International Forecaster Weekly

Treasons and Assasinations, Treachery and War

More on what Ted told Obama, Hillary exposes her Freudian Slip for all to see, real threats to security and stability, the neocons intentions to stay in power, new theatres of war, the fall of Rome and other great civilizations

Bob Chapman | May 28, 2008

In a recent issue, we outlined how Barack Obama was told by Ted Kennedy not to take Hillary Clinton on as a running mate and gave some of the background behind that recommendation.  Basically, Ted knows that the Clinton and Bush crime families, who have reeked their reign of terror on the citizens of the US in the Bush-Clinton-Bush triple whammy, were most likely behind the assassination of JFK, Jr., or if you prefer, the "accidental" plane crash that took him out of contention as a potential presidential candidate for the 2000 election year.  The "accident" took place in 1999 while Clinton was finishing his second and final term as President and the candidates for the office of President for the 2000 election year were being lined up.  JFK, Jr. could probably have beaten Dubya hands down if he had taken the Democratic nomination away from Al Gore, who in fact later won the election, but for the fraud in Florida voting counts where brother Jeb took care of things for brother George.  Al Gore, under pressure from the Bush crime family, who were in the process of "influencing" the US Supreme Court, was promised a special hat trick in connection with a movie about global warming disinformation he was asked to create and promote by upper tier Illuminists.  Hence, the piece of cinematic garbage, "An Inconvenient Truth," which brought Gore an Emmy, an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize as payola for giving up the Presidency to Caligula.

Ted also has to know that the Clinton's have left behind scores of dead bodies in the wake of their notorious political careers and would not hesitate to take Obama out to push Hillary into the Presidency.  He also has to know that both the Bush and Clinton crime families were major players in the neocon setup of the phony "War on Terror" and the dastardly 911 mass murder the beginnings of which were well underway during the Clinton Administration, which saw both the First World Trade Center Bombing in 1993 followed by the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.  So clearly Senator Obama is taking on some extremely dangerous, hardcore sociopaths, as is Ron Paul for that matter.  And Ted knows they would not hesitate to take Obama out to put the Queen of Marxism, often referred to as the "Womanoid," into the Oval Office, if Obama was foolish enough to make her his running mate and then was to win the Presidential election against the Bush Clone, McCain, aka the "Albino Chipmunk."   

So now, a couple weeks after our original comment about Ted's recommendation to Obama, when Hillary Clinton is asked why she is not conceding the nomination to Obama despite being hopelessly behind in the delegate count, she reminds the reporter about the Robert Kennedy assassination in June of 1968.  Nice little "Freudian slip" there, eh!  You mean when the frontrunner was assassinated?  Her statement seems more like a thinly veiled threat to us.  Later we are told that she was simply referring to the fact that the nomination was still being contended in June of that election year, but come on, what does that have to do with the facts and circumstances of this election and whether she should concede or not.  If Obama takes the Democratic nomination and then makes the mistake of selecting the Queen B as his running mate, he is inviting an assassination attempt, ala Gerald Ford and Rockefeller's attempt to take him out, twice, or he will be compromised and disgraced like Richard Nixon, ala Rockefeller's revenge on Nixon for naming Ford as his Vice President over Rockefeller to avoid the inevitable assassin's bullet (Nixon was indeed a reprobate, but a smart one).

Did you really think that Watergate was about Nixon getting caught in the cover-up and about seeking truth, justice and the American way?  Please, spare us. No one gets caught, unless the elitists want them to be caught.  Ask Elliot Spitzer.

 Watergate was all about taking Nixon out to make way for elitist Rockefeller to become President.  The arrangement to propel S&M Master, Nelson Rockefeller, into the Presidency, came complete with a full pardon for Nixon in exchange for dupe Gerald Ford's ascendency to the Presidency, to be followed by Rockefeller's subsequent appointment as Vice President (which required a Constitutional amendment that Rockefeller had made mighty efforts to pass beforehand so he could step into the Vice Presidency without being voted in by the US public who hated his perverted guts), and then Gerald Ford's assassination to put the King of Perverts (Rocky) in the White House.  This all followed Vice President Agnew's elitist-arranged removal through exposure of certain of his income tax "problems" so Nixon could appoint Rocky as his Vice President.  As we said, Nixon appointed Ford instead to avoid assassination at the hands of the Prince of Darkness (Rocky).

Incidentally, Ford was in on the Warren Commission's cover-up of JFK, Sr.'s treasonous assassination, and was a dupe for the elitists from the beginning.  For his services to the Illuminati, Gerald Ford received the Presidency for what, apparently unbeknownst to him, was supposed to be a very short period of time that was supposed to end with each of the two assassination attempts.  Had he been assassinated, considering his actions while on the Warren Commission, it would have been a nice piece of poetic justice.  But that would mean that elitist scumbag, Nelson Rockefeller, would have become President and taken us into World War III, so we're glad that Ford survived.

We are called the greatest nation on earth, yet this is how our politics are conducted.  What a sham.  What a disgrace.  We predict that if Obama makes Clinton his running mate, and then beats McCain, he will not make it through his first term in office.  He will be either assassinated or disgraced out of office so the evil Marxist Womanoid can become President.  Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.

Of course, this all assumes we have an election in November, which is in substantial doubt.  Because of the treasonous actions and mass murder of 911, the neocons must stay in power to continue the cover-up of their actions.  This is why we had voter fraud during the 2004 election, this time in Ohio instead of Florida, to ensure a Bush victory.  A loss would mean the loss of control over the CIA and the military and the potential for a real investigation into 911, into the phony "War on Terror", into the lies about Saddam Hussein and Iraqi WMD's to justify our entry into Iraq, into torture and other war crimes and into the mountain of corruption in connection with military and civilian no-bid contracts, payments for non-performance and missing cash and weapons, to name but a few.

The neocons are quaking in terror at the prospect of leaving their seats of power and at the potential for being exposed to endless inquiries and recriminations which might lead them to the gallows, which is where they all belong.  So all this adds up to the potential for another 911-type false-flag attack, this time to keep the neocons in power so they can continue the cover-up of their misdeeds during a period of martial law to be declared under the auspices of the Patriot Acts and the Military Commissions Act.  As a bonus, this type of situation would be intended to draw our attention away from the intentional and malevolent destruction of our economy, which was enabled by the Illuminist, privately-owned Fed and which occurred primarily during the era of unparalleled debauchery which we refer to as the Bush-Clinton-Bush triple whammy.   The non-stop rise of oil prices may be reflecting some insider knowledge about such a false-flag attack or about the creation of a new theater of war in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Kosovo and/or Georgia to distract attention away from the failings of our incumbent miscreants with respect to the handling of our economy (not included among the miscreant incumbents is of course, Ron Paul, one of the few remaining true patriots left in our corrupt government).  Bush, Sr. has picked up some remote land in Paraguay as a new potential criminal family compound in order to hedge his bets.

The ongoing destruction of our economy and the free trade agenda were energized during the period of the Bush-Clinton-Bush triple whammy of Presidential Administrations, and all of their nefarious dealings were assisted by Reagan's Executive Order creating the President's Working Group on Financial Markets, also known as the PPT.  The PPT has been used to manipulate markets to assure insider-trading profits for elitists on Wall Street, in corporate America and in our government, and also to hide the destruction of our economy by preventing our markets from reflecting the truth about underlying fundamentals.  Our markets are not free, and many decisions are made based on economic statistics that are more related to opium and mushroom induced pipe-dreams of the fiction writers at the Bureau of Lying Statistics than they are to any financial realities.  This is why our markets have become counterintuitive.  And if you try to trade based on truth instead of on elitist lies about the economy, you are destroyed by nonsensical, schizophrenic market action brought about by the PPT to cover up the nefarious dealings of the Illuminati.  Charts, graphs and software programs are useless under these circumstances and cartel knowledge of what these methods predict is actually used against those who cling to them for a crutch.

Our entire society, from its citizens, to its corporations, to its government, is one big monumental cluster-you-know-what, and will only be changed when the people of our nation are made to feel the full impact of the destructive forces unleashed by the Illuminati and which the people of our nation, by their sluggish, doltish and oafish inaction, have allowed to happen.  Yes indeed, you get the kind of government you deserve, and our disgusting and revolting government, which has now succeeded in utterly destroying the US economy, could not be more richly deserved by our ignorant, complacent, narcissistic and hedonistic citizens.  The Fall of Rome will no longer be discussed.  The Fall of the United States of America will take its place.

If we get a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton quadruple whammy, it's all over but the crying.  If this monumentally disastrous event occurs, you should immediately remove yourself and as many of your family members as possible from the US.  If you can't leave, be sure to accumulate weapons, ammunition and freeze-dried food by the truckload and get ready to rumble.  A new Clinton Administration means that the epic battle of Armageddon approaches.  Anything she does will increase the destructive power of our current debacle by an order of magnitude.  The fact that so many of our citizens are head-over-heels about the Womanoid's candidacy tells you all you need to know about the intellect of average American citizens, who now appear to have I.Q.'s that can be counted on the fingers of one hand.  The public's current disinterest in gold and silver is an equally good indicator of America's cretinism.  The stupidity of our citizens is probably the scariest thought of all.  How do you work your way out of a crisis when everyone around you is an idiot?