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The Fed Participates In The Destruction Of The Economy

Fed rewarded for destruction of the economy, token injections of cash into the system, liquidation racket is destruction, Cap and Trade another tax, devaluation will destroy the system.

Bob Chapman | July 21, 2010

The miscreants in Congress have just passed their version of so-called financial reform, which they euphemistically call financial regulation legislation, which when signed by our peerless leader, will set up the Federal Reserve as a totalitarian monstrosity with absolute control over our financial system as a reward for the Fed's intentional destruction of our economy.
Now mind you, the Federal Reserve, which Congress has now put in charge of our entire financial system, is the privately owned, and largely foreign owned, central bank of the US which has always operated, and which continues to operate, in total secrecy, and with zero accountability.  So, after the Fed destroyed our economy with malice aforethought, it certainly must have made perfect sense to the apparent morons and village idiots in Congress to put the Fed completely in charge.  That way, we won't have the slightest clue about what is being done to our financial system, which the Fed will regulate in total secrecy, with the usual zero accountability, and with input from the Fed's foreign owners who will have a say over our economy and our financial system from behind the scenes.  Who could possibly argue with such logic?  You just can't make this stuff up!  Obviously, our Congress are not idiots, as they know exactly what they are doing.  After all, what would you expect from a bunch of corrupt Illuminist marionettes who are either on the take, who are compromised by the skeletons in their closet, or both.

To summarize what has just happened in more colorful terms, our Congress Critters, in their utterly profound wisdom (corruption), under the guise of financial reform (the creation of a financial monopoly), have set the Fed up at the top of the financial food chain, like a great white shark looking over a large school of tasty fish (other banks, and also many other financial institutions like investment banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, pension funds, brokerage firms, commodity firms, etc., aka "non-bank financial companies," aka the competition).  The proposed Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), which is little more than a bunch of Illuminist marionettes like our Congress, will make all the new rules and regulations for the Fed to lord it over all the other financial institutions in our economy.  In reality, the Fed will write all the rules and hand them to the FSOC for rubber-stamping.

Then we have the proposed Office of Financial Research, which will be set up as the new financial Gestapo, gathering information about all the problems being experienced by banks and non-bank financial companies alike so that this information can be used against them in order to eliminate them from competition, to liquidate them among the larger institutions for pennies on the dollar, and to provide juicy tidbits of insider trading information for the fun and profitability of Fed cronies. Picture pieces of meat being fed to a school of hungry piranhas if you would like an appropriate metaphor.

Did you ever wonder why the Fed keeps doling out loans to their crony legacy banks that are parked at favorable rates of interest with the Fed instead of being loaned out into the general economy to help fuel the recovery, so-called.  Is it to shore up the financial reports of the zombie banks?  Nothing could shore up their financial reports except blatant lies about their assets by using mark-to-model fantasy values instead of mark-to-model reality values.  This is just the token excuse given for this free ride gift from the Fed to the Illuminist legacy banks.  The real reasons for this storehouse of sterilized money are quite different, and are multi-faceted.

First, this is one of the chief methods that the Illuminists are using to impoverish pensioners and savers while enriching the Illuminist banks at taxpayer expense by giving them a spread (return on the money they borrow from the Fed, at near zero interest, and then park with the Fed, at 3%, no-risk interest), thereby keeping their zero interest loan money out of the general economy, which they intend to destroy to pave the way for a one-world government, while simultaneously keeping inflation in check because the money is not circulating in the general economy via loans (the money is thereby said to be "sterilized").

Second, it will be used as a token injection of cash to keep our economy from sinking, thus stretching out the inevitable death of our economy to the farthest possible point.  Yes, that's right, to keep their salaries and bonuses going as long as possible, the Illuminist banks will throw us some bones once all the too-big-to-fail bailout money, stimulus packages and currency swaps are exhausted and can no longer be politically maintained.
  But the chief reason for this cash is to fund the feeding frenzy that will occur as most of the weaker financial institutions are gobbled up and liquidated pursuant to the provisions of the new financial regulation bill which will put the FDIC in charge of the liquidations.  The FDIC's liquidations will be funded in advance by the US Treasury, which means that the Fed will print or digitally credit the money to the US Treasury at interest out of thin air, (the verbiage in the proposed legislation removes all mention of the Fed's involvement through clever wording which mentions only the US Treasury, since they think that the Congress Critters and US citizens are too stupid to know that the US Treasury in turn cannot float any loans to the FDIC without the Fed's explicit involvement, but never mind that) based on the "fair value" of the various assets held by the institutions that are being liquidated by the FDIC.  The Fed will front the money to the FDIC via the US Treasury so the FDIC can pay the amounts demanded by the various claimants, with the assets to be sold later, ostensibly to avoid fire sales.  The loans from the US Treasury funded with the Fed's funny money (at interest no less) will be paid back out of the sales proceeds of the assets, which ostensibly could then be liquidated under more favorable terms.

So here we have this liquidation system based on "fair value," whatever that means, which will of course vary under different circumstances to enhance the interests and profits of Illuminist cronies.  When a bank or non-bank financial company under liquidation is under Illuminist control, or has Illuminist creditors/claimants, the fair value will be a mark-to-model fantasy value, so the Illuminist financial entity, or Illuminist creditors, as the case may be, will get maximum value, while the assets are later sold at substantially lower mark-to-market values, resulting in a loss to the US Treasury, and by extension, to US taxpayers.   When a non-Illuminist legacy bank or non-bank financial company has no substantial Illuminist owners or creditors, its assets will be given the much lower mark-to-market values, first to force them into liquidation, and then to assure that their assets are sold off at pennies on the dollar to Illuminist banks and financial institutions.  And where will the Illuminist banks and financial institutions get the money to buy these assets at pennies on the dollar?  Why from the money they have parked with the Fed at 3% interest of course.  The Illuminist banks will either use that money directly, or loan it to other Illuminist financial institutions at favorable rates, to fund the fire-sale purchases.  Whoa, look at those piranhas go!!!  

That looks to be a pretty nice racket, don't you think?  And that is what this financial reform bill is all about - eating up the competition and surreptitiously screwing the taxpayer.  Heads we win, tails you lose.  We get the gold mine, you get the shaft. This is Illuminist thinking at its most diabolical level.

We would also point out that the lax accounting rules allowed by regulators to hide the destruction of our financial system are in no way changed in any significant way by the financial regulation bill just passed by Congress.  So regulators will continue to allow banks to state their assets at mark-to-model fantasy values. And they will continue to allow banks to park their losses off balance sheet just before the end of a quarterly reporting period, and then put them back on after the quarter has ended (think Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers).  Regulators will also continue to allow all the other smoke and mirror accounting frauds currently utilized by banks to hide their walking dead status.  That is because the so-called "Fin Reg" bill has nothing to do with reform and has everything to do with perpetuating the corrupt system, allowing the too-big-to-fail bankster-gangsters to continue foisting their fraudulent toxic waste bonds and derivatives on unsuspecting sucker-dupe clients, while creating a financial monopoly in the Frankenstein Fed which will use its newfound complete and unfettered power to cull out the competition and set up the Illuminist legacy banks as the only financial game in town.  That is where we are headed.

But that's not all folks.  The G-20 is now talking in terms of using special drawing rights (SDR's) as an international reserve currency for the world's international banking cabal, which is composed of privately owned and/or government controlled central banks from around the world which operate in coordination with each other surreptitiously, although we note that internecine spats do occur from time to time.  We also note in passing that even those spats are often staged to gain political advantage or to grandstand a point of view for political consumption only (i.e. saying things that are popular but that you have no intention of supporting, or that have no possible chance of being passed - think Sarkozy, think ECB calls for austerity as they create a trillion dollar bailout package for the PIIGS).

In any case, while the G-20 set up their SDR's, based on a basket of fiat currencies, everyone else (that would be the bourgeoisie proletariat of common serfs) will get to keep their usual currencies, after they have been devalued against other currencies around the world, thereby destroying the value and buying power of the "unlucky" losers in the currency devaluation game.  US citizens and the dollar are going to be on the losing end along with most of the other developed countries and their currencies due to their totally abysmal fiscal condition which has of course been brought about through the many Illuminist machinations which we have discussed ad infinitum in issue after issue of the IF.  The "lucky" winners in the currency devaluation game will get to deal with massive trade deficits instead of lost buying power because their exported goods and services will become astronomically expensive overseas.  So either way, the masses will have their devaluation problems, while the bankers sit on their SDR's.

But if the SDR's are nothing but a basket of fiat currencies, then how would the bankers be better off than the serfs?  We're glad you asked.  Now here comes the kicker.  

First, you can rest assured that the Illuminists will never allow SDR's, or any international reserve currency, to be anything but a fiat currency.  They will never succumb to the discipline of gold.  We repeat:  Never, ever, ever, will they voluntarily back SDR's with gold!!!  That is why gold suppression is JOB ONE at the Fed and at central banks around the world.  Do you think that after the Illuminists had FDR take us off the gold standard domestically in 1933, and then had Nixon take us off the gold standard internationally in 1971, that they are even thinking of going back to any kind of a gold standard?  If you see the Illuminists go back to the gold standard where gold becomes a reserve currency for SDR's or for any other world reserve currency, then that would be one of the happiest days of our lives, because it would mean the Illuminati's plans for world government have totally failed and that they have to start from scratch.  We would love nothing better, and it could happen, but we doubt they will capitulate that easily.  A pitched battle lies ahead.

And that brings us to our reference at the beginning of this dissertation to the effect that all but one piece of the US legislative tapestry is in place in order for the Illuminists to move forward with their plan to achieve world financial domination.  And what piece of legislation is that?  Why, it's the totally bogus scam called the "Cap and Trade" bill, of course, which will be based on the world class fraud that manmade greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide are the cause of global warming, which, oops, has now reversed and become global cooling (but never mind that).

Why is Cap and Trade so important?  Because the Cap and Trade bill calls for the creation of what are called "carbon credits."  So why is that significant?  Well, that is because carbon credits will be used to back the new world reserve currency called SDR's.  Carbon credits will be used in lieu of gold, oil or any other tangible physical asset.  After all, carbon credits are the ultimate when it comes to creating a new fiat valued asset or commodity.  The Illuminists can make these carbon credits appear out of thin air just as they do with our Federal Reserve Notes based on totally subjective and politically controlled standards that will be used to bring profits and financial benefits to Illuminist cronies (that would include Obama, Maurice Strong and Goldman Sachs, to name but a few of the partners in, and potential beneficiaries of, the Cap and Trade scam).  At the same time these carbon credits will be used to destroy Illuminist enemies and to control their serfs (that would be you, Joe Public) by moving the wealth of the non-Illuminist serfs and the non-Illuminist businesses of the developed world into the international banking cabal's SDR's and also into third world nations in a move calculated to level the playing field in preparation for implementation of world government.

Recently the Jackasses have been pushing a partial Cap and Trade bill into their pending climate change and energy legislation which would only apply to certain utilities.  This is not acceptable in any way, shape or form.  This is just a "foot in the door" move by Illuminist miscreants in Congress to get the carbon credits and the carbon credit exchanges up and running so they can have their SDR's backed by carbon credits on albeit a reduced basis.  This will then be extended to cover greater areas of the economy by making it look like the system is working with the usual false statistics we can expect from our "beloved" government, or by sneaking in extensions of the original "utility only" Cap and Trade bill to cover greater areas of our economy into some monstrously long piece of legislation that no one will read in full and that will have nothing to do with cap and trade or carbon credits.  It will just suddenly appear on everyone's radar screen as the people are impoverished not knowing what has even hit them.  We don't care by what name the Illuminist boot-lickers in Congress call it, any legislation that will have any elements of Cap and Trade or carbon credits, or greenhouse gas credits, or whatever they wish to call the elements of this rip-off system, the whole scheme is based on the false premise that manmade greenhouse gasses are the cause of global warming, and therefore any such legislation is a totally bogus scam no matter how small the sector of our economy might be that it would impact.  Pound your Congressmen until they ask for mercy.  Do not allow any element of the Cap and Trade system to appear in any legislation whatsoever, no matter what they call it, or how they sugarcoat it, or how they try to hide it through obtuse language or by sneaking it into some other bill that is totally unrelated to environmental issues.  NO, NO, NO should be your only answer to anything involving this scam.  If they get any kind of carbon credits going, it is all over but the crying, unless we can break the gold suppression, boot out all the incumbents and undo all the damage these miscreants have done to our country.

But if carbon credits are nothing more than paper credits, how does that benefit the banking cabal?  Another good question, and this is where that diabolical Illuminist thinking kicks in again.

First, we start by noting that the use of paper contracts created out of thin air certainly seems to work in the banking cabal's favor at the COMEX and LBME, where all they ever do is use naked short paper contracts to manipulate the prices of commodities around the world.

But the system of carbon credits goes much further than merely making fraudulent paper manipulations in this or that market.  This will be fraud, thievery and criminality on a worldwide scale.  The Illuminists will use this system of carbon credits to suck out the real, hard-earned wealth generated by the productivity of the developed countries, which will then be used to secure the international banking cabal's SDR's, while the old currencies of the serf bourgeoisie proletariat remain backed by absolutely nothing but thin air.  Remember, people are going to have to take real money out of their profits to fund and purchase these credits, which will be traded on a carbon exchange run by the wicked cabal of international bankster-gansters in the same manner as they run the COMEX and LBME.  On top of all that, the Illuminists plan to institute a new global carbon tax to be assessed against the people of developed nations around the world, which will then be used to fund the apparatus they intend to use to establish world government through organizations like the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the World Bank (WB), the floundering World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the United Nations (UN) as well as various non-governmental organizations (NGO's) and other Illuminist-sponsored concerns.  The cabal will also use their new influx of wealth from the Cap and Trade scam in the form of carbon credits and a carbon tax to fund loans to the third world nations ostensibly to help them increase their productivity and standard of living, but the money will come with strings attached that will enslave these underdeveloped countries to the international banking cabal.  This is exactly what the IMF and World Bank have done to third world nations for decades, but now they will be on steroids.  It will be business as usual on a much larger scale.  

The Cap and Trade bill is, in reality, the newest iteration of the income tax, but on a global scale.  Cap and Trade is simply another way of sucking money out of the masses to pay for government overspending which in the US is currently funded by the Federal Reserve which makes loans to the US Treasury at interest to fund ongoing government corruption and profligacy.  Virtually every country on the planet operates in this fashion.  The Illuminati intend for the carbon exchange to become the new Federal Reserve, where carbon credits will be created out of thin air instead of Federal Reserve Notes, and where the world reserve currency will become global in nature instead of being limited to the currency of one nation.

This scheme to replace the dollar with SDR's backed by carbon credits will cause the predominance of the US in world trade to fade away, and the power of the US will be reduced to that of a third world country as US citizens are impoverished down to levels that will give them continual nightmares for decades to come.  And we can assure you that the same people who have ownership interests in the Federal Reserve will also own interests in the new carbon exchange, or should we say exchanges, because every Illuminist region will want to have one for fun and profits.   That is the plan, unless you stop them, and we mean NOW!!!

By use of the new Cap and Trade system of carbon credits, the Illuminists will be able to charge utilities and corporations, in a totally subjective and political manner, for their greenhouse gas emissions, thus greatly increasing the cost of producing energy, as well as the cost of producing virtually every other product and service on the planet (talk about inflation).  Most of these increased costs will be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher utility bills and higher prices for virtually all goods and services.  This will reduce the competitiveness of companies in developed countries and will force many of them to move their operations overseas where carbon credits will either not be charged or will be assigned at much lower levels.  This process of forcing companies overseas is just more of the same financial destruction reeked by free trade, globalization, off-shoring and outsourcing, as well as by both legal and illegal immigration.  It's just the same old, same old in a different package.  Yes, we are starting to hear that "large sucking sound" again as US jobs disappear at an ever-increasing rate.  And mind you that we now have nearly one out of every four Americans out of work already.

Why do you think we have this BP oil spill that has destroyed the economy of the Bible Belt and put pressure on the production of oil, to make it more scarce, for the fun and profits of the Illuminati who own all the big oil concerns.  The main thrust of this event, which is a multi-purpose false flag event, is to get the Cap and Trade bill passed, so the international banking cabal can back their new SDR's with carbon credits.  They have caused the Jackasses and their peerless leader much political fallout because of their desperation to have this abomination passed by their marionettes in Congress.  If you want to picture one of the Illuminati now, drooling at the prospect of SDR's backed by carbon credits, think about the movie "Alien," and picture the horrible creature opening its jaws, drooling acid, as it prepares to inject a hapless victim (that would be you) with an alien fetus that will eat you from the inside out.  What a perfect metaphor.

These people in your "beloved" government are out to destroy you unless you stop them this November.

Now let's put the whole Illuminist plan together for you, in the event the Cap and Trade bill goes through.  It will be like a combined epiphany of understanding, shock and horror once you get the big picture.

So, we assume now that Cap and Trade is passed like Obamacare and Fin Reg through unconstitutional and illegal legislation via criminal skullduggery, bribes and threats mixed with pork orgies and bogus, convoluted legislative procedures where form over substance reigns supreme.

Next comes devaluation of all currencies while SDR's backed by carbon credits are established by the G-20 nations.  This devaluation will bring home the risk inherent in all the faltering, debt-ridden economies of the world, and their fiat currencies, including the US, the UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, the Middle East, many Asian countries and even the BRIC nations.  This will result in higher interest rates no matter how low the Fed funds rate and the various other interbank rates are kept.  Investors will want a return, or they will not invest, especially in areas where currencies have been devalued raising the specter of run away inflation by virtue of the escalating costs of imported goods as well as the astronomical costs of goods and services caused by the Cap and Trade bill.  If interest rates are not raised, there will be another credit crunch.  This new credit crunch will be like the first one, only on massive steroids.  Whether interest rates rise, or credit stops, or both, economies around the world will falter and fail as the cost of higher interest, and/or the lack of credit, as the case may be, does its dirty work.

This devaluation will destroy the old system as the stock markets crash, while the bond markets, especially the municipal bond markets, nosedive.  The buck will be broken on all money-market funds.  The real estate market will become non-existent both in terms of purchases and refinances.  Commercial and residential real estate values, and the mortgages, bonds and derivatives associated with them, will be heavily devalued, with the worst of them being reduced to pennies on the dollar.  This will destroy many banks, but also investment banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, hedge funds, pension plans, loan companies and other "non-bank financial companies."  The FSOC, under the Fed's direction, will gather information through the Office of Financial Research to see which banks and non-bank financial companies are in trouble, and will direct the FDIC to liquidate them as previously described, with one set of rules being applied to Illuminist banks and financial concerns, and another standard being applied to all others.  Then out comes the money parked at the Fed as it is invested and loaned out to the large Illuminist legacy banks and other Illuminist financial concerns so they can have their feeding frenzy at pennies on the dollar, or dupe the taxpayers out of their hard-earned money, as the case may be, all as described above in detail.

Meanwhile, back at the G-20 ranch, the large Illuminist central banks and their many crony institutions will continue to hide their losses with fantasy accounting methods, with their books being cooked until they are "well done," or in some cases, burnt to a crisp.  As for the rest of the banks and financial institutions that got sucked into the Illuminist web of deceit in toxic loans, mortgages, bonds and derivatives of various kinds, they will be all gobbled up.  Some of the larger Illuminist banks will be sacrificed to lend credibility to the proposition that everyone is being treated fairly and that this is not just an Illuminist mop-up operation even though it really will be.  Once the feeding frenzy is over, the few Illuminist institutions left standing will finally reveal their desperate financial situation as the Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death Star goes supernova, and once again they will play the too-big-to-fail card, especially since, at that point, most of the economies and financial institutions around the world will have already been destroyed and liquidated.  But this time the bailouts will be accomplished by using SDR's backed by carbon credits instead of using US dollars and currency swaps.  The entire world will be looted via carbon taxes and credits in order to bailout the few remaining Illuminist banks and financial institutions which will threaten to send the world into an everlasting depression if they are not bailed out.  The losses will be so enormous that it will take several generations of world citizenry to pay it all back via the carbon taxes and credits, thus enslaving them to the international banking cabal forever.  Then the few remaining institutions in the world will be organized first into regions economically, politically and socially.