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Marxism and Corporate Fascism

we should listen to Goethe, Hugo Chavez betting  on the wrong commodities, communism and corporate fascism, disinformation about democracy, resources in Montana and other states

Bob Chapman | June 7, 2008

"Everything in the world may be endured, except continual prosperity."  -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  

Yes, our German philosopher was humorously correct.  Any time people are prospering like we were just before August 15, 1971, the day that will live in infamy when Nixon took us completely off the gold standard, the sheople will find a way not to prosper anymore.  And happily helping them on their way to destruction have been the Illuminati, who wanted to have a monopoly on prosperity.  Unfortunately, there is very little that is humorous about our myriad of ongoing economic, social and political debacles, save that the Illuminati and their henchmen, who apparently thought that they in fact could endure continual prosperity, have, in their lust for money and power, managed to destroy themselves and, in the end, will themselves succumb to Herr Goethe's statement.

Somehow, through the machinations of the elitist would-be lords of the universe, and through our own flaccid efforts to stop them, which amounted to little more than total inaction, we have all managed to screw up a free lunch - royally - and have once again failed to endure continual prosperity.  And may we add that those who own gold and silver will come far closer to enduring continual prosperity than those who do not, so load up and get on the prosperity train, which will soon be leaving the station as a hurricane of problems blows our supertanker economy toward the unforgiving rocks of hyperinflation, recession and depression!  Be sure to add a heaping helping of weapons, ammunition and freeze-dried food, and by all means get as far out of debt as you possibly can before our supertanker economy does a reenactment of the Titanic!

Hugo Chavez some months ago compared Dubya to the Devil.  He of course was correct, but may we add that it takes one to know one.  Ask all the gold producers who, after apparently being led down the garden path, have watched their stocks destroyed as the hundreds of millions they invested in exploring Venezuela's mineral wealth and in preparation for extracting that wealth from the ground, have recently gone up in smoke before so much as a single penny had been earned from all their efforts and hard work.  Chavez decided to simply pull the plug in a communistic power play to acquire more leverage against the Illuminist elements in the US, Europe and Canada that are trying to destroy him and some of his other despotic friends in OPEC, and to up the ante on the government's share of profits.  The excuse given is the impact on the environment, which in reality would have been improved by the modern mining techniques to be employed in lieu of the copious amounts of unauthorized mining which has been rampant in the region.  Such unauthorized mining has created an environmental disaster which these foreign mining companies would have helped to clean up.  And never mind all the past agreements and promises which apparently were not worth the paper they were written on, sort of like our Federal Reserve notes, which Chavez's buddy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, accurately described as "worthless paper."  Apparently, any written commitments, promises or contracts with the Venezuelan government have now also made their way into the "worthless paper" category.

Mr. Chavez apparently thinks he can depend on oil to save his country's economy, and will hit the metallic minerals like gold, silver and copper later if need be.  This is a monumental mistake.  When we go into recession and depression we are taking the rest of the world down with us, and as a result, oil consumption could drop into the subbasement.  That event may only be a few years in the offing.  Mineral extraction takes years to establish before you can even get your first ounce.  Chavez could miss the blow-off top in gold and silver just as oil gets destroyed and as deflation reduces gold and silver prices.  Such a blunder could result in his ouster from power, an ouster that would be supported for many other reasons, including the fact that communism (really Marxism in his case) simply does not work.  He should be extracting gold and silver now to store up Venezuela's gold and silver supplies in preparation for the gargantuan run-up in precious metals that is under way even as we write this article.  Further, his ability to support mineral extraction could be greatly hampered if oil prices are greatly reduced because he is foolishly depending on a one-dimensional oil economy to keep things running.  It is hard to conduct mining operations in a state of civil unrest caused by poverty from rampant inflation and food shortages when receipts from your main export are going down the tubes.  The massive proceeds from precious metals could help keep his people fed if the oil boom goes bust.  What an incredible blunder, for a world leader to put all his eggs in one basket like that.  And think of all the jobs that will be put on hold in the meanwhile.  He will go down with the other OPEC countries which are already on the verge of imploding due to rampant inflation, diminishing reserves and suppressive regimes. And making matters even worse, the fact that he and his government cannot be trusted to keep their word on anything will result in a complete cessation of foreign investment in Venezuela.  

This also shows you in spades that communism and corporatist fascism are just two sides of the same coin.  Both systems have, as their ultimate goal, the establishment of a power elite who will lord it over their serfs and slaves in a crude, unjust, feudal system that was rightfully discarded as a necessary step to getting out of the Dark Ages.  The serfs and slaves are everyone who is not a political insider, and insiders are a mere handful of people out of the overall population.  You either play their game, or it is GAME OVER for you.

In fact, one wonders whether all the world conflict we see is just one big theatrical performance, an ongoing charade meant to scare people into using their tax money to support defense budgets and to make the elitist owners of the corporations that comprise the industrial-military complexes around the world into trillionaires.  Note how their children are almost never sent off as cannon fodder, yet they sure get mega-wealthy on the shed blood of everyone else's children.  The few who do send their children into the military make sure they are never exposed to any real danger.  The British royal family is a perfect example of this as we hear their bravado in the face of what amounts to the smallest of threats to their safety and well-being.  The phony "War on Terror" is an outstanding example of the ongoing charade we are forced to endure at the hands of the reprobates and sociopaths that run our government and military-industrial complex.  


The only difference between Marxism and corporatist fascism is one of semantics.  In corporatist, fascist states, you have a power partnership between private corporations and government run by the same group of elitists.  In Marxist states, you have a power partnership between corporations created and operated by the government, which are sometimes associated with certain "ministries," and the main body of the government itself, both again run by the same group of elitists.  The final outcome is the same in both cases - a system of feudality.  Marxism should be distinguished from communism and socialism, both of which technically involve the "dictatorship of the proletariat," meaning the rule of the working class.  True communism and socialism are never the forms of government that are actually used anywhere in the world.  The forms of government that other countries call communism or socialism are really just Marxism at their core, which involves the dictatorship of a ruling class, and which is sometimes referred to as the "dictatorship of the bourgeoisie."

True communism and socialism always fail because hard work and varying degrees of effort and skill are not adequately and proportionately rewarded, which leads to mediocrity and inefficiency.  The system implodes on itself because people have fallen natures as described in the Bible.  Because their lot in life cannot be improved beyond that of all the other slaves to the bourgeoisie-run state, the people of the proletariat fall back to doing the absolute minimum to get by, plunging the state's economy into a situation characterized by inefficiency, corruption and incompetence which send it down the road to Zimbabwe.  In order for true communism or socialism to work, everyone must be perfectly altruistic in nature, which is completely and totally impossible.  In fact, the precise opposite is true.  Few, if any, can truly claim to have a thoroughly altruistic nature.  Marxism and corporatist fascism fail because they are inherently unfair, creating power and privileges for monumentally undeserving overlords who think they know what it best for the rest of us.  Unlike corporatist fascism, however, which is usually based on some form of capitalism and private enterprise, Marxism has the added disadvantage of an economy that is run on communistic principals which lead to near zero incentive to excel at anything, plunging the economy into a state of lethargy and poverty.  All political systems, save the one our Forefathers gifted us with, are in the end nothing but glorified forms of dictatorship, that place wealth and power in the hands of a few.

By contrast, our republican form of government coupled with a capitalist economy succeeds because it is based on two Biblical principals.  The first principle is that you ought to reap what you sow.  This is the opposite of moral hazard, such as where banks reap bailouts at public expense when they have sowed the destruction of the entire financial system in an orgy of fraud.  The second principle is that men have been given free will by their Creator to make decisions for good or for ill.  This is the opposite of a dictatorship where your decisions are made for you by Big Brother.

In true communism and socialism, everyone is treated equally regardless of skill and effort, a sure loser because people by their nature will not tolerate such nonsense unless it is forced down their throats by the Marxist dictators and ruling class who are treated more equally than their suppressed subjects.  Our form of government, when run correctly instead of being transformed into a corporatist, fascist state, creates an open market of ideas and the freedom to choose any of those ideas as each person sees fit.  Since not all ideas can be implemented, we have what are supposed to be wise, honest representatives who are elected to help choose which ideas should be adopted based on a majority rule, which the people agree to support and abide by as part of their social contract with our government, that social contract being our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  This creates efficiency when you have honest government, as mostly good ideas are adopted by honest, hard-working public servants.  Contrast this with having a dictator's tunnel vision, based only on self interest, shoved up the public's collective derrieres.  Currently, we can think of many colorful adjectives to describe our corrupt government, but honesty is not one of them, unless of course you were searching for an antonym.

You can attach whatever label you like to it, but any form of government that does not follow our republican form of government based on our ingenious Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our capitalist economic system, is little more than a euphemism for dictatorship.  That is precisely why the despicable Illuminati have systematically destroyed our constitutionally based, republican form of government and have replaced it with corporatist fascism.  Otherwise, they would have no chance of centralizing their power and the ultimate power would remain with the people as our Forefathers intended.

Incidentally, despite the disinformation propaganda fed to you by our fascist-operated public school systems, the United States of America is not a democracy.  Look to ancient Athens for the closest form of what a true democracy is really all about.  And as you may recall, that system did not work out very well, resulting in constant political schisms, economic catastrophes and continual wars that eventually destroyed that society.  Ancient Rome was called a republic but was really a fascist dictatorship complete with an emperor and a ruling class of military and business elitists, which was their version of a military-industrial complex.  No wonder Italy fell for Mussolini's corporatist fascism.  It was just history repeating itself.  And now, thanks to the Illuminati, we - and they - go the way of the Roman Empire - to ignominious destruction.  We also note that rampant, blatant and deviant behavior have immediately preceded the destruction of every great society, being a reflection of the level of debauchery to which these societies have deteriorated prior to their complete and total collapse and utter destruction.  

The Bakken oil fields in Montana alone could potentially produce 40 billion barrels of crude while Brown's Gas Conversion Kits (which can make any car capable of running on hydrogen produced from water which is then mixed with gasoline) could become all the rage and improve fuel economy in a few short years by 30-50%.  The Montana oil alone could potentially eliminate all foreign oil imports for an entire decade at current rates of consumption.  And if all you wanted to do was get rid of OPEC, the Montana oil could accomplish that feat for about two decades!  Throw in the Brown's Gas Conversion kits (many of which are not patented and are based on knowledge in the public domain), and the vast untapped oil reserves from other states and regions such as Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota and the Gulf of Mexico, not to mention nuclear power and other, greener sources of energy, as well as innovations to increase energy efficiency, and you have the potential for a complete turnaround of our economy that could open a floodgate to new jobs.  Then, get rid of foolish free trade, globalization, off-shoring, outsourcing and illegal immigration and replace these boondoggles with some good old-fashioned tariffs, quotas and other trade barriers for good measure.