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The Race To Financial Safety Is Now On

interesting people are gold bugs, and even more interesting people hoard it, central banks more dangerous than standing armies, paper gold a trap, more smoke and mirrors economics, Fed the new toxic waste dump, what is paper worth anymore,

Bob Chapman | March 28, 2009

The big secret that the Illuminati don't want you to know about is that they are gold-bugs themselves, and are even more fervent about precious metals than you are.   They are, of course, closet gold-bugs, hiding their wanton desire for the "barbaric relic" to make it look like it is a cumbersome thing of the past, an ancient curiosity from a bygone era that no longer serves a valid or useful purpose.  They hide their lustful desire for precious metals from the public so that the public remains moribund about owning the King and Crown Prince of currencies, gold and silver.  They don't want any monkey-see, monkey-do, from their pool of future indentured servants.  Their worst nightmare is that the serf proletariat would come to own thousands of tons of gold and silver bullion like they do.  All their institutions and front companies, like central banks, bullion banks, investment banks and brokerage houses, all de-emphasize investment in precious metals for one reason, to keep it out of the hands of the public.

            In the meanwhile, the Illuminati are pilfering gold from their own financial institutions at fire-sale prices like the sales conducted by Gordon Brown, the King of Fire-Sale Gold, when he sold the UK's national gold at the bottom of the gold market, or by outright pilfering as was done with the gold held in Fort Knox, allegedly by the Rockefellers.              American Illuminists have been collecting their gold and silver hoards for over a century, while European Illuminists have been collecting their hoards for many centuries.  All their gold and silver lies in Swiss vaults, or in secret offshore locations.  These hoards serve as their insurance policy if their plans to become masters of the universe should go astray.  In addition, their mounds of gold and silver might be offered as reserves for a new world currency in order to sell that concept to the public, thereby giving control of the world currency to private bankers who would operate outside of government control.  Or there might still be government control, as long as they, the Illuminati, control the world government, of course.

            In summary, the Illuminist gold cartel is a conspiracy of outward suppression of precious metals, while inwardly it is one of aggressive acquisition of both gold and silver.  They acquired control over national holdings of gold and silver via the system of central banks around the world, and they have systematically looted their own financial institutions and gold reserves to gain control over what they know is the only real currency recognized as such around the world.

            Always remember, if you lose control over your nation's currency, you lose your sovereignty and become a bondservant to the Illuminati.  As Thomas Jefferson said, central banks are more dangerous than standing armies.  By extrapolation, a single world bank would be dangerous beyond your wildest imagination.

            As long as the Indian public are the only commoners with gold holdings, which rival their own, the Illuminati are quite content.  This is why mints around the world have curtailed the amount of gold and silver bullion that is made available to the public.  This also explains why gold and silver, in what can now be termed the "physical black market," are trading at such hefty premiums to the prices cited in the futures markets.              You are being starved of precious metals intentionally and malevolently to hinder you from doing the only thing that will prevent these miscreants from bringing you to your knees financially so they can shove their one-world government down your throat.

            They will grudgingly allow you to own paper gold and silver.  The futures markets in precious metals, along with the mints and the new ETF's, were set up specifically for that purpose.  They knew that the demand for precious metals would grow as they intentionally sabotaged fiat currencies and economies around the world to pave the way for world government.  So they set up all these paper markets as a trap for lazy investors to acquire an interest in precious metals without taking physical possession so that they could retain control of the physical inventories and therefore the price for same.  In fact, all futures markets were set up so that the Illuminist interests could control prices on all commodities whether or not they physically owned or produced them.  That is the real reason why futures markets were created, and not for the usual bogus reasons given, such as securing prices on commodities for future deliveries.  Look at what happened to the uranium market as soon as it traded on the futures exchange.  Then consider the cartel's decades long suppression of precious metals via futures contracts, and also the recent games played with prices for oil and food futures.  We rest our case.

            As long as you do not take physical delivery, they will continue to control the physical supplies of gold and silver via leasing and lying, using "smoke and mirrors" and "creative accounting methods" to hide their nefarious dealings, such as those conducted through the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the London Gold Pool, the naked-shorting of shares in the silver ETF and the leasing of ETF gold and silver to cover short positions of the Illuminist commercials in the paper markets such as CRIMEX futures contracts and OTC derivatives contracts.  The Illuminist financial institutions are down to the dregs as far as their physical institutional holdings are concerned, but their shortage is not being sufficiently challenged and exposed quickly enough because physical delivery is not being utilized as extensively as it should be, which allows them to lie about their bullion inventories.  They will not be able to lie anymore when demand outstrips supply and they run out of precious metals in deliverable form to satisfy demands for physical delivery, which is why you should be demanding physical delivery of both gold and silver by the truckload.

            Incidentally, the one-month gold lease rates are now negative again, meaning they will pay you to lease their gold.  And guess who's doing the leasing.  The gold ETF's Illuminist bank sponsors of course, at near zero or even negative profit to boot.  Looks like the criminal sponsors are taking good care of their lucky investors.  Yeah, they are taking care of them alright!  Every time these ETF's purchase gold or silver, the cartel's supply of gold and silver available for suppression grows accordingly and it is immediately leased back to the bullion banks for suppressive purposes.  The whole ETF debacle can be likened to a situation where you are in a shootout with your mortal enemy.  He has run out of ammunition and you have him dead to rights.  You then hand him your loaded weapon and tell him to shoot you!  Why the hard money community just doesn't get it both stuns and amazes us.

            The miscreants who run the gold cartel use their control over paper markets, which is enabled by insufficient physical off-take caused by the diversion of hard money capital into paper gold and silver assets (other than resource stocks), to suppress precious metals prices.  This allows the Illuminist Puppet Masters and their henchmen to clean up in the paper markets with all their short positions, which are mostly naked.  These short positions are monopolistic, manipulative and illegal, but regulators like the SEC and CFTC do nothing about them because our regulators are also criminals and are part of the cover up.

            The Illuminati also want to control the availability of food, water, weapons and ammunition to the public for exactly the same reason as they control the availability of, and public desire for, gold and silver.  You must take steps immediately to own all of these items, which they are suppressing or are attempting to gain absolute control over.  Otherwise, we suggest that you acquire a large, thick, comfortable pad on which you can drop to your knees to do obeisance to the Illuminati.

            Buck-Busting Ben and the Fed have made gold suppression JOB ONE.  This is obvious by his support of the Treasury market, which is gold's only serious competition for safe-haven money.  He wants to buy another $300 billion of treasuries to drive their prices up and rates down.  Presumably this is being done to assist the continually imploding real estate market by reducing mortgage rates which is the bogus excuse they give, when what they are really trying to do is help the treasury bonds compete with gold and silver for the capital of terrified investors.  This new acquisition of treasuries is in addition to the illegal purchases of unauthorized treasuries that have been made by the Fed through off-shore entities already.  You will never hear about such illegal purchases from the Fed or the fane-stream media, but you will hear about it in the IF.

            The purchase of toxic GSE waste from Fannie and Freddie, some $750 billion worth, is more smoke and mirrors economics.  What the Fed is doing is freeing up capital tied up in GSE bonds so it can be used to purchase treasury bonds, thereby supporting treasuries and suppressing gold and silver.  That is the unwritten, unspoken agreement between the Illuminists and the creditor nations that hold GSE bonds.  If an inordinate amount of the GSE sales proceeds finds its way into gold and silver, the purchase of GSE bonds will suddenly stop, which the GSE sellers have of course been told up front.  The Fed is thereby acting as a toxic waste dump, taking all the GSE bonds, subprime derivatives and other garbage onto its balance sheet so it can go under and then demand a taxpayer bailout, or be discarded in favor of the super-entity that Dim Tim Geithner-the-Whitener (or should we say White-Washer) has suggested.              This new super-entity will be used to grant favor to Illuminist institutions while crushing their competition and perfecting the US financial system into the epitome of fascism.  This is all as we predicted many months ago in previous issues of the IF.  So you can listen to the inane babble and preposterous poppycock from the fane-stream media and the Illuminist pundits, economists and newsletter writers, or you can sign up for the IF, and get the real goods.

We ask how is it that banks across the country hold $41 billion in loans to insiders, top executives and directors and the public hasn’t been told about it? This kind of lending falls into the category of sweetheart deals, that clouds the judgment of people charged with protecting shareholders and overseeing bank management.

Such loans at Bank of America doubled last year to $624 million. The lion’s share went to three directors at the very time credit markets froze. These bailout type loans were made as government prepared to infuse banks with billions of tax dollars, obviously in part to accommodate these insiders.

Yet, BofA was only fourth on the list of the biggest insider lenders. The pack was led by JP Morgan Chase, which held $1.48 billion in special loans, mostly to directors. Wells Fargo – Wachovia had $747 million and third was M&I Marshall and Ilsley of Milwaukee with $644.4 million, and then Chicago‘s Northern Trust with $524.5 million. These loans were used for personal mortgages, lines of credit and credit for major companies. All this is legal, but the public is never told about it. The largest insider borrowers are completely shielded. This, of course, is insider favoritism and is against the law, but it is never pursued. Directors must approve insider loans greater than $500,000, so they sometimes vote on loans for each or the executives they oversee. These loans for the most part are a conflict of interest.

In the 8000 banks nationwide insider loans are usually small and infrequent. There were $41 billion in insider loans last year, up almost 6% yoy, accounting for less than 2% of banks’ assets.

The race to safety is on and the two frontrunners are US Treasuries and gold. The elitists both inside and out of government continually are selling the dollar and Treasury bonds, notes and bills as the safe haven for funds. There is no shortage of government paper, but physical gold and silver have become much harder to buy. We ask, how can US Treasuries represent safety when this insane government encouraged and planned for the sale of more than $1 trillion in bogus assets to our foreign allies? With that kind of a financial reputation why would anyone see safety in US Treasuries? Why would any foreigner be so stupid as to buy them? Of the $300 billion the Fed is to spend buying Treasuries over 3 months $162 billion has already been spent. Perhaps the remainder will be spent next week, the second week in action. Then what, another $300 billion in monetization? It will take $3 to $5 trillion of monetization to relieve foreigners and others of what is now wallpaper. We are facing hyperinflation as a result to go along with the 10% we already have.

As a result of the Fed’s previous and current activity they have made it very difficult and more expensive for even the very best, most solvent corporations to raise money and in the process corporate bonds have fallen. The Fed has not only been very active in the US Treasury market, but via Caribbean banks, in secret accounts, they have purchased about $100 billion in Treasuries over the last 1-1/2years. Needless to say, this goes unreported by the mainline financial media. Thus there has been monetization for at least that long and who knows what else they’ve done. Remember, you have no need to know. It is a state secret.

The government took over insolvent Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a year ago and volume from foreigners is off $100 billion, which tells you what they think of government guarantees. Wall Street has had to buy the bonds, because foreigners refuse to. The foreign sell off has been slow and grinding.

It should be noted that the Chinese have been using US Treasuries in deals with other nations in different projects. We expect eventually they’ll want to trade Treasuries for land, buildings and businesses.

As we mentioned previously China has been a seller of GSE’s and a buyer of short-term Treasury bills. That is a major shift and shows that China is unconvinced of any guarantee the US has to offer. How can they be optimistic when default insurance eats up half the yield and then there is inflation to contend with? That brings us full circle, which would you like to own? Paper of a government that lies about everything and is bankrupt or gold who owes no one anything and is an age old repository of wealth?

What is amazing about this saga is that no one blames the Fed. The Fed is responsible for the entire fiasco. The Fed accepts no blame and continues to act irresponsibly. They have no intention of changing their ways as well aggressively trying to take on more power. They get away with this because they are protected by the financial elite, who in the final analysis want world government.

Little Timmy Geithner as he is known among his friends, told the Council on Foreign Relations he would present his proposed legislation to give powers to the Treasury and the FDIC to take over failing financial institutions and turn Treasury into a financial dictator.