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The Brussels Attacks in Context

Nobody ever mentions the role and the strategic importance of Brussels! Brussels is extremely important in the transportation and in the distribution of heroin, but nobody would want to think about.

James Corbett | March 26, 2016

The investigation into the Brussels attacks is still underway. The real investigation, that is. The one in the alt media, not the one conducted by the "authorities" and conveyed by the MSM mouthpieces. The Corbett Report community's own open source investigation is still underway, and so far this is what we've found:



-Turkish President Erdogan warned of an attack on Brussels just four days before the blast occurred, naming the city as a specific target of jihadi terrorists and saying "The snakes you are sleeping with can bite you any time."

-The men identified as the bombers were (as in case after case after case after case in recent years) known to authorities beforehand, with Brahim el-Bakraoui actually having been arrested in Turkey and deported to the Netherlands last year.

-A group known as the German Marshall Fund hosted a meeting of American and European officials earlier this month that also predicted an attack on Brussels. The GMF includes the usual gaggle of globalists on its board of trustees, including Marc Grossman, an ambassador to Turkey in the 1990s and a handler in the Turkish branch of Operation Gladio.

-Haaretz is claiming that Belgian intelligence had "advance and precise" warnings about the attacks, including that they would target the Brussels airport and subway.

So, in other words, business as usual in the realm of terrornoia-inducing false flag Gladio-style events.

But let's just for one moment entertain the official story that we are being told about the bombings: that they are the handiwork of scary Muslim jihadists loyal to the Islamic State and responding to the recent arrest of Paris attack "ringleader" Salah Abdeslam. Even if this were true, what would it really mean?

Well, it would mean that whoever is behind ISIS is responsible for the bombing? And who is behind ISIS? The ones arming them? Funding them? Training them? Treating their injured fighters in their hospitals? The ones who are controlling and protecting their supply lines? The ones who admit they made a wilful decision to foster the creation of ISIS in the first place? Because if so, then NATO and its Gulf state / Israeli allies are the ones to blame.

And where is NATO headquarters again? Oh, that's right.

The connection may seem coincidental, but it is not. Brussels has long been a cesspit of globalist activity where the very types of false flag machinations that are now coming home to roost have been hatched, fostered and directed.

In 1942 the British helped establish arms dumps in German-occupied Belgium and trained a secret army for conducting sabotage operations against the Germans as well as spying and sending information back to London. The group had minimal impact on the overall war effort, but the organization and execution of this stay-behind force was so admired by the British and American intelligence agencies that it became the basis for a Cold War era strategy to train paramilitary groups to resist a potential Soviet invasion. These stay-behind forces were formed and operated at least until their exposure in Italian parliament in 1990, and are often referred to by their Italian codename: Gladio.

In 1949, Belgium was one of the five founding members (along with France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) of the Comité Clandestin de l'Union Occidentale (CCUO), the first step toward a post-WWII European military alliance and a precursor to NATO. The CCUO coordinated the Gladio forces in each of the member countries.

CCUO's responsibilities were eventually taken over by the innocuously named "Coordination and Planning Committee" (CPC) and "Allied Coordination Committee" (ACC), both of which moved--along with NATO's headquarters--to Belgium after France's withdrawal from the organization in 1966.

As the center of Gladio planning and organization, Belgium played a vital role in the program. The subsequent investigation into its activities, however, was predictably neutered by the invocation of "national security" concerns which "necessitated" closed door hearings for the most explosive information about the group's activities. As Gladio historian Daniele Ganser noted in his seminal work, NATO's Secret Armies:

"After the termination of the Belgian Senate inquiry into Gladio in October 1991, [Senator Cecile] Harnie [of the Belgian Green Party] called for a further investigation focusing on the role of NATO. Given that NATO's European headquaters are located in the cities Brussels, Mons and Casteau, Belgium was arguable in an ideal position among European countries to investigate NATO's secret armies in more detail. But despite this advantageous position Harnie's request was turned down."

As a result of these impediments it has been difficult for researchers to definitively link major terror events in Belgium to Gladio specifically, but over the years strong evidence has turned up linking the program to:

-the assassination of Julien Lahaut, chairman of the Communist Party of Belgium;

-a 1973 coup plot identified by Belgian intelligence.

-The Brabant Massacres of the early 1980s that left 28 dead and 40 others injured, and which were never officially solved.

Belgium's continuing centrality in the ongoing Gladio operations, dubbed "Gladio B" by the FBI agents who uncovered the program during their investigations into high-level spy rings in the US government, was stressed repeatedly by Sibel Edmonds in her landmark interview series on the subject. "Gladio B" involves the same strategy-of-tension generated terror events for the same purposes as the original program: to demonize political enemies, to create compliance in the population, and to facilitate lucrative drug running and money laundering operations. But this time, the operation uses a different face: Islamic jihadists.

Not only are these terrorist activities coordinated and directed from NATO headquarters in Brussels, but the NATO capital also provides a vital step in the smuggling route for Afghan heroin. As Edmonds explained: "Nobody ever mentions the role and the strategic importance of Brussels! Brussels is extremely important in the transportation and in the distribution of heroin, but nobody would want to think about."

This is on top of other major scandals that have rocked Belgium's government, its police and intelligence forces, and other major institutions over the decades, from the relatively benign corruption of the Agusta-Dassault Scandal to the nearly unimaginable child abuse in the Dutroux Affair.

This is the excluded background that helps put the Brussels attack into their proper context. And that is precisely why you will not see it included in the 6 o'clock news.