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The Disease Caused By Oil

The rise of oil is not really based on the many things we suspect, war profits on both sides, Gold taking out landmark numbers, Fed exhausting its collateral, war plans pressure oil prices higher, easy money is disappearing

Bob Chapman | July 9, 2008

The true cause of the sky-high oil prices you see today has nothing to do with speculators.  It has nothing to do with peak oil.  It has nothing to do with banks exploiting the Enron loophole.  It has nothing to do with OPEC, the declining dollar, the failure to build new refineries, the failure to exploit domestic oil resources, elitist-financed environmentalist obstruction, sabotage of nuclear power plants or suppression of technology for the more efficient use of gasoline or for greener types of energy.  These are mere contributing factors which are an outgrowth of the primal cause.  All the foregoing factors are just symptoms of a deadly disease. And that disease is the lust for power and control that infects all levels of the Illuminist machine.  The lust for power and control is their mantra.  In the minds and collective thinking of the Illuminati, the lust for power and control is their central reason for being.  All other considerations are secondary, save their own personal survival.

The Illuminati long to have the ultimate feudal system envisioned by Plato, a society run by a handful of supposedly intellectual giants (megalomaniacs), who know what is best for everyone else (their slaves).  They want to run your life for you, because they, in their warped and perverted minds, think they know what is best for you.  The reality is, they want to run your life so they can do what is best for them.   Their lust for power is absolute, and, therefore, so is the degree of their corruption.  The motives behind all that they do are selfish, and are purely and totally corrupt and evil.  They are the most despicable human beings on the face of the planet, assuming of course that they can even be considered to be human, which is a stretch.  How would you classify "humans" who gleefully discuss the extermination of billions of people to make way for sustainable development by offing all the "useless eaters?"  Fanning the flames of their lust for power and control are the powers of darkness, spiritual forces which will accept nothing less than total commitment to pride, deceitfulness, greed, murder and the ultimate enslavement and destruction of the human race, which is the precise opposite of what our Creator intended. 

Everyone needs energy to survive in today's society.  They need internal energy that comes from food, and external energy that currently comes principally from oil, along with a variety of other sources.  If you want to control people and have power over them, then all you have to do is control those things which are necessary for their survival.  This is why the price of oil has now reached such lofty heights.  And precisely the same argument can be made for the skyrocketing food prices as well.  These items are being made intentionally scarce and expensive when they could have been made copiously and cheaply available to all with the most minimal of efforts, efforts which have been completely stymied by Illuminist machinations.  This has all been planned malevolently to enslave you.  And yes, there really are people who are that evil in this world.  Worse yet, they own most of the world's wealth, which they employ principally to gain ever greater control over you in pursuit of their dream to fulfill Plato's vision for an "ideal" society as tweaked by Adam Weishaupt and Cecil Rhodes.

When people have plentiful sources of fuel and food with plenty left over in strategic reserve, all at easily affordable prices, they are virtually impossible to enslave.  Why on earth would anyone choose slavery or allow it to be forced on them when everything is "hunky dory" otherwise.  Plentiful and affordable fuel and food means a substantial amount of freedom, at least enough freedom to do as you please with the time that is not spent on acquiring them.  When these resources are cheap and plentiful, the time needed to do those things that are necessary to acquire them is greatly reduced, allowing more time to be spent on family relationships, religious worship, educational pursuits, political activism, travel, exploration, invention and innovation, hobbies, arts, entertainment and the finer things in life.  Such pursuits are the antithesis of what the Illuminists want for you.  They want you to be hungry, poor, exhausted, harried, afraid, uneducated, dependent and apathetic.  Most importantly, they want you to be unarmed, atheistic and amoral as well as politically ignorant and inactive.  You are to be their drudging slaves, working only to satisfy their lust for greed and power.  That is their world view in a nutshell.

Rounding out the Illuminist equation for enslavement of the masses is the exploitation of human desire for peace and safety, which is why we have continual wars for profit.  The fear and uncertainty engendered by constant conflict and warfare, and by the manufactured threats of violence such as the phony "War on Terror" and the "Cold War" are the primary drivers behind the creation of a surveillance society where your every move is watched, where every stage of your life is planned and managed and where every move for independence from the Big Brother system is brutally crushed.  They want you to give up your freedom and independence in exchange for their false promise of peace and safety after they have stripped you of your true peace and safety by orchestrating false-flag attacks and by supporting and financing wars for profits with the best enemies that money can buy, Illuminist money that is.  The Illuminati give support to, and profit from, both sides of any war.  They are the scum of the scum.  They give parasites a bad name.

Already, a corrupt and traitorous Congress and President have enacted the Patriot Acts in order to lay the groundwork for the upcoming police state, which the Illuminists have planned for our once free country and society.  If you are looking for terrorists, forget about Bin Laden, Al Quaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the PLO.  Stop looking in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel.  Just check out your very own government officials at the Capitol, the Pentagon, the NSA, the CIA and especially the White House if you want to find out the true source of terrorism in this world.  The Council on
Foreign Relations and Bilderbergers are another excellent and additional pool of names to search through for those seeking to bring terrorists to justice, although you'll find a lot of names repeated from the first source we mentioned.  We even have our very own Gestapo now, known as Homeland Security.  Careful now, any of your neighbors might be a government spy and might turn you in to the HS (or is it the SS).   Our politicians must be very proud of these Draconian laws passed on account of a phony "War on Terror," non-existent weapons of mass destruction, and a false-flag attack orchestrated by our own government that resulted in the mass murder of thousands of our citizens.  Make certain that none but Ron Paul every casts another shadow in the halls of Congress again.

Hey, we have an idea.  Let's give our Constitution to the indecisive legislators in Iraq as a plan for their government - clearly we're not using it!

In tandem with the constant social upheaval, threats, wars and conflicts, whether real, manufactured or imaginary, is another piece of the Illuminist puzzle for world domination, and that is disarmament.  Control over the types of weapons and ammunition you may possess and the circumstances under which such possession will be allowed and under which such weapons and ammunition may be used will get ever more restrictive, with the ultimate objective being to remove them completely from anyone who does not serve the Illuminati.  Disarmament and control of weapons is encouraged under the guise of making your life safer, but the real motive is to render you defenseless, helpless and fearful of their authority.  Your ability to oust these evil reprobates by force using your Constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms, will be stripped from you at the first available opportunity, after which you will be herded into internment camps for a very rude historical reenactment of life as an inmate in a Nazi death camp.  Anyone who can not earn their daily gruel will be heartlessly eliminated.  This is what they have in store for you when they achieve absolute and utter control over you, your weapons and your necessary resources.

Right on cue, as spot gold and gold futures twice took out 930 on both Monday and Tuesday, down came oil just as we predicted.  Those with the oil shorts we suggested just made a handsome profit which they can add to the gargantuan pile they made from their protective derivatives such as stock index puts.  The cartel has run out of bullets.  The Fed is out of credible threats for rate hikes and the cartel is out of both gold and silver.  Gold sales under the Washington Agreement are over until late September.  Ted Butler has figured out that Barclays is allowing naked short sales of SLV shares to avoid shortages of physical silver for those who utilize actual physical silver in manufacturing in order to avoid a mad panic to acquire silver inventory that would blow out the silver shorts on the COMEX.  It was either take oil down or continue to destroy the stock markets and scare money into bonds and treasuries to support the dollar.  Since this is an election year, the choice was easy.  As usual, the yen was weakened to provide liquidity.  Note how the yen is weaker by two yen per dollar and two yen per euro from a week ago Tuesday morning in support of the stock markets after their plunge into Bear Market Land, where, in reality, the stock markets have been since the twin whammy of the and 911 debacles.

As all this transpires, a substantial number of bank failures is on the horizon, the credit-crunch and real estate debacles worsen, actual (as opposed to official) inflation rages near 13%, M3 remains a lofty 16% to 18%, layoffs continue in the tens of thousands and the second quarter earnings season threatens to be one of the worst ever due to sky high energy and input costs.  And let's not forget about consumer spending, that will soon become non-existent as the stimulus package, which generated zero stimulus after adjustment for inflation, peters out.  Home equity withdrawals have been slowed to a trickle as real estate values plummet and rights of withdrawal are terminated.  Credit cards have been maxed out.  Defaults in every category of loan continue to escalate.  Then there is the hapless, helpless, irrelevant Fed which holds as the ECB hikes, starting the next round of currency wars that will send the dollar deep into the financial toilet bowl for a long, wet "swirly."  And don't forget that a fresh round of jewelry demand for religious and wedding seasons is right around the corner.  Then, as our economy explodes and goes down in flames, throw in the imminent and inevitable breaking of dollar pegs by the Gulf states, rampant foreign investment in hard US assets as dollar-denominated treasuries are shunned and direct monetization of treasuries as the Fed's general collateral is exhausted in exchange for toxic waste in order to round out the formula for achieving maximum possible hyperstagflation.  For good measure, add the warning of chief Illuminist financial advisors about a pending stock market meltdown to the pile of cheerful news.  Doesn't all this wonderful news fill you with boundless enthusiasm?  It should if you own gold and silver!  Could there possibly be a more bullish situation for precious metals?  If there is, then we simply can't imagine it!  Is it any wonder that gold and silver have hardly flinched as oil was pile-driven for 10 dollars per barrel over the course of only two days?

The dollar is sputtering again as the impact of stock sell-offs continues to wain and markets recover on declining oil prices.  We see some Fed cuts instead of rate hikes in the future.  They care only about Illuminist interests on Wall Street, not about the dollar or its holders, such as big forex owners, retired people on CPI-pegged social security payments, pension and profit-sharing plans, insurance company reserves, endowment funds and other totally unimportant minutia.

We are on the cusp of an explosion in precious metals, so make sure you own some before the detonator goes off!

That's right, Goldman Sachs, short gold for 2008!  Such sage and preeminent advice leaves us speechless.  We wonder what will they do for an encore!

Hey Jon Nadler, how's that "rarefied air" looking as gold and silver replace it!

Well, the Fed finally decided to do something about all those rascally mortgage lenders and their poor, dumb, ignorant borrower-sucker-dupes.  Where were they four or five years ago, which is when they should have addressed this?  We'll tell you where they were.  They were dropping interest rates to a ludicrous one percent and encouraging variable rate, no down payment teaser loans for people who should never have owned homes in the first place just before boosting rates inexorably upward to make sure the borrowers got screwed good and hard.  That created a mountain of defaults with perfect timing as our economy imploded from free trade, globalization, off-shoring and outsourcing.  Is this the sort of leadership we can continue to expect from the Fed as Hanky Panky Paulson asks for more Fed regulatory power over a broader segment and cross section of the financial markets?  Only in America.  You just can't make this stuff up.

You just have to love it!  The bungling henchmen of "Chaos" have just pulled yet another magnificent boner.  Who needs a movie take-off from the old "Get Smart" series when you have the Illuminist henchmen blowing mission after mission right in front of you on a daily basis.  The latest blunder comes as the PPT's and CFTC's "Chaos" teams have allowed oil prices to be run up to unsustainable heights by bank speculators exploiting the Enron loophole to save burning balance sheets while trying to maintain their duplicitous system of free trade, globalization, off-shoring and outsourcing coupled with legal and illegal immigration.  Now, all those cross border marketing and production strategies are blowing up in everyone's faces because all the cheap labor is being more than offset by increased transportation costs.  Who'd of thunk it!  Could the problem have possibly been more obvious?  Already half the shoe manufacturers in China have gone out of business as morons continue to pour their "hot" money into an imploding economy whose stock market has lost more than 50% of its value in less than a year as inflation continues to worsen despite rate hikes by the Chinese central bank!  What does that say about the US economy if the "hot" money is going to China despite its myriad of problems?  Scary, scary stuff.  
That's right men from "Chaos," just keep jaw-boning the potential Iran attack until we get $200 oil and the entire world economy will implode into a worldwide depression.  World markets will be destroyed even without $200 oil.  What are the evil forces of "Chaos" trying to do, beat a dead horse with an oil stick?  Apparently, that is the plan.  Gold and silver are headed for outer space.

Be on the lookout for a bigger push toward the North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership as US transnational conglomerates seek cheap labor closer to home in order to save outlandish transportation costs.  What a bunch of morons.

The days of easy money are over. That is why you have to be relatively debt free. Business at the high-end especially are going to be hit hard and will have to restructure. Cash flow is eroding and spending for expansion is not going to be there. Adjustments are on the way. There are going to be massive layoffs that even the government cannot hide with their bogus bookkeeping.

The credit that was available previously will no longer be there. We are deeply into a credit crisis. Manufacturing was hit badly over the past six years by free trade, globalization, offshoring and outsourcing and now it is services turn to bite the bullet. These are lower paying jobs that now make up 80% of our economy. Starbucks is a good example. They are shutting 600 stores and firing 12,000 workers. This is just the recognizable beginning. Most of those shops that housed stores with luxury items such as retailer, health clubs, especially high-end restaurants, hotels, leisure destinations and casinos will fell the pain deeply. The easy money is gone. The investment boom in consumption is over. What once was 72% of GDP is about to return to the norm of 64.5% and with that economic balance comes recession.

The inflation of real estate, collectables and the stock market are over. The removal of equity from vastly priced real estate is over. The house as an ATM card is over. There is no additional purchasing power left. Household income is going to contract not expand, as inflation further erodes purchasing power. The money and credit being created at a rate of 18%, which will shortly give up 15% inflation, is being poured into the financial institutions to keep them from bankruptcy.

The generation of endless new financial claims will no longer be possible. The profits will no longer be there for corporations then the layoffs will really begin. The misallocation of assets is over. This is all as we forecast. Just look at our short positions. Never has a publication been so right. The perils of over borrowing at all levels, which we warned about over and over is about to begin taking its toll. Americans have no savings and that means they have no backup. One minor problem and it’s over. They are in serious trouble. Starbucks is a symbol of what went wrong. Travel will be cut by 30%. Leisure is already off 10% to 20%. That will drop 30% to 50%. There is a tough road ahead. You had best prepare yourself.