the crime syndicate, the corrupt Illuminist mafia. The next step after the election is the monetization of money and credit and horrible hyperinflation. Soon the dollar short covering will be history. Libor has already fallen and is back in its normal place. Credit derivatives and credit default swaps has produced a demand for dollars for settlement payouts. That will soon end as well. Fifteen months ago these derivatives began to fail and that systemic failure is ongoing. It will end in the complete collapse of the dollar.

This is the same barbaric horde that just sent the commodity market down almost 60%. They are now waiting to take it back up again to plunder the public once more. They bashed commodities and gold and silver because the rush for real assets had to be destroyed even though it was temporary. As a result there was a rush into physical gold and silver products, a resultant shortage developed. The elitists saw that and not wanting more physical gold in the publics’ hands the mints in Johannesburg, Canada, the US and Mexico shut down. Do you really think that was coincidence? They do not want gold and silver attractive because they are going to hyper inflate. At least for the next two to three years inflation is going to rage. Money and credit are still expanding at 12-1/2% and inflation is 12-1/2%. What deflationists do not seem to grasp is that the elitists will keep the system running because they do not want a crash until they can get a major war underway, as a distraction; another way of adding wealth, and for getting a tighter grasp on power and to further exercise population control. The question is when will the viability of America debt be questioned? Will the failure to deliver US treasuries break the market and not nonparticipation? We do not know but it is surely possible. This is why we have not for some time recommended US Treasuries, but instead Swiss franc Treasuries for those who prefer a partial cash position. It is very simple. The more debt the US government creates and the more money and credit the Fed creates the more the value of the dollar depreciates. Worse yet, the collateral being presented for the exchange of Treasuries is essentially worthless. We also believe Treasuries are being created and not being reported in order to satisfy the perceived flight to quality. Remember, these people do not tell the truth about anything and they believe as the Illuminated ones that they can do anything they please. That is why we continue to tell you to be out of US government and debt paper as well as the stock market. The only exceptions are gold, silver and oil and gas stocks. Cash out your retirement plans if you can and move them into gold and silver related assets. We can promise you two things, hyperinflation and eventual Treasury default. Why do you think on 11/15 major nations are meeting to form a new monetary unit? It will take several months. But it is about to happen. The dollar as a reserve currency and as a store of value is finished and many other currencies will follow. Remember 64.5% of world central bank reserves are in US dollars. No country is going to survive this unscathed. There will be a trigger as there always is. It probably will be an economic event or a string of events that begins the dollar collapse. There are things going on we know nothing about, but which we will soon find out about.

We have another couple of bubbles coming. There is a pension bomb that is in process and the credit card bubble-bomb. Lenders wrote off about $21 billion in bad credit card loans in the first half of 2008, and they haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Companies are laying off millions of workers and it is currently conservatively estimated that by the end of 2009 they’ll lose another $55 billion. Currently losses are 5.5% of debt outstanding and probably will easily exceed 8%.

As lenders rethink their lending rules our credit-hooked nation is rethinking their credit habits. It is about time lenders smartened up and stopped being greedy and it is about time Americans started paying for gas, food and other items with cash. You should only be using credit cards for emergencies and you should pay off your debit every month.

In 2005 mortgage extractions were $595 billion, in 2007 they fell to $470 billion and the second quarter of 2008 saw $9.5 billion. At that rate we’ll see a 90% drop from 2005.

Total loans from commercial banks grew by $89 billion yoy to December. Of that $61 billion was credit card debt. That means banks only lent $28 billion to business or to individuals. These numbers show you how stressed consumers are, amid accelerating job loss, low wages and high inflation, home price deflation, the effects of illegal immigration and the losses in equity in stocks, never mind having their retirement accounts clobbered. Credit card debt is up – it has risen more in the recent 10 weeks than it has in the previous 10 months. The increase is annualized at 48.3%. American Express delinquencies on credit payments rose to 4.1% in the third quarter, up from 2.5% yoy, their pool of uncollectible loans to a high of 6.7%. If it weren’t so sad the following would be laughable. The second largest credit card merchant vendor is McDonalds. This is a sign of very serious distress. This level of credit card usage is unsustainable.

All this comes as stock market losses worldwide reduced global wealth by $16 trillion. A good part of which was in retirement accounts. This coming year government will admit to unemployment of more than 9%. That puts U6 at 14% and long-term at 17% using government figures. The duration of current unemployment is nine months or 38 weeks. That will be at least 14 months at the end of 2009. Unless unemployment benefits are expended an additional six months they’ll be lots of people in serious financial trouble. That means less consumption, which will feed recession. Incidentally, that will widen the budget deficit. Unemployed don’t pay taxes and that means less revenue.

We see a 2009 budget deficit of $1.2 trillion plus, as the recession deepens. The only thing keeping the end of 2009 out of depression will be massive injections of money and credit and that will cause the dollar to fall and inflation, gold and silver to rise. With all this in the mix we see would-be newsletter writers, economists and analysts predicting already slow recovery by the end of 2009. In order to be politically acceptable they didn’t recognize recession until a few months ago, a year and one-half behind the curve. This in spite of massive welfare during the year.