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Neocons Not Working Out for the World

Barrack gets sold out, G-8 meeting was useless, fascism is creeping forward, strategies for protection, DHS surveillance, talk of a coming war with Iran

Bob Chapman | July 2, 2008

Nothing of substance that we know of was accomplished at the recent G-8 meetings and the oil producers meeting in Saudi in lowering oil prices. In fact, their failure has pushed oil prices higher. We believe they recognize that what Lieberman, Israeli agent and poodle for the neocons, is proposing is tantamount to exchange controls totally unbeknownst to Americans who are deep in slumber, mesmerized by the puppets reining for their presidency. The proposal is that the US would control all commodity markets and foreign exchanges that deal in commodities. It would be Neocons über alles. Herr Lieberman wants a prohibition on all private and public pension funds with assets in excess of $500 million from investing in agriculture and energy commodities traded anywhere. How is that for imperial overreach? Another issue would be that the CFTC would be able, arbitrarily, to stop any financial institution from purchasing said commodities. There would be the ability to impose speculative position limits, which we are sure won’t fly because it would limit swaps written by banks and investment banks. These proposals would control capital flows that in time would grow. It is what we experienced in airports. First it was an ID, a driver’s license was needed to get on a plane. That was followed by taking your shoes off; then the inspection of baggage and then being mauled by meatheads and thugs and now a machine that can see everything you own. They call that creeping fascism. That is what you will get if this legislation is passed, creeping fascism jjjjjj   err Lieberman wants a proerr ieberman wants a prohibition on all private and p;ublic p

and the seeds of exchange controls. We lived under exchange controls when we lived in South Africa and Rhodesia 33 years ago. It is like living in a financial jail. Domestically you had no control or freedom over your assets. This is what the neocon Senator and Israeli representative want for you.  We can guarantee that total controls will follow. It’s a way of controlling your lives, especially your financial lives, by the most corrupt American in our history. This will sneak up on you, a step at a time, just like your experience at airports. By the time you wake up you will be in financial bondage. What do you think the entire data gathering is all about? It is to financially profile all of you. Why do you think they now record the contents of your laptop, digital camera and cell phones at airports? They want to file all this data in your personal dossier. This is a long-term plan to control your lives. What you are seeing in this legislation is far more sinister then you can imagine. Everyone’s positions will be constantly monitored and as you know in our Illuminist society today some are more equal than others, seeing as the illuminists control the regulators and they will profit as usual and you will not. This is not a free market. It’s a government-controlled market directed by elitists from behind the scenes. They own the CFTC and the SEC. Don’t you get it? This is what fascism is all about – vertical and horizontal control.

The first reaction of professional and institutional investors will be to move their funds as fast as possible out of the country and they have the ability to do that. That will give the Illuminists the excuse to extend their controls into foreign markets. A second step in the control process. Eventually US corporations and other entities will be ordered to return their funds to the US so they can be totally controlled. The only way to avoid that is by moving your entity out of the US the minute such legislation is passed.

What can you do to protect yourselves as Americans? In the final analysis your only refuge is in gold and silver assets. If legislation is passed in near to its present form, base metals and precious metals are excluded. Those who do not move their assets offshore to speculate in energy and agricultural markets will move to precious metals and other commodities. We also expect such legislation could lead to new rules regarding foreign currency markets and could well end foreign currency trading or limit it to corporations that have a legitimate reason to use such markets.

The bulk of your assets should be gold and silver related. The proposed legislation if passed will endow an additional impetus for those assets to appreciate.

As we mentioned in the last issue, in entering or leaving the US people are being selected for additional screening by customs, which includes digital media cards or drives in your pockets, inspecting the digital memory card from your camera and your cell phone. They are also arbitrarily impounding such items and returning them two weeks later, and sometimes months later.

There obviously is a program to confiscate electronics at custom points. Journalists are being selected for special treatment. Alex Jones, the famous talk show host, recently endured this in Canada, when they were looking for anything they could find to bring charges against him. The D.H.S. refuses to answer questions about the program, such as the criteria for inspection. Lawsuits have been filed challenging the program. D.H.S. refuses to say exactly how common the practice is, how many computers, portable storage drives, and BlackBerries have been inspected and confiscated, or what happens to the devices once they are seized. Those suing already know digital copies – mirror images of drives have been made. Can you imagine what could happen to companies that have trade secrets in their computers and most of them do. The D.H.S. is loaded with criminals as is our government.

The Court of Appeals has already said D.H.S. has the authority to search electronic devices. Except for journalists the D.H.S has been preying on Muslims, Asians and Middle Easterners. The D.H.S. could care less about the nightmare they create. They destroy the reason for the business trip. It is totally wasted. Often these criminals hold the electronics and laptops for months just to harass people. As far as we know today they have never found anything incriminating. It is no wonder foreigners hate America. The D.H.S. says they want to catch terrorists, child pornographers and those stealing intellectual property. This is not the America we once knew.

Two years ago Zbigniew Brzezinski was telling us that George and the neocons had set world government back 50 years and the Black Nobility of Europe wanted Bush out of Iraq. Now Zbig tells us of the coming war with Iran. He is looking for an event or some kind of terrorist attack that can be blamed on Iran to justify a pre-emptive attack. They expect this to happen prior to the election. Zbig said two years ago that the US should leave Iraq. The Iran attack will be to derail Obama whose mentor is Zbig. Yes, Zbig is selling Barak out. The result of an Israeli attack would be that the entire Middle East would be in conflict and oil suppliers from Iraq, Iran and Venezuela would probably be shut off to Europe and the US. Russia and China could get involved and we easily have nuclear war. Even if Russia and China do not get involved they will be monitoring everything that goes on. The anti-US propaganda will be massive. The US and Israel will again embellish their reputations for being aggressive imperial fascist powers.