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Russian Hedge Fund Theft Blown Wide Open On Youtube

The Youtube video that has quickly become the most watched web video in Russia. The highest levels of government are exposed on Youtube for defrauding a hedge fund of $230 Million. 

Bob Chapman | October 13, 2009


The Guardian web site is reporting that London based investment company Hermitage Capital has turned to the web to expose a massive fraud involving the highest levels of government. Hermitage CEO William Browder has released his story on the web. It details corrupt and criminal acts that have resulted in a theft of 230 Million dollars. Names are named. Its a great insight into the corrupt workings of government and police. In an even more bizarre twist, Bowder is now wanted for questioning in relation to the acts of fraud. A russian language version of the video has now gone viral in Russia and promises to tear the lid off all efforts to cover up criminal activity by the state and police around the case.

The stunning comment that ends the article is that this activity is commonplace in Russia. ""The story sounds like a thriller but isn't and it's being repeated every day" (source).