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Tinkering With Social Security

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Bob Chapman | September 21, 2004

If government tinkers with or alters Social Security after almost 70 years, it will be entering the emotional terrain between fear and destitution in old age and the desire for security and comfort. It was the desire of the designers that Social Security be an individual retirement plan and because of the way the legislation was written, politicians have looted the program all these years unconscionably leaving worthless paper in its place. Social Security was also envisioned as a disaster relief program whose goal was protecting Americans from the hazards and vicissitudes of old age. As you readers know, there is nothing more foreseeable than growing old, but growing old penniless without support is the most tragic of all hazards. The planners knew, being deeply enmeshed in a depression in 1934 that without warning there were events that could wipe out savings and leave the elderly unable to fend for themselves. During difficult times the children of retirees are less able to help their parents as they lose their jobs and struggle to keep their own families afloat. So it was that government believed it had an obligation, under these circumstances, to aid those overtaken by disaster when there was no one else able to help. A depression or very difficult economic times are no different from wars, famines, floods and droughts. Thus, Social Security was born with financial participation from government, employers and individuals.

The forced transition today by transnational elitist conglomerates from a manufacturing to a service