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Purge The System of its Failures

Dont bail out the big failures in the markets, time to throw out the toxic waste stocks, reign in the tax system, America as the next Weimar republic, more subprime losses to come, elitists cant control Russia, credit problems all around

Bob Chapman | September 3, 2008

Fannie and Freddie, the Scylla and Charibdis of the real estate world, should be allowed to fail.  There are no "if's," "and's" or "but's" about this issue.  The morons who recommended investment in these monstrosities, whether in bonds, in preferred stock, but especially in their common stock, ought to have their empty heads examined.  And as for the institutional and professional players who invested in these GSE Ponzi schemes despite insane, psychopathic levels of risk and leverage, so far as we are concerned, they can now take a big dive over the fraud precipice onto the rocks of mal-investment below.  These inane, feckless investors were mostly the big players on the Street and in world markets, and they should have known better.  Do you think, perhaps, that the failure of these fraudulently run monstrosities to comply with exchange rules for financial reporting for multiple years might have been a bit of a clue?  Yeah, like a REALLY BIG clue!

    And who are these big players who so foolishly invested in the most lethal variety of all toxic waste?  Mainly, the big spendthrift nitwits were the Wall Street fraudsters that helped to create and run the Ponzi scheme to begin with, and the big holders of dollar forex who acquired their stake in our country through their fraudulent currency manipulations which enabled them to decimate our manufacturing sector and to create massive US trade deficits through free trade, globalization, off-shoring, outsourcing and both legal and illegal immigration.  China and Japan can be singled out as being especially culpable for artificially weakening their currencies against the dollar in order to acquire an unfair trade advantage against our competing domestic industries.  Why do you think our auto and electronics industries have been under such tremendous pressure, pressure that is likely to bankrupt many of these companies and a host of others who were decimated by these unfair trade and currency machinations.  This is also how big elitist transnational conglomerates broke the power of our trade unions.  China and Japan own hundreds of billions of toxic GSE debts and equities, which are about to get fried.  Awww!  Let's all have a pity-party for them!

    And then there are the OPEC nations, who, together with US and UK big oil interests, have conspired to create a "peak oil" crisis, despite the fact that we have two centuries worth of untapped domestic oil and gas resources, while not a single domestic petroleum refinery has been built in over thirty years despite mega-profits that could have easily been invested in such refineries to ensure future supply.  Yeah, let's blame the environmentalists, whose organizations and lobby groups were all created and funded by big oil and other Illuminist interests, while our nuclear plants were sabotaged and our inventors of efficient and clean methods of producing energy were bought out, threatened or murdered!  There are patents that could transform our nation collecting dust in the vaults of Illuminist transnational conglomerates, which do not want to set us free from energy bondage like Mr. Tesla had wanted to do, because they would rather keep us in manacles and chains so they can perpetually extort criminally exorbitant profits from us.  These OPEC nations hide much of their ill-gotten gains in their holdings of GSE debts and equities, which are also valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and which they acquire clandestinely through big UK and European banking interests, particularly those of the Rothschilds, so the US public does not become outraged at the amount of their filthy lucre which has been fraudulently extracted from them and taken out of their hides.

    Rounding out the list of criminals who sought to benefit from the higher rates of return, and commissions and fees, offered and generated by the stock and bond offerings of these toxic real estate entities, are the ratings agencies who conspired with our corrupt government regulators and the Wall Street fraudsters to give these lethal concoctions an AAA rating.  And let's not forget the mortgage securitizers, who, assisted by the Fed, which brought interest rates down to ludicrously low levels to suck in dupes from the ranks of the poor with no down-payment loans at adjustable, unrealistic teaser rates while cheering on the new credit qualification requirements that allowed anyone who could draw breath to get a mortgage loan, not to mention the Wall Street firms who rammed these investments down the throats of their trusting and gullible clients, knowing full well that these entities were mismanaged, overrated, over-leveraged, non-compliant with exchange filing requirements for years, and doomed some day to failure just as sure as God made little green apples!  Oh, and incidentally, that government guaranty for GSE debts and equities - you know, the one that the elitist scum keep reminding us about - that guaranty was implied, not express, so don't try to hang your hats on that issue!!!  You knew there was no express guaranty, and you bought this toxic garbage anyway, or you rated it AAA, or you recommended it to your clients!

    We say, let's have the fraudsters bail out the non-professional investors, as was done with the auction rate municipal bonds, along with some of the smaller regional banks who got sucked into this Ponzi scheme, AND THE REST CAN FREAKING BURN!!!  LET ALL THE CRIMINAL SCUM BURRRRRRRRN!!!  Take Mr. Hanky Panky Paulson's bailout bazooka, shove it down his throat, and pull the trigger!!!

    But if we let them burn, then they are going to stop buying our debt and all that inflation we exported will come screaming back to haunt us!  Our system will collapse!      YES, AND YOUR POINT BEING?  We say good, let's let the whole freaking system be purged, as it should have been almost two decades ago, and then LET'S START FROM SCRATCH -- NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!  We would rather see a third-world US run by unselfish, intelligent, ethical, service-oriented leaders like our Founding Fathers, than have an evil, world-dominating US run by the reprobates and sociopaths who fill the ranks of the corrupt, traitorous, criminal, Illuminist scum, and who are intentionally ruining our country to pave the way for world government!!!

    Why would we want such a thing, besides the fact that this would be the right thing to do, both in God's eyes and from every other imaginable perspective?  Because the US could go from third-world to world-class once again far more quickly than you might think through use of ethical governmental and business practices conducted by unselfish, intelligent, ethical, service-oriented leaders at the helm, and supported by a gold-backed currency consistent with the terms of our Constitution which limits legal tender to gold and silver coinage. 

    If we do not purge the system now, get rid of the Fed and the income tax, have our Treasury start printing our own, gold-backed currency like President Kennedy had meant to do in his still valid Executive Order 11110, and essentially start from scratch, then Jefferson's declaration will come true, to wit: "If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered."  According to Mr. Jefferson, "Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."  And now you all see, in spades, what he was talking about! 

    That type of Constitutional system is what we had before the Illuminist scum took over our government in 1913 with the passage of the act establishing the public-screwing Federal Reserve System, which is no more "federal" than Federal Express, which act was also accompanied by the fraudulent, and improperly ratified, Constitutional amendment establishing the US income tax.

    The income tax, which started out at diminutive levels to bamboozle the public, has morphed into a middle-class-destroying monstrosity, just as the elitists had planned.  They use the Federal Reserve System to stealth-tax the sheople with inflation, while simultaneously draining them of their assets directly through the income tax, creating a double-whammy that keeps the sheople too busy trying to support their families to care about what is being done to them by their corrupt government and by the even more corrupt corporate America.  And of course, the income tax proceeds are used to fund the Illuminist military-industrial complex, and to power their psychological, brainwashing operations also known as public schools, while also being used to infiltrate and dominate our systems of higher education such as our public and private colleges and universities.  That way, good, little, compliant, brainwashed sheople are produced for future Illuminist profit-harvesting, and for slaughter in wars for profit (oh, sorry, we meant to say for democracy and freedom - please excuse us for a moment while we puke, as our attempt to be "politically correct" has made us nauseous).

    If we do not purge the system now, we may be tempting fate to become the only large, mature, industrialized nation to undergo out-of-control hyperinflation since Weimar Germany in the 1920s.  Let's let Fannie's and Freddie's demise purge the system, and let the countries and corporations who abused and destroyed the system reap a large portion of the resulting damages.  Yes, there will be recession and even depression, but it will be more mild and survivable than allowing the system to crash after it has been bailed out and wildly manipulated to kingdom come, which looks to be where the Illuminati are going to try to take it.  Creating more money and credit until it is coming out of our ears to save an already failed system is madness, and it will make the final Fall of the House of Usher worse by an order of magnitude.  The US is about to join the Roman Empire in the scap-heap of history, and the sheople are still clueless, still stuck in their Illuminist-contrived Goldilocks Matrix pod where their box-of-rocks-brains have been washed to think that everything will always turn out "just right."  Just listen to them screaming and carrying on like rock groupies at the Jackass and Dumbo political conventions.  If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

    This ties in with the current madness we see in the Georgia situation, which shows the growing desperation of the Illuminati.  Desperate people do desperate things, and the Illuminati are no exception.

 This is why their policies are so toxic and dangerous, because they are borne out of a desperation that is growing by the minute.      The elitists know that they have blown it, that their own greed and deceitful arrogance have now destroyed their base of power, both financially and militarily.  They have bankrupted not only the American people, but themselves in the process, as they have attempted to rip off the public in one final plunge into fraud, greed and nefarious chicanery meant to keep the system on life support while their plans around the world were unraveling and they were desperately trying to shore them up.

    Their subprime fraud led to the credit-crunch, which has destroyed their precious fiat banking system and its fractional banking leverage while their crucial bond and derivative markets have imploded, and a quadrillion dollar nightmare volcano of Ponzi-like derivatives, that the fraudsters created in the wake of the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, is about to explode in a blaze of pyroclastic glory.  They have slaughtered and gutted the sheople with free trade, globalization, off-shoring, outsourcing and both legal and illegal immigration.

    As all of this contrived financial destruction has transpired, their wars for profit have gone badly, exacerbating the financial problems by heaping up endless debt on top of an already overburdened system.  The current crew of inane, clueless "Chaos" henchmen could not carry out a coup in Timbuktu, much less in Russia and China.      Our military hierarchy is quite competent, but they are taking their orders from raving lunatics who give them a quarter to a third of the men and equipment, which are required to succeed based on established military logistics for a successful attack and occupation.  In their attempt to keep America from becoming too powerful and thus standing in the way of the establishment of world government, they have continued to fight un-winnable wars by hamstringing our military with outrageously doltish rules of engagement, doomed strategies and a shortage of manpower and equipment.

    Out of their desire to keep the US from becoming too successful, these idiots have grossly miscalculated, and while they have badly bungled their plans for world domination via a one-world government and a socio-economic system of feudality, the Russians and Chinese have both rapidly grown in power financially and militarily despite all the elitists' attempts to keep them in check.  So now the Illuminati have managed to relegate themselves to third-world status in the face of a Sino-Russian, Frankenstein-like juggernaut which they themselves have created, fostered and financed.  They have foolishly created the best enemies that money can buy in order to keep their military-industrial complex fed, while scaring the sheople into giving up their long-held and precious Constitutional rights to pave the way for their Orwellian police state.  This is what the contrived "Cold War" was all about, and what the current, and totally phony, "War on Terror" is all about.  Both "wars" were completely contrived, fear-mongering affairs intended to pave the way for a police state run by a one-world government, with the would-be lords of the universe at the helm.

    The sheople of the US can no longer bail these fiends out as usual, because their wealth has been stolen from them by inflation, taxation, wars for profit and rampant financial fraud carried out by Wall Street while corrupt, bought-and-paid for, compromised US government regulators looked the other way.  The hapless sheople are in debt up to their eyeballs and sinking fast.  The Illuminati can attempt to have the sheople taxpayers bail out their precious system all they want, but where will the bailout funds come from?  You can print all the money you want, but if it is rendered worthless through hyper-stagflation, then what are these reprobates and sociopaths really trying to accomplish?  The Illuminati are headed toward a Pyrrhic victory, and they know that unless they can somehow level the world playing field, Russia and China are about to become the ascendant world powers while the US, Canada, Japan and much of Europe are doomed to fade into the ignominy they deserve and have earned with their arrogant, fraudulent and violent mistreatment of the people of the world, all in the name of greed and power.

    Yes, Putin was right when he said the Georgian attack on South Ossetia was timed to coincide with US elections to support John McCain for President, but the real plan of attack goes much deeper than that, and is far more sinister.  If the Illuminati want Manchurian Candidate and Bush Clone John McCain to win, all they have to do is give the word to Diebold, and it is a done-deal.  What really happened with this Georgian debacle is that the Illuminists simply commenced a much broader plan of attack at a time when it was advantageous to the candidate that the neocon, Illuminist faction, currently in power, wants.  The broader purpose of this plan is to destabilize both Russia and China, and the forces of "Chaos" know they only have two to three years before their precious system irreparably implodes.  Hence, their desperation.      They did not risk WWIII just to get McCain elected.  Their campaign against competing world powers is existential in nature, and their failure at this juncture could put their plans for world government back by a half a century.  Russia and China are both wise to their game.  Putin's response to the attack in Georgia could not have been more measured or more precise.  The Russians learned their lesson in Afghanistan.  Putin is a genius who has pulled Russia rapidly out of the ashes of the former Soviet Union after booting out the usurping Western-installed oligarchs, and he makes Bush, Cheney and Rice look like the three stooges.  The power-mad neocons and their Rockefeller-Kissinger cohorts have completely bungled things, and now the real evil geniuses, Brzezinski and Rothschild, the brains behind the Black Nobility of Europe, are taking over in one last ditch effort to save the Illuminist plans.  They are going to fail.  Hail Caesar!  Welcome to the Fall of the American Empire.  

This past week the market was slightly weaker. It was held up by gains in banks, brokers and financial stocks. This is supposed to be a signal that the worst of the credit crisis is over. We are told by the “experts” who have been wrong over and over again, that the housing market is bottoming. It isn’t bottoming, it won’t recover for years. The credit crisis will be with us for 2 to 3 more years and then Washington and Wall Street will have to deal with depression. Investors, particularly professionals are becoming more and more receptive to the economic resiliency thesis. This viewpoint will keep investors in the market when they should be existing. We sometimes wonder if they know they are being lied too?

The latest obfuscation of GDP figures are a slap in the face to any intelligent American. From 1.9% to 3.3% in a quantum leap. What government and Wall Street forgot to tell you is that the figures are bogus. What they failed to report was that the GDP deflator was up 4.5% yoy, the strongest year-on-year increase since 1991.

Tighter credit is strangling the economy. The money and credit is out there but the banks are hoarding it to get themselves out of bankruptcy. The money one way or the other is borrowed from the Fed. The tightening reflects bank’s fears that they won’t have adequate reserves and that those they lend to might default.