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Trump and Draghi

Josef Stalin said it best many years ago. He said the people who cast the votes decide nothing, the people who count the votes decide everything.

Bob Rinear | March 12, 2016

Is it possible to find a similarity between Donald Trump and Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank?  Not really, not when you are comparing the two people. But maybe what you can do is make the case for what these two have done as far as affecting people.

    Over in Europe, their economy has been as stagnant as ours and maybe more so when you look at places like Italy and Greece. So a year ago they implemented the all too familiar “QE” programs to spur growth. Along with lowering deposit rates to NEGATIVE 0.3%, they embarked on a 60 billion Euro a month QE bond buying spree.

    It didn’t work. Just like the gimmicks we tried here in the states, the QE and money printing merely kept the economies alive, like zombies. They were functioning but they weren’t vibrant and alive. So, what did Draghi  do on Thursday to spur more growth? In a strange twist, he doubled down on what didn’t work the first time. He cut rates even further into negative territory and he increased the amount of bond buying QE from 60 to 80 billion a month.

    At first the markets went wild. The German market was flashing futures gains of 300 points or more. Our futures here in the States were on fire, well up over 100 DOW points as traders licked their lips in anticipation of all that free money. But something odd happened along the way. Instead of German’s DAX continuing higher and higher, it rolled over like a lead balloon and fell 228 points. Their currency, which was supposed to go down on all that new stimulus, actually reversed and went higher.

    Here in the states, we were up about 100 DOW points when slowly the air hissed out of the balloon. By 11:30 am, we were actually DOWN 140 points and the S&P was frantically trying to save itself from busting below a support line at the 1979 level. If we failed that it would be a rocket ride to 1950 and lower.  Later in the afternoon, they worked their “levitation magic” and pulled the market all the way back to end the day flat.

    So what happened? The “establishment” had it all figured out.  Draghi would unleash the bazooka, the currency would fall like a rock and stocks would soar to new heights. They had it all worked out. It was a perfect plan.  Yet it backfired spectacularly.  In something that’s becoming fairly common lately the “establishment” blew it. By going that aggressive, instead of everyone rejoicing about how much fun it will be to get all that money, the “investors” realized that “holy crap…things must be much worse than we thought if he had to go this crazy with stimulus!”  And thus they sold into the news. In a twist that the elites of the world just can’t figure out, the common man decided “this is not good for us”.

    See, there seems to be more and more “commoners” pushing back against the establishment. Sometimes, like the people in Germany and Sweden, it takes a rather rude wake up call for them to snap out of their socialist slumber and see what’s going on.  For instance these folks were just fine following the establishments open border policy about taking in hundreds of thousands of so called refugees. But in a remarkably short period of time, and after hundreds of their women had been raped, their men mocked and abused, their cities turned into garbage dumps, they said “HEY! This stinks! Get these dirty refugee people out of here!”  There’s been calls for Merkel to step down. There’s calls for the Swedish Government to send the migrants back. People are pushing back against the “establishment”. Refugee camps have been set on fire. A grenade was tossed into another.

    The Establishment here in the states got Donald Trump all wrong too.  See, this is how it really works….

    Everyone thinks they have a voice because they “vote”. Well that sounds good, and makes for a wonderful fairy tale that you can tell your kids. But it is all just smoke and mirrors.  I like to use the football analogy so people really get it.
    In football you have an  “American football Conference” and a “National football Conference” . Sports enthusiasts will tell you how they differ so much, with one a high power offense, with grand schemes and plays, while the other is a defensive juggernaut and plays “smash mouth” football, etc.  The arguments about which style is better, which “side” is better, goes on ad-infinitum.  But guess what? BOTH sides take their marching orders from the NFL.  The National Football League oversees both “sides”.

    In politics it’s the same concept. We have Democrats and Republicans. They’re supposedly different in their views, and they fight to the death against each other to win Presidential elections.  But here too there’s a catch. See just like the AFC and NFC both march to the NFL’s rules and orders, the Dem’s and the Rep’s both march to the  Corporatist elitists with the big pocketbooks that pull their strings.

    The elitists meet behind closed doors on secret Islands and agree on who’s going to be the next President. The Jackasses put up their man, the Dumbo’s put up their man. They don’t care which one really gets in because it has been agreed upon years in advance which two it would be, and those two have agreed to do what ever the elites tell them to do.  So for this carnival show it was Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.  They were giving a bit more push to Jeb, just so the calendar remains even. If you look back, you see the Dem’s get the Presidency for 8 years, then the Reps get their 8 years. So we’ve had 8 of Obama, they were angling toward Jeb.

    Then Trump came along. Well the establishment figured this guy to be a flash in the pan. A loud mouth, rude, politically incorrect, blowhard who’s looking for another few minutes in front of the TV camera’s and he’d fade off into the great casino in the sky.  Ooops. It didn’t work that way. Not only was he not a flash in the pan, he’s led the polls from almost the very beginning. He’s sweeping states that everyone thought “had” to be Cruz territory. And the establishment is freaking out.

    Alfred wrote a piece the other day that was really wonderful about all this and in it he said that if the GOP establishment is joining up to derail Trump, then it means they feel they have the right to appoint whom THEY want, not whom the voters want.  Bravo Alfred, because that’s exactly true.  They need an establishment hack, one of their already soulless puppets that will follow the marching orders of the establishment elite. Well Trump doesn’t fit that bill. In the single biggest push I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime, they’ve gotten Hollywood, the Media, tech moguls, and anyone else they can drag up, to beat up on the Trump. They dusted off Mitt Romney an elitist of the highest form to come out and smear him. Does it mater to these psychopaths that Mitt Praised Trump when HE was running for President? Hell no. Loyalty at the elite level only comes if you’ve sold your soul to them.

    In an interview with Bill O’reilly on Fox news,  Bill interviewed Newt Gingrich and asked him why he thought the GOP itself was trying to derail trump. Newt Gingrich said the following and I quote:   "He's an outsider, he's not them, he's not part of the club, he's uncontrollable. He has not been through the initiation rites, he did not belong to the secret society"  Take a look at this clip….

    Read that last line. Do NOT for a moment think Newt was joking, or tossing around words. He meant that exact statement. Trump hasn’t gone through the Skull and bones initiations, he’s not been part of their secret society where they meet and swear allegiance to themselves.  The elitist world is a very dark place, where money and evil power is their calling card.  Trump…is simply not one of them.

    So he has to be destroyed. Already there’s evidence of vote tampering. See, Josef Stalin said it best many years ago.  “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."  So does it surprise me that on alternative media sites, people are complaining that they voted for Trump, but the screen magically flipped the vote to Cruz? Of course not. This is nothing new, it’s been going on for ages. Remember “hanging chads” and the Diebold issues??  

    There’s a video that’s just now getting attention concerning a man testifying that he had been hired to write software to RIG an election.  I’m surprised it’s just getting traction now, since the video’s been around for over 10 years, but you do need to watch this clip.

    In it, this man says to the court that in 2000 Tom Feeney (Speaker of the Houe of Florida at the time) tried to pay him to rig election vote counts. He explains that with that software, election officals would “never see” the rigging, it would just give who ever they wanted the 51/49 vote win.  So when we hear of people complaining that their votes “magically” flipped  from Trump to Cruz…believe it. It’s real.

    So here’s the bottom line. The GOP “party” has now come out right in your face and said that “THEY” don’t want Trump. It does not matter that YOU might want him. They have publicly admitted that they are indeed trying to take him down, and swing the nomination to someone who “stands for the party”.  Those words should chill you to the bone.  What is the “party?”  Isn’t it supposed to be the will of the people that call themselves Republicans?  Not according to them. The Party is a political machine, and if you’re not a spark plug in that machine, they don’t want you.

    Okay, so who does the party want?  Frankly?  They want to appoint Mitt Romney. I told you all the other day that Mitt HAS filed to run for President. When Jeb Bush fell off because he couldn’t resuscitate a cold fish and Trump stormed to the forefront, their game plan fell apart.  If  Trump continues his winning ways, the plan was going to try and run an end run behind the backs of the American people and appoint Romney at Convention. Hows that for telling you point blank that your vote means nothing, your desires mean nothing and they will stop at nothing to further their agenda?  

    But because “the people” have screamed at the top of their lungs about how evil all this backstabbing is, and pushing even MORE people into the Trump category, I suppose that they’re going to have to rework their plan.  One thing you can be sure of…and it’s long overdue….the People are tired of the establishment, and the establishment is running scared.  Bravo!