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Toxic Waste Buyout to Fuel Hyperinflation

expect another round of losses after this round wears off, Taxpayers to get a good fleecing, Paulson was lying all along about economy fundamentals, We are sliding towards a global economic depression, Paulson bialout plan was just a plundering and extortion of taxpayers to benefit bankster fraudsters.

Bob Chapman | October 18, 2008

Well, the Big Nine Banks came to Washington to be nationalized as Caligula's Administration of corporatist, fascist Bosch pigs forced them to issue preferred stock to the sheople taxpayers who have now became the proud owners of a portion of all the principal Illuminist bankster fraudsters, every one of them completely and totally insolvent, making each stock purchase a losing investment from the get-go.  What good is it, we ask, to own preferred stock, when the senior bondholders are on deck to get vaporized?  All these institutions had metaphorical guns to their heads as the Vizier of Wall Street, Prefect Hanky Panky Paulson, made offers to all of their CEO's that they could not refuse.

The CEO's of the Big Nine were seen wandering around the White House grounds like a pack of squirrels, stuffing nuts into their cheeks that were thrown to them by Congressional morons and caretaker Prefect Paulson as they prepared to survive a long, cold winter.  Don't they look cute with all those nuts stuffed in their baggy little cheeks?  These injections are nothing more than the installation of shock absorbers so that, when the next round of losses, write-downs, failures, foreclosures, derivative blow-ups and a myriad of other terrifying economic news reek their havoc on the financial markets, the fraudsters will be able to survive a few more rounds before they finally succumb and have their inevitable meeting with a bankruptcy trustee, or more likely, with their new and future sole owner, the US government, as we continue on with our Bataan Death March to corporatist fascism, an Orwellian police state and a one-world government.

Will any of these equity injections be used to grease the fractional reserve system to enable banks to make loans to the sheople taxpayers, as promised during the negotiations for the Paulson Ponzi Plunder Plan?  Of course not.  The FDIC is only going to guaranty interbank loans, so that the fraudsters will have a huge pile of taxpayer largesse to speculate with once again as they try to improve their balance sheets by passing money around to one another, while attempting to establish spreads that will take advantage of the new, and much lower, Fed funds rate of 1.5%, soon to be 0%, as we imitate the Japanese and their two-decade-long recession/depression.   All the sheople can expect to get is a good fleecing.  In any case, we ask, who in their right mind would continue to make consumer loans when the US and world economies are in a severe, collective, hyperinflationary recession that is headed for total collapse, deflation and the worst depression in all of world history?  Oh, sorry, we forgot.  We're not in a recession yet.  How silly of us, and how politically incorrect, to mention the "R" word, let alone the "D" word.  After all, wasn't it only several weeks ago that Caligula, Helicopter Ben and Vizier Hanky Panky were telling us that everything was hunky-dory, and that the economy was "strong" and "resilient?"  The three blind mice, who can't see a recession, now have zero credibility.  They should forget about giving press conferences, as these dog and pony shows only make matters worse, by revealing their proclivity toward pathological lying every time they open their mouths.  They have been lying for so long that perhaps they are starting to believe their own lies.

Incidentally, according to Dr. Doug Lonnstrom of the Siena Research Institute in New York, 77% of New Yorkers now say the country is in a recession, and 59% think that we're headed toward a global depression.  Sounds like New Yorkers should be giving lessons on macroeconomics to the economists in the District of Whores and on Fraud Street.  It also sounds like we are starting to make some headway in our attempt to educate US citizens about what they are in for as the Illuminati weave their webs of deceit.

So, if the sheople aren't going to get the loans they were promised, don't they at least get the benefit of the increase in FDIC coverage from $100,000 to $250,000.  Why yes, they have the unspeakable privilege of paying for all the losses that have been suffered by depositors of the fraudster banksters via hyperinflation and taxation.  What a boon to the sheople!  The truth is, this increase in the limit was an attempt to stop depositors from withdrawing money from weak banks like the fraudsters and putting them in sound regional banks in order to keep from going over the limits or to switch accounts altogether.  Also, our government was in-the-know about the coming guarantees of all domestic bank deposits that certain countries and central banks in Europe were about to announce, and that would have drained money out of the US banking system and into the European banking system.  Thus, the motivation had absolutely nothing to do with helping the sheople.  The entire Paulson Ponzi Plunder Plan was extorted from taxpayers for the sole purpose of benefiting the bankster fraudsters.  Period.  As a bonus, you also get to pay for all those FDIC insured interbank loans that the fraudsters will use to speculate with until they all go belly up.

Note how the legislation was drafted in very general, very expansive terms, and how we suddenly morphed from purchases of toxic waste to preferred equity shares as Hanky Panky supposedly showed what a fast learner he was, and how flexible he was, by doing an about face after the bastion of financial acumen, the BOE, suggested this socialist proposal which they themselves were in the process of implementing on a much grander scale.  They don't mince around with their fascist takeovers in Jolly Old England.  They really go for the gusto in the UK!  The US Illuminists of course had nationalization by stock ownership on their agenda all along, but they did not want you to know that because that sounds like fascism/Marxism, like a Russian or Chinese command economy.  Welcome to the United Soviet Socialist States of America, or if you prefer, the People's Republic of America.  Either way, we are about to become a Banana Republic.

Note how the EU Illuminists are using currency swaps with the Fed to fund a large portion of their bailouts.  They are swapping euros for dollars, and then pumping the dollars into their system to keep it afloat.  They can do this because the dollar is still the de facto world reserve currency.  By doing this, the EU elitists are parking their currency at the Fed so that they do not add these euros to their money supply, thereby aggravating already serious problems with inflation.  They are probably saying:  You caused this mess, so you can pump some of your currency in and share in the inflationary forces that will result.  Note also how the US Illuminists made sure they dumped their toxic waste on everyone else, some 75% of it.  This means that everyone has to bail out their financial institutions, and this ensures the destruction of all fiat currencies through hyperinflation, to pave the way for a new world currency which is already being discussed by the Illuminists as we write this article.  They made sure that no other currency besides the dollar could become dominant in the ensuing carnage.
  Since we're in Chavez takeover mode right now, while we're at it, let's nationalize the Fed, the oil industry and the auto industry while we inventory our gold holdings to see if anything is left.  Let all the fraudsters fail, and purge the system of its excesses.  Let the free markets do their work, and outlaw the PPT and anything like it.   After thorough investigations, trials and recriminations, send all the major perpetrator's of fraud who have caused our current woes to jail.  Hang all traitors who have attempted to subvert our republic into a fascist dictatorship, who have tried to subvert or nullify our Constitution and destroy our sovereignty or who were master planners of 911 and/or any other false-flag attacks.  Let's immediately build some national oil refineries and end the 30-year draught in that category.  That way, we can put together a hybrid of what Nixon and Kissinger did when they took us completely off the gold standard in 1971, but instead of using foreign oil to back the dollar, we can use domestic oil instead, along with domestic gasoline, natural gas, cars, gold and silver.  We backstop oil at 50 bucks a barrel to protect wildcatters, who we invite to start drilling on all the land containing trillions upon trillions of barrels of oil that we have right here in our own country.  We'll start with Gull Island in Alaska, the Baaken fields in Montana and North Dakota, and also the oil sands and oil shale in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho, and then move on to the Alaskan Wildlife Preserves and off-shore sites in the Gulf of Mexico later.  We establish an even bigger strategic oil reserve with our new big oil companies who now work only for us, and wildcatters must sell a percentage of all the oil they extract, with profits from oil sold to government being tax free.  

Everything is done in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible.  When treasury bonds come up for renewal, we pay them off by sending tankers full of oil, natural gas and gasoline, and ships full of cars in payment, in such a proportion as is requested by the owner of the treasuries to be retired, and the debt is canceled inflation free because the assets used to make payment are owned by our government.  No new treasuries are created, interest payments diminish as treasuries are retired, and every dollar is backed by tangible assets with intrinsic value.  We become a net exporter again, and have trade surpluses again.  All our debts are paid, and we have enough money to even take care of all our past promises, which now total 100 trillion dollars.  Talk about kick-starting our economy and saving the reserve status of the dollar!  

We take all patents by eminent domain that have not been put to use for a decade or more because the elitists have hidden them from our view to enslave us to their monopolies, and create cars that get 200 miles per gallon and tap our electricity and power from "the void" like Tesla did, while using our oil proceeds to develop other green forms of energy so we can eventually retire our oil concerns, or return them back to private ownership.  We then dismantle most of our foreign empire, because we have become self-sufficient, thereby saving even more money, and our children don't get slaughtered in perpetual wars for profit.  OPEC is history, and everyone loves America again as we light the way to liberty, financial freedom and energy independence while assisting our neighbors whenever they are in need because we have the wealth to do so.  We control our own money, and every business we have taken over gets privatized when it no longer serves our purpose to keep it.  Everyone has a big fat pension, which they have worked for and rightfully deserve, and which is not stolen from them through inflation or insider trading because all those reprobates are in jail, or worse.  Our financial industry is regulated sensibly.  Everyone is prosperous, and no one goes hungry or has to live under a bridge.  Everyone pulls their own weight, but those who are truly in need get all the help they need because we have the money to help those who deserve it.

That is the economic side.  Then on the religious, social and military side, as a first priority, we put God back at the center of our culture where He belongs and pass laws that honor Him.  We re-acknowledge our Christian heritage, teach our children the difference between right and wrong and let our parents be parents again.  Let's bring the majority of our military back home where we need them to protect us, and then make sure they have the best of everything, which we can do, because we are flush with cash.  We establish term limits, place limits on campaign contributions and put an end to all lobbying at all levels of government so as to ensure that our regulators and our other government officials are there to serve the people instead of lining their own pockets or those of their Illuminist masters.  The media cartels are broken by honest regulators, who restore our free press.  We finally get the truth for a change (wouldn't that be refreshing!).  We no longer need the income tax because of our vast wealth, and needless to say, we close up our borders, kick out the illegals, and establish trade tariffs to insure our standard of living.  Then we invite all qualified foreigners to become citizens, and we get them all in quickly and efficiently because we have enough money to pay for all the immigration staff to process their applications.  Only those who want to become dedicated US citizens and who learn to speak English are allowed in, and skilled labor and asylum are given priority in the granting of visas and applications for citizenship.  Needless to say, we have the best education system in the world because we have the money to make it work.  
You see how easy it is to work our way out of the current problem when our objective is to help the sheople instead of enslaving them to form one of many corporatist, fascist police states under the umbrella of a one-world government with a one-world currency, economy, religion and social order?!!!  Stop letting these scum-bags railroad you America!!!  Our leaders are all reprobates and sociopaths, save Ron Paul and a handful of others.  It's time to boot all the vermin out.  This November is your chance to send them a clear and firm message:  You and your traitorous plans are not welcome here anymore!  The Constitution reads "We the people," not "We the elitists!"  These changes will not come without great pain due to what these cretins have done to us, but as the saying goes:  No pain, no gain!!!

Look at the alternatives.  We have a Marxist communist with ties to terrorist and militant groups through association who is probably not even a citizen, having been born in Kenya, promising to cut taxes when the government is bankrupt.  He wants to spread your wealth around like a good socialist, and continue to give mortgages to people who are not qualified, while he lies about his background.  He gets all his advice and support from the upper tiers of the Illuminati, like Buffet and Brzeszinski.  The Caligula Clone is no better.  They both want to Weimarize you, and will act like puppets and lapdogs for their elitist handlers.  They both not only voted for the bailout, they promoted it!  We have rumors about another false-flag attack to establish martial law (we're not sure who the dictator will be, whether Caligula, McCain, Obama or Biden) with all the legislation in place (the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Act, etc.), while the Group of Eight discusses the need for a new world financial system along with a new system of currencies.  The stock markets are gyrating like Elvis the Pelvis, bailouts and nationalizations are rampant throughout the world as is inflation.  Bond markets are about to nose-dive while derivative chain reactions are igniting everywhere, and all the liquidity, credit and bailout plans have been totally ineffective as confidence and trust has been vaporized and the credit markets remain frozen.  Pensions and savings plans are being vaporized while insider trading and manipulation spiral out of control.  Financial power is being consolidated in fewer and fewer institutions, which are now being conjoined with big government.

The essence of a fiat currency system is deficit spending.  The ability of government to spend more money without directly raising taxes by creating money out of thin air backed by nothing, which has intrinsic value is the driving force behind it.   The populace still gets taxed, through inflation, which is caused by the increase in the money supply each time more money is pumped into the system, but few understand this principal.  Bankers add their own twist by charging interest on the money, which they create out of thin air to fund government spending by providing a medium of exchange, which is worthless except for the value which the populace decides to place on it.  This is how bankers control governments.  Governments often allow this instead of issuing their own money because they do not understand how money works and figure it is best to leave it to the professionals - big mistake!  Most people do not understand these monetary systems.  Suffice it to say that hyperinflation is on its way because deficit spending is all the government knows how to do.  No one wants to accept responsibility, so they keep putting it off for their future counterparts. They simply have no alternatives left, other than purging the system.  It is purge, or print.  Deflate, or inflate.  This print your way out of trouble attitude will only exacerbate what is already a certifiable disaster, and insures the eventual destruction of the system, and the detonation of the quadrillion-dollar Derivative Death-Star.  

The Jackasses have picked the two most liberal Senators in Congress, who right now are favored to win the elections in November, especially based on the economy, which is hurting the Caligula Clone. Even if they end the war in Iraq and divvy it up with big oil while retaining a mercenary force, they may just simply move on to the next war or escalation in Afghanistan, or in the Balkans, or on the Russian border.  Who knows with these maniacs?  This is the end of our society as we know it.  This is the Fall of the Roman Empire, American-style.

The confluence of all these problems is the perfect formula for social unrest and revolution.  Get ready, because it's coming, and coming very soon.  Obama wasn't kidding when he told you he was promising change!