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Utter Failure

hey tell us that all these layers of Government intrusion into our lives keeps us safer. They tell us they can avert problems before they happen, and thus they need to know every single thing about us. I wish, I pray that we lived in a world where there was absolutely no need what so ever to fear for your life.

Bob Rinear | September 18, 2013

By now you’ve all heard about the active shooter event that went down at the Washington Navy Shipyard.   In fact you’ve probably heard about it so much you’re sick of it already. But I want to look at this from a different angle, because frankly I’m a bit bent out of shape over it.

We have been told by folks like Snowden and others, that the NSA collects our cell phone calls, monitors our emails, and pretty much has us photo’d, cataloged and stored in data clouds. This isn’t conspiracy nut stuff, this is documented. All the major cell phone carries and outfits like Google and Yahoo admit that Uncle Sam collects their data. The line of BS they shovel at us is that this helps keep us safer.

The person that pulled off the shooting raises questions that should go right up the chain and land in Obama and Holder’s lap. I’m not talking about that lunatic Pelosi, who’s only interested in making millions with her husband by doing illegal insider deals; or Senator Dianne Feinstein because of course she’s screaming for gun control to solve things. The brainless that continue to keep this parasite in office have such a narrow mental capacity it is the only possible thing they could ever imagine. Logical thought process escapes them, as they have been bred to only act on “feelings”. So acting like the demented lemming she is, you simply knew she’d be on stage talking about banning guns.

But here’s my point to this, and why we should all be “outraged” to coin a common liberal term. They tell us that all these layers of Government intrusion into our lives keeps us safer. They tell us they can avert problems before they happen, and thus they need to know every single thing about us. Yet here’s this guy Alexis with a huge background of problems, and frankly if you look into this hard enough, you cannot even comprehend that this is coincidence. So it is indeed making some of us “curious” to say the least.

This guy had “Secret” security clearance. This guy’s job was to be “updating” military computers, and had recently been in Thailand for a spell. Here’s a guy that was to be on military installations around the country playing in computers that certainly would have had sensitive information on them. Military secrets on them. Yet when we examine his background, something jumps out at you like the zit on a prom queen. He’s had all manner of issues with anger management in the past, INCLUDING two instances of gun violations.   In one instance in Seattle, he says he “blacked out” and didn’t remember for several hours that he had shot out the tires of some construction workers truck because they mocked him or called him names and disrespected him.

But from there the story gets even sillier. See, for some reason this guy wasn’t charged with anything over that. In fact “somehow” the paperwork got lost in the shuffle and there was no call by the DA to take this guy to court. Now listen up folks, this was in 2004. Long after the Patriot act, and 9/11 which started the ball rolling for all these quasi defense agencies to be born. So the first question of the day is simply this: How on earth do you shoot out the tires on someones truck and NOTHING happens to you? No illegal discharge charges, no intent to harm property charges, no civil charges on perceived danger, nothing? How can that happen? I’ve seen folks get charged for the mere act of a wardrobe malfunction allowing the public to see a legally concealed weapon. That’s simply a slip up, a shirt too short to cover the butt end of the gun correctly and they’ve been charged and fined. This guy shoots out tires, which is obviously a threatening and menacing thing to do, and there’s NOTHING?? But wait there’s more. Much more.

In Texas he lived in a complex where he had neighbors that lived on the next floor above him. That neighbor has said multiple times that Alexis had yelled at her for too much noise and she was scared of him Then one day while she was playing some music a bullet came up through the floor into her apartment. Police came and Alexis told them he was cleaning the gun, it slipped and discharged. After looking around, they decided not to press charges and that it was just an accident” The lady upstairs says “BS” he did that on purpose. So here’s the second instance of a “problem with guns” and once again nothing is done.

Then we find out that the NAVY had given him a “less than honorable” discharge because he’d often act unruly, he had emotional outbursts. His own father said he had anger management issues, and post-traumatic stress after helping in the 9/11 recovery. So let me get this all set up for you, because it doesn’t read right, nor sound right.

Here’s a guy that has PTSD and “could” be on psychotropic anti depressants for it. ( I don’t know if he was or not yet, but it’s a fairly safe bet) He does an aggressive act of pulling a weapon and shooting at somones truck because they mocked him or called him a name. He says he didn’t even remember doing it he was so outraged…for over two hours. There’s a real stable human being. He gets NO charges for this act, an act that would land you or me in jail for months. He then shoots a round through the ceiling of his apartment and into the upstairs apartment. The cops arrest him, but no charges are filed. A simply “mistake”. The NAVY discharges him, with less than honorable mention… the category of discharge where they aren’t calling you a criminal or lunatic, but has “issues”.

After ALL that, this guy gets Secret clearance and is hired by contractors to go back to work on military installations? Are you kidding me? Where’s the NSA who apparently knows every word I’ve spoken or written, in all this? How was this lunatic allowed to get clearance on a military base? How could he have two blatant gun issues and there’s no charges? Now you see why this whole thing stinks to high heaven. While I don’t see this as a false flag sort of situation to deflect attention from Syria, I can easily see why some are asking if this guy was a “plant” of some type. A sleeper cell awoken from his slumber. Maybe time will tell.

While it is possible this was just some guy that fell through a lot of cracks and went bat crap crazy, it doesn’t read well. The only solid conclusion we can draw is that now it is blatantly evident after Ft. Hood and now this…that our military installations should abandon Bill Clintons rule that our military people can’t be armed on base. I find that to be one of the saddest, most bizarre things I’ve ever heard. The Ft. Hood martyr nor this guy would have done a damned thing if all those folks were carrying their military side arms. But when you make something a “gun free” zone, all you’re doing is telling the lunatics and criminals that no one will shoot back. That’s beyond stupid.

Expect to hear cries for more gun control and banning ever more weapons. Of course it isn’t the right approach, as we’ve been preaching for years on end. Criminals and loonies will always be able to get their hands on guns. Only the law abiding ever give up their arms, and then they’re defenseless. Why can’t the anti gun freaks ever understand that? Ft. Hood proved it. The Navy yard proves it. The movie theatre proved it. The School shootings prove it. Gun free zones are an invitation for disaster.

Let me end this by saying this. I wish, I pray that we lived in a world where there was absolutely no need what so ever to fear for your life. I wish there were no muggers, gang bangers, robbers, rapists, and other violent people. But facts are facts and they exist. If indeed these kind of people exist and ply their trade…I want the ability to defend my self and my family. Without that right, you’re just another victim looking for your disaster.