International Forecaster Weekly

The Forces of Order Just Create More Chaos

a review of strategies, issues with the gold standard, the importance of cheap credit to game the world economic system, oil lubricates world economic system, and the overall impact on the rest of us

Bob Chapman | April 30, 2008

For the benefit of our subscribers, we thought at this juncture that it would be a good idea to review some long-term elitist strategies that have been implemented by the Illuminati as part of their evil plan to destroy our economy and our sovereignty for purposes of moving us toward globalism, free trade and a one-world government.      Many things are starting to come together as we review what has occurred since Nixon took us totally off the gold standard in 1971.  This was the end of our golden era of growth that started shortly after WWII and ended that dreadful day in 1971 when we were sold down the river by the same man who soiled our reputation worldwide with the Watergate scandal.  During this golden era, everyone was prospering and making good money, including our vastly growing middle class, but the transnational corporations of the military-industrial complex were especially prosperous.  The owners of these huge corporations used their gargantuan profits to power their plans for world government by setting up subversive trusts and foundations, by donating to major universities to gain influence over our youth, by funding their pet projects at these universities to control the path of technology and innovation and most notoriously by purchasing and funding the best politicians and the best enemies that money could buy.  This enabled these arrogant sociopaths to run our country from the shadows while our Illuminist-created enemies made their benefactors rich by waging cold wars and hot wars alike to put us in a perpetual struggle for perpetual peace and democracy so that these evil elitists could make perpetual and rapacious profits.

    Also during this era of growth and prosperity, inflation was kept very mild, in the 2% to 3% range, in order to support our growth (and yes, those were both official and actual inflation figures from the good old days when we at least got some truth out of our government instead of the non-stop, pathological lying we have been forced to suffer from our reprobate government officials for the past three decades).  This mild inflation was the result of our adherence to a watered down version of our original gold standard that kept our money supply in check until Nixon nixed the redemption of dollars held by foreign nations in exchange for our gold, thus completely removing us from the gold standard.

    But if you want to create a world economy to pave the way for world government, you need lots and lots of money and credit, and the partial gold standard was making it impossible to sufficiently increase the money supply for this purpose. That is because a lot of those new dollars would have made their way into the dollar Forex reserves of foreigners who, for various reasons such as hedging against the inflation resulting from the increased supply of money, would have attempted to redeem a goodly portion thereof for the only real money, gold, and that would have quickly drained us of our gold reserves over a very short period of time as the elitists discovered from their London Gold Poole debacle in the late 1960's.  Their attempt by use of this London Gold Poole to suppress the price of gold to cover up their mishandling of the US and UK economies by flooding the market with bullion (some of which may have come from Fort Knox) resulted in a bank holiday for London banks that had been drained of their gold by voracious demand, thus creating the real potential for a run on the banks.

    Based on the foregoing, the elitists reasoned correctly that the removal of the remnants of our gold standard had the potential to create a shortage of gold and the price of gold would then have quickly risen in value as a result, which in turn would have set the inflationary alarm bells off, thus warning of the coming devaluation of the dollar and its potential fall from reserve status.  In this manner, without gold backing it, the dollar might have collapsed under the weight of its vast increase in supply to power a world economy, so the elitists had to come up with a reason, other than gold-backing, for people around the world both to want, and to keep up a high demand for, the dollar.   


 The Illuminati had to make sure that the dollar remained the reserve currency of the world, thus preserving their power, wealth and influence until they were ready to make their big moves toward world government.  So, under orders from their Illuminist masters, Kissinger and Nixon took us totally off the gold standard, and instead backed the dollar with oil, which was much more plentiful and which had a far greater overall pool of value that could not be exhausted as quickly as might have occurred with the comparatively tiny gold market.  This was done by getting Saudi Arabia to agree to accept only dollars in exchange for their oil.  In return, the US agreed to back and provide security for the unpopular and autocratic regimes of the Saudis, and this oil-for-dollars regimen was later adopted by OPEC nations as well, many of whom have pegged their currencies to the dollar.

    Immediately after we made this stupid move from gold-backing to oil-backing, the money supply via the Fed and the Treasury exploded in the early 1970's to the very levels of insanity that we are experiencing today, remaining between 8% and 16% until 1985 before being tapered off to zero growth around 1993 after which the money supply exploded again to cover over the real estate debacle and recession of that time and to fund new initiatives for globalization and free trade, such as the WTO, NAFTA and CAFTA.  Despite the size of the oil market, the new explosion of dollars being pumped out prodigiously by the Fed to fund the kickoff of free trade, globalization, off-shoring and outsourcing in earnest in the 1970's led to rampant inflation that peaked out around 14% in 1980-1981 (note that we are currently over 12% by 1980 inflation standards and rising) until Paul Volcker put an end to it with double digit interest rates that sent us reeling into an ensuing recession.  This rampant increase in money supply meant a devaluation of the dollar and the cheap oil was being paid for with ever-more-debauched dollars.  So in 1973, OPEC started an embargo, using the support of western powers for Israel during the Yom Kippur War as an excuse or justification to force prices up, as much to make up for the loss in value of the dollar as for revenge, just as they are doing today, but with a little more diplomacy in lieu of an outright embargo.  The whole reason for the Yom Kippur War may have had as much to do with low oil prices as it did with revenge for the 1967 Six Day War.  This increase in oil prices actually backfired and was very problematic for OPEC and the elitists because the higher oil prices attracted local oil producers, often referred to as wildcatters, due to the fact that the price of oil had risen above the cost of production for companies working on a smaller scale.  These smaller companies could now profitably compete with the foreign oil, and they went after our extraordinarily abundant domestic oil reserves to supply the markets.  We have enough oil in Alaska, North Dakota, Montana, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and the Gulf of Mexico to keep our country flush with oil for many decades without importing a single drop of foreign oil, much of it recoverable for only $16 per barrel.

    The reason these local producers were problematic to the elitists was because prior to this development, the Illuminati were able to keep inflation under wraps at home by exporting much of the rampaging supply of debauched dollars overseas in return for foreign oil, as well as for foreign exports of goods, most notably from Japan, which helped create the bubble that destroyed the Japanese economy almost two decades ago.  Thus, we quite literally were exporting our inflation to other countries by burgeoning their domestic supply of dollars, and we began doing this all over again since the start of the Clinton Administration via globalization, free trade, off-shoring, outsourcing, trade for foreign oil and illegal immigration.  Just ask China and Japan with roughly a trillion each of dollar forex, OPEC countries with hundreds of billions of dollar forex each, and Mexico whose residents receive many billions of dollars every year from illegal Mexican aliens working here in the US.  These local oil producers in the 1970's and 1980's were redirecting many of those oil dollars away from the OPEC countries and back into our domestic economy, thus powering inflation at home to rampant levels which also lead indirectly to the S&L crisis of the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's by destroying the value of mortgages held by banks as interest rates started to rise to combat the growing rate of inflation.

    So what did the Illuminati do to stop all this domestic oil production from powering inflation?  First, Volcker pushed interest rates up into double digits, increasing the cost of loans, which are so necessary in the oil business, thus increasing the cost of production to levels that ruined many smaller concerns.  After that, the elitists had their big oil companies and commodities traders drive the price of oil down to below the cost of local production for smaller operators, and even for some of the larger ones for that matter.  This ruined the smaller producers who lacked the staying power of the big oil companies.  To this day, these smaller producers are afraid to tap our domestic reserves without some kind of guaranty from our government of a floor for oil prices to be set at about $25 per barrel.  After peaking at $37 per barrel in 1980, oil dropped to as low as $15 dollars per barrel in 1986 and 1988 and all the way down to $12 per barrel in 1998.  This is why, to this day, among various other reasons, much of our domestic oil remains untapped.  This is also why many of the drilling and extraction techniques that are finally giving domestic producers access to otherwise tough-to-get oil reserves in recent years were not researched and developed decades ago.

    So as you can see, the whole bio-fuel scheme is a total scam to enrich subsidized, elitist bio-fuel producers and to drive up food prices so that large elitist food-related corporations like Monsanto can make filthy rich profits on account of food shortages, subsidies and improper allocations of farmland and food crops while around the world people starve, have food riots and cry out in hunger.  Many in our Congress still will not acknowledge their error in approving bio-fuel legislation because they have big political and economic stakes in ethanol and other bio-fuels.  These miscreants are an absolute disgrace.  Bio-fuels are inefficient, are damaging to engines and are totally unnecessary.  Give the small guys a floor of $25 per barrel and we'll have all the oil we need for decades without importing a single drop of foreign oil.  The fact that this did not happen decades ago tells you all you need to know about where your current and past Congresses and Presidential Administrations stand or have stood.  They are traitors and cretins of the highest order with precious few exceptions. They are nothing but a pathetic bunch of conniving, elitist bootlickers.  The incumbents must all be voted out of office, except for Ron Paul, in order to put a stop to this madness. Otherwise, you will be forced, like our Founding Fathers, to do it the hard way.  Prices for food and fuel will not come down unless you, the US citizen, demand in no uncertain terms that your government make them come down.

    The elitists had yet another problem with their scheme to institute world government.  They had to cover up the extensive damage being done to our economy by globalization, free trade, off-shoring, outsourcing and illegal immigration, all of which they used to break the backs of the unions so they could lower their labor and production costs and increase their profits by moving offshore and utilizing slave labor.     They had to cover up our negative GDP which has been that way on average since 1990 despite what official statistics say, as well as problems with rampant inflation and unemployment, all direct outgrowths of their globalization and free trade efforts.     The solution was a many pronged approach and has backfired in their faces.
    First, they started making up outright lies about official economic statistics, which we refer to as "hedonics."  This system of outright lying, which has always been a problem to some extent, has accelerated since the end of the Reagan Administration.      As an example, official inflation is currently one third of actual inflation.  Not a single shred of truth escapes from Washington, D.C.  Next, using the 1987 Market Crash that they caused as their excuse, the Illuminati had President Reagan issue an Executive Order creating the President's Working Group on Financial Markets, the purpose for which is restore order to markets in times of emergency.  Instead, they use this cabal to rig markets around the world on a 24/7 basis, which is totally and completely illegal.  That is why Bernanke always claims that this group meets only informally on occasion for discussions or brain-storming on problems as they arise.  He knows darn well that their nefarious activities are totally illegal and criminal in nature.      But what does he care, as substantial evidence indicates that he may have conspired with JP Morgan, the SEC, the Treasury and other Federal Reserve officers to defraud Bear Stearns stockholders and employees as well as American taxpayers out of billions of dollars, not to mention profits made on insider trading on puts and shorts placed on Bear Stearns stock under circumstances that could not possibly have been more obvious.  The PWG, also referred to as the Plunge Protection Team, or PPT, covers up market damage, or causes market damage, as the case may be, to cover up the impact of Illuminist schemes on the overall economy and on financial markets.  Items go up that should be going down, and items go down that should be going up.  When you see that, and it is obvious for anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of markets, that is the PPT in action ripping off the public with insider trading and market manipulation to cover up the extensive damage done by the Illuminati to our economy and financial system as described above.

    Another cover-up method is the use of the money supply, controlled by the Fed, to create asset bubbles to make everyone feel wealthy when in fact they are being pauperized.  The scam of worthless stocks, the false, speculative real estate bubble powered by fraud and the subprime scam of worthless, falsely-rated derivatives are perfect examples.  So is hyperinflation from an out-of-control money supply as the middle class is bled dry by the elitists courtesy of the nongovernmental, privately owned Fed.  And to cover up the negative GDP, they repealed Glass-Steagall with the passage of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999 to power up the financial industry with a profligate money supply from the Fed so banks could screw dupe clients with incestuous financial subsidiary arrangements and make false profits in fees, commissions and spreads creating financial instruments such as toxic waste that is worthless because there are no markets for securitizations of fraud-laden assets and credit default swaps and interest rate swaps with hundreds of trillions in notional principal that are worthless because collateral to secure counterparty liability under these derivatives is almost nonexistent.  But boy, those fees and commissions sure drove the financial sector from 4% of GDP to 8% of GDP, thereby covering over the negative GDP with fees and commissions for producing worthless assets that now threaten the worldwide financial system and that have added nothing of any real or lasting value to our economy.  This is where they really blew it.  Most large banks are now insolvent as a direct result of these many fraudulent schemes that have bled all transparency, trust and confidence from the markets, resulting in a credit-crunch that will not go away but which worsens instead with each passing day.  And with the Fed now considering a pause, they are about to get even more insolvent as their spreads decrease and their bonds get creamed from the loss of anticipation of further rate cuts, not to mention accelerating loan defaults in all categories as interest rates work their way back up.

    The elitists are now faced with wars they are losing badly and that will bankrupt our country.  They are faced with food riots around the globe, which will not endear them to anyone.  They have created a ludicrous national debt via profligate government spending with an equally ludicrous trade deficit to match as our country has been transformed in a matter of a few decades from the world's greatest creditor nation to the world's greatest debtor nation.  They have created tens of trillions in entitlements that cannot possibly be paid without reducing benefits or raising taxes.  They have driven oil to levels that will decimate the entire world economy, including their own companies, despite abundant domestic reserves of oil.  They have caused bubble after bubble that have each popped and now they are out of assets to falsely inflate, so people are starting to realize that they have been had and want to do something about it, which may well lead to revolution.  They have created hundreds of trillions in derivatives that no one understands and that have virtually no collateralization, threatening the entire world financial system.  They have ruined all confidence and trust in the financial system with scheme after fraudulent scheme, to the point where banks no longer want to, or are able to, be banks, creating a credit-crunch that worsens and threatens to annihilate bank capital at an ever-increasing pace.  They have inflated the people of our country out of their wealth, and these hapless, beggared citizens have nothing left to spend to drive the US economy which is now doomed to a catastrophic failure that will lead to a hyperinflationary recession followed by a deflationary depression the likes of which has never been seen before in the annals of US history.  They have destroyed the real estate industry and have put millions of people, both US citizens and illegal aliens alike, out of work, further exacerbating the faltering economy.  They have plans to nationalize all the financial losses from the fraud and profligacy of Wall Street which will turn us into the next Weimar Republic.  After all that, they have the nerve, the unmitigated gall, to suggest putting the Fed in charge of the entire US financial system when the Fed is the root cause of virtually every problem we have with our financial system.  While all this transpires, the President and our Congress stand by picking their noses.  The older elitists got overly anxious and tried to do too much too fast because they wanted to see their plans succeed during their lifetimes.  Their own pride and impatience has been their downfall, and now they are about to see their plans ruined for decades instead by some of the most bumbling, clueless and arrogant henchmen we could imagine, if they are not sooner torn to shreds by the angry, fuming, broke, hungry masses.  We hope they enjoy the monstrosity they have created.  It will eat them alive. They wanted to create order out of chaos, but all they will get is the latter.