International Forecaster Weekly

Slaves To The Orgy Of Money

Investors on the outside slammed while insiders getting rich, Market conditions indicate you need to protect yourself with gold and silver, Paulson monetary voodoo reanimates zombie fraudster banks, Market crashes set the stage for bank acquisitions, predicting a financial super entity,

Bob Chapman | October 29, 2008

Down go consumer confidence and real estate values to all-time lows, but, nevertheless, up goes the Dow undaunted, claiming its second largest point gain ever as the counterintuitive insider trading beat goes on and on and on, ad nausea.  Insiders get wealthy, and the non-insiders chasing them get annihilated.  This has been the story on Wall Street for over a century.  Do you think it was merely some sort of serendipitous coincidence that the dark pool of liquidity, known as Project Turquoise, was set to be activated near the end of August, just in time for all the Illuminist insiders to enjoy the profitable fireworks as volatility reached all-time highs, so that all of their nefarious trading could be done in unregulated secrecy?  We can assure you that there are no coincidences on Wall Street.  There is only rampant, rampaging insider trading and fiendish manipulation.

Any time they think they are in need of a good fleecing, all the poor sheople have to do is get back into the general stock markets where their Illuminist shearers will be more than happy to oblige them.  We absolutely guarantee that the pink of your sheople skin will be showing as all your wool is shaved off right down to the hair follicles.  You've probably heard about "pink flamingos."  Well, now we are going to see a lot of pink sheople wandering around aimlessly, wondering where all their vaporized money went, as they are prepared for the big slaughter while the Big Sting Two goes into its next phase.  You need to protect yourself with gold, silver and their now bargain-basement related shares, unless of course the color pink flatters you.

The Dow, powered by its PPT anti-gravity machine, and in the face of some of the worst economic news of all time, still somehow managed to tack on an unbelievable, mind-blowing and stupefying 889.35 points as the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index dropped off a cliff from September's 61.4 to October's 38, an all-time low (the "experts" expected 52), as the Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller 20-city housing index dropped 16.6 percent in August from a year ago, the largest decline on record going back to 2000, and as the smaller, 10-city index, fell 17.7 percent, the biggest decline in its 21-year history.  The last of the wild, PPT-manufactured 700 Dow rally points came in the last two hours of trading as the insiders took advantage of low volume, short-covering and a much weaker yen to give the Dow a blastoff to 9,065.12.  Just what you would expect as consumer confidence and real estate prices drop into the toilet for a thorough "swirley."  

Wow, look at them fire up that Goldilocks Matrix as reality is scoffed at, and illusion becomes king, just as Dr. Stan Monteith likes to say as he starts each broadcast for Radio Liberty.  We can't help but envision Jim Nabor's character, private Gomer Pyle, USMC, exclaiming "surprise, surprise, surprise!" as sergeant Carter's eye twitches because he has shorted the stock market indexes, while they both watch the Dow soar to over 9,000 points, in total contradiction of all logic and market fundamentals.  All we can say is:  "Shazam!!!" and "Gaaw-aawl-ly!!!"

Of course, we are told by the fane-stream media that this was "bargain-hunting."  And for the first time ever, they are correct.  The Illuminist insiders just got the bargains of a lifetime.  The non-insiders also got exactly what they bargained for by staying in the general stock markets, by trying to follow market fundamentals and by trying to chase after the insiders, meaning that they got the fleecing of a lifetime which they should have known was coming just as sure as God made little green apples.

In any case, based on the foregoing, we can now tweak the Wall Street formula for profitability as follows:  Profitability = Low Volume + High Volatility + Dark Pools of Liquidity + Plunge Protection Team.  The mass exit from the stock markets has reduced trading volume.  This makes manipulation much easier and much less expensive as the Illuminati line their pockets with more salary and bonus money, which they will no doubt continue to extract, rape and steal from the insider trading profits of their financial institutions which they have burned to the ground, as Paulson and Bernanke work their monetary voodoo to reanimate these walking dead fraudster banks.

In looking over the financial landscape that has emerged since the private Fed was foisted upon the hapless sheople in 1913, we can see the culling process that has emerged.  Remember, Rockefeller and Morgan, the heads of the American branch of the Illuminati, hated one thing more than any other, and that thing was competition.  During the Panic of 1907, which was orchestrated by Rockefeller and Morgan so they could force the Federal Reserve System and Income Tax down the throats of the sucker-dupe sheople, many smaller banks were sent down the tubes.

Then came the 1929 Stock Market Crash, orchestrated by the newly formed, and very private, partly foreign-owned and totally non-governmental Fed, and that started a second culling process, mostly of small to mid-size banks, which took out about one third of the banks that were then blossoming in the US based on the wealth accumulations of the Roaring Twenties.  This culling occurred throughout the period during the 1930s, which we now refer to as the Great Depression.  The big Illuminist concerns of course survived, based on their inside information, as did many of the leading Illuminists of the time.

Banks were then left alone for several decades to help finance World War II and the post-War boom, which was used to consolidate Illuminist wealth and power through their military-industrial complex.  Then it was time for a third culling, as deregulation and the sanity of past banking standards were discarded to create the S&L Crisis.  Many more small to mid-size banks were vaporized by the excesses created through this deregulation and by the inflation which the Fed malevolently caused to hurt banks by reducing the value of their mortgages and forcing them to compete for higher rates by making crazy loans to third world countries and to other unworthy borrowers, particularly those taking out mortgages.  These banks borrowed short and lent long, a sure formula for disaster, and the end result was that some 2,400 small to mid-size banks failed.

Note how all these past orchestrated banking disasters affected mostly the bottom rungs of the banking industry, a flagrant and direct elimination of competition to line the pockets of big banking by taking down the smaller fry.  But now, in the current crises, which is, more than anything, a credit/capital-crunch powered by an asset crisis engendered by derivative fraud that was made possible by a real estate bubble and a totally opaque, unregulated OTC market, with the subprime problem being little more than a fuse leading to the main charge in the credit default swap and interest rate swap powder kegs, we see a process of culling and consolidation at the upper echelons of the banking industry.  This is by design, although the Illuminati have bungled this one and caused far greater damage than they intended, relying on rocket scientists who do not understand how markets work to design their Ponzi-scheme.  The idea here is to first create a handful of mega-banks that are too big to fail so they can milk the banking system a little longer and to make sure that the bailout money keeps coming from the sucker-dupe sheople taxpayers to keep saving and bailing the latest incarnations of the too-big-to-fail fraudster banks.

In the end, all these large banks will come crashing down like a ton of bricks because they are irretrievably insolvent, and then they, along with the privately owned Fed, will be nationalized and merged into one super-entity, which will be given all regulatory power over the financial industry.  They will no longer have to kill off the small fry by creating catastrophes.  They will simply regulate them out of existence until their banking and financial interests have achieved god-like, dictatorial power.   They will allow those who want to play the game by their rules to eke out an existence, while all others get vaporized.  Once they control all financial matters with an iron fist, the Constitution will become irrelevant because the people will no longer have any power to exercise except by revolution, and we can assure you that a revolution is going to come, and soon.  The arrogant Illuminists are in for a big surprise as they continue with their evil plans to enslave and dominate the sheople in an Orwellian police state of feudality.

The current dichotomy between paper and physical precious metals markets is being caused by an intentional bottleneck at the wholesale level.  Wholesale gold and silver is being hoarded to fund precious metal suppression schemes, such as sales and leasing, and to maintain dominance of the commercials in the paper markets by preventing a failure to deliver.  In essence, this bottleneck between the wholesale and retail levels of the market in precious metals amounts to a de facto confiscation of gold and silver from the masses.

Remember, back during the Great Depression, most people owned gold and silver which was then the main medium of exchange.  So FDR had to take it from them, which he did in 1933, to make sure they had no store of value against the upcoming inflationary spiral of money creation and increased national debt that would result from make-work projects, from social entitlements and from World War II, all of which were already in the planning during the Great Depression, and most likely before the Great Depression even got started.  This was done so that they could continue their fleecing of the middle class, who they would eventually allow to have some crumbs of prosperity in order to provide US taxpayers with the incentive to create the new industrial powerhouse that America was becoming, a powerhouse that would fuel and finance their future ambition to make the US into a corporatist, fascist police state.  Of course, needless to say, all that new prosperity would get taxed, thus increasing their power through the federal government, which they would totally control.  As an aside, FDR then increased the value of gold from $20 an ounce to $35 an ounce, giving Illuminists insiders, who had hidden their gold in Europe after being tipped off about the coming US confiscations, a whopping profit.

In any case, most people in the US no longer own gold and silver.  They are slaves to the orgy of money and credit that the Fed has provided, and they now worship paper over metal.  This means that no confiscation is necessary to prevent the American sheople from having a place to store the value of their savings.  All you have to do today is to keep US citizens from acquiring precious metals, first, by making it look too volatile to be a good investment, and second, by making it hard to acquire, especially in larger amounts.  That way, you can enslave and impoverish them by diluting the value of the dollar by doling out trillions in bailout money that will be used solely to enrich the elitists and the financial institutions which they have intentionally and malevolently trashed.  Without gold and silver, the poor, ignorant sheople are totally defenseless and utterly helpless against the hyperinflationary juggernaut that will be created in the aftermath of these bailouts.

We are now hearing rumors about a potential failure to deliver on the COMEX due to what may be a large demand for physical delivery of gold and silver on the December contract.  Where were all you dopey specs sleeping when we cried out for this to be done over a year ago.  As usual, no one listened, and now all the hedgies who are not part of the Illuminist cadre who are cleaning up on insider trading transactions are now bankrupt or are being redeemed into oblivion.  Such a tragedy, which is made all the worse by the fact that it was totally unnecessary and completely avoidable.  Look at the silver market.  Ten billion dollars can now buy the entire above-ground world supply of silver.  That is just a 10% diversification for some of the larger hedge funds.  What the freak were you people thinking?!

As long as the stock markets rally, the dollar will suffer, and the upcoming cut by the Fed will do the dollar no favors.  Once money leaves treasuries, and is used to buy other currencies for foreign investments in stocks, bonds and derivatives, the dollar strength will be reversed.  We also wonder how long it will be before the big oil producers, who are also big precious metals buyers, will punish the cartel for trashing oil by driving the price of precious metals up in mega-thrusts, as was done not too long ago over the past couple of years.

Note how trashing oil and threatening to drive the dollar back down is keeping the Saudis and other OPEC nations in line.  They can break Iran and Venezuela with military intervention quite easily by trashing the price of oil as they scare away any wildcatters who were getting delusions of grandeur in the interim when oil prices were high.  This also discourages the innovation of greener energy alternatives, and supports the dollar with the euro effect.  Never underestimate how clever these reprobates and sociopaths can be.  It is an intelligence and ingenuity born out of the lust for greed and power, which are the real mothers of invention.

After this period of hoarding and sterilization is completed, the floodgates will eventually be opened at the time of their choosing to complete the final orgy of credit and speculation that will be used to complete the Big Sting Two.  After that occurs, 6 to 12 months later, we will all be Weimarized, and gold and silver will go inter-dimensional because the elitist will have then become the world's biggest gold bugs as the final rush to pile Big Sting Two dollar proceeds into real, tangible assets commences and as the dollar and euro are given their final send-offs to fiat money hell in favor of some regional baskets of currency.  Meanwhile, the market gyrations that are fueling insider trading profits will continue unabated.  This plan fails if everyone bolts for the exits before the final stages of the plan can be implemented, something which is highly likely to occur, especially if we get another untoward event like the Meredith Whitney revelation about Citigroup assets.

The financial system is still hot irrespective of the asset destruction. The funds being made available to banks, Wall Street, insurance companies and transnational elitist conglomerates will shortly re-lever the economy. For the time being the correction will go forward in several spheres and then comes the big money making rally, which will allow these Illuminist entities to mend their badly wounded balance sheets, again at the cost of the average investor and the American taxpayer. Somehow some are now latching on to deflation after our deflation for this period is over. They should have anticipated this short-term deflation six months ago. We will quickly slip back into another inflationary bout as the new reform program slips into action and generally interest rates fall further. The greatest mania in history isn’t over yet. Wall Street and the bankers will have one or two more swings before it is over. That should take two to three years to accomplish. The hold of cheap money and credit and low interest rates will eventually be broken, we just have to be patient.