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Planned Inflation Steals Your Money

Planned inflation steals your money, and implies a future in gold, but can suggest something you can do about it. Billions on a secret offensive bio weapons program, gulf oil producers mess with pact.

Bob Chapman | February 10, 2007

Since the early 1960s, cash has not been a risk free investment. That was due to planned inflation by the Federal Reserve and our government, and other central banks and governments as well. It could be called stealth theft. Cash and its equivalents give a moderate return but guarantee your principal back. The problem is when you get your money back you have lost purchasing power via inflation. Many countries have done this but the US is by far the leader of the pack and it certainly guarantees that the value of the dollar versus other currencies and gold is bound to fall causing further loss of value and purchasing power in the future. The questions are when will the dollar break and fall again? When will the risks overwhelm the costs, when will the artificial prop under the dollar collapse? We do not know when but we can promise you it will happen. All those foreigners who lend us $2.4 billion a day will finally give up and take their losses. All trading nations have been making their currencies cheap for export purposes and as a result they are holding trillions of depreciating dollars and that is what is propping up the dollar and US interest rates and allowing the US to export part of its inflation caused by the perpetual issuance of massive amounts of money and credit, particularly over the past four years. Even European countries have been issuing massive amounts of money and credit over the past two years and in terms of gold, the only real currency, they have all been depreciating.

If interest rates remain at current levels in the US the dollar will erode against other major currencies and gold and the US economy will erode as well. If interest rates are lowered the dollar will simply collapse and gold will become a shooting star. There has been pressure on the dollar for some time and it increases each day despite the manipulation of the dollar and gold by the Fed via the repo pool and through the “Working Group on Financial Markets.” The task is overwhelming and soon the ability to manipulate these markets will end. When the dollar falls eventually the stock and bond markets will fall. The economy will slip deeper into recession and yields will rise. Once borrowers stop borrowing the copious amount of credit available, deflation will take place. That will bring us the perfect financial storm. The solution is to have a good percentage of your assets in gold and silver related assets. They will appreciate as the dollar falls and protect you from the damage caused by our bankers and our government.

People who use charts, waves and cycles to predict future action in an investment might as well throw them all out the window when markets are manipulated.

Most professionals who admit there is manipulation, and only a few do, are sad cases indeed. They recommend you just live with it like taxes because there is nothing you can do about it. We beg to differ. We will be fleeced on our feet not on our knees. This is like selling freedom for security. If you take that choice you lose both. Those who choose to live on their knees succumb to the might is right theory. We’ll take the Pyrrhic victory and not let the elitists step all over us. Those who accept servitude will always be with us and will always make up 95% of what is termed passive people. In today’s manipulation of markets there is clear evidence that the Illuminists have already lost control. These weak naysayers would just rather stay out of the fight when just a good shove would swing the balance in the people’s favor. It is human nature to avoid conflict. We understand that, but we also understand that to not fight back dooms you with servitude. We do not want to be serfs in a new world order and we do not believe you do either. Fight back by informing everyone that world markets are manipulated and we can do something about it.

America is not threatened with a bio-terror attack, yet since 9/11 George and the neocons have allocated a stunning $43 billion to defend against a non-existent bio-terror attack.

Now Fort Detrick, the Military Institute of Infections Diseases, is being replaced with a new laboratory operated by several agencies. Outside experts say that the program has already been engaged in an offensive weapons program. Government won’t admit it but this is what is going on. We can expect nothing less from these neocon lunatics.

As further proof that Saudi Arabia was in on driving oil prices lower and broke their production reduction pact, in January Venezuelan production fell 110,000 b/p/d, and Iraq fell 250,000 b/p/d. Iraq’s cut was involuntary. Saudi Arabia’s production was unchanged at 8.8 m/b/p/d. OPEC’s other members cut 110,000 b/p/d. In other words, they produced 470,000 b/p/d more than the 25.8 m/b/p/d as of February 1st. That means all the Gulf producers were in on rigging the gold price downward. That shows you what liars the Gulf producers are.