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Lying and Stealing Your Money

When Roosevelt confiscated everyone’s gold in the 30’s and devalued our dollars, not too many folks had enough gold to matter. There was no “outrage” ... it didn’t even get front page coverage. The fact that after midnight that evening, Beer was legal again. The confiscation came at the same time prohibition ended. Beer won, gold lost. But again Americans are pure suckers when it comes to having things stolen from them.

Bob Rinear | July 27, 2013

Sometimes I get the feeling that plain old common sense has left the auditorium about 100 years ago. Here in the States, folks have their money stolen from them every single day of their lives and we go on like nothing ever happened.

Not long ago Bernie Madoff was convicted of stealing billions of dollars. Most people yawned and said something to the effect of “so what, the rich can afford it”. Over the past few years we’ve seen Sentinnel steal customer money and the courts looked the other way. We’ve seen JPM manipulate the price of silver and the SEC/COMEX cops can’t seem to find any instances. We saw Corslime, I’m sorry, Corzine commingle a few billion of his folks money and steal it… again no uproar.

But it isn’t a new situation, the American people have been robbed for years on end and just “take it” like they deserve it. When the Federal Reserve was criminally fostered on the Nation, no one fought back. When Roosevelt confiscated everyone’s gold in the 30’s and devalued our dollars, not too many folks had enough gold to matter. There was no “outrage” and in fact, when the NY Times ran the story, it didn’t even get front page coverage. Do you know what did make the headlines? The fact that after midnight that evening, Beer was legal again. The confiscation came at the same time prohibition ended.

            Beer won, gold lost. But again Americans are pure suckers when it comes to having things stolen from them. Just as recently as the late 90’s our Government “stole” millions of acres in the Grand canyons via the Desert Wilderness Protection Act. Diane Feinstein was one of the big backers of this theft, which ultimately became the second largest land lock up since the Alaskan lands act. The story given to the dupes was that the beauty of the desert had to be protected, and that is why they pushed to confiscate these millions of acres and kick out the homes and businesses that were already there. Yet that was a bald faced lie. No one wanted to develop this land, in fact, MOST of it had been for sale for over 100 years with no takers.

So, why then did they decide they needed it and turned it all into supervision of the national park system? Because some of the richest gold veins in North America were found on it in and near the Chocolate Mountains and the Army base there. It has NOTHING to do with keeping the desert beautiful, because there’s no water there to develop anything. It had everything to do with making sure that private concerns other than those selected by Washington were never going to get an ounce of that gold. Oh, and estimates are that there’s anywhere between 2 and 25 BILLION ounces in there.

Notice how so many of our oil discoveries and shale discoveries are on national lands? You think that’s a coincidence? It isn’t. As I’ve told you, the EPA was created the same year Nixon took us off the gold standard in 71. The selling point was a cabinet designed to provide is with clean air and water. No one could argue against that! Yet that was just the cover. The story. The real reason for it was that we needed to sequester our oil, gas and gold from private exploration. We wanted to use up the other nations oil and gas with dollars printed out of thin air. Can you imagine!?? They trade good oil, for paper with dead presidents on them, backed by nothing. We even tell them it will be worth “less” in the future! Meanwhile the EPA cordoned off tens of millions of acres from development claiming we might harm some inland sardine, wooly moth or endangered spider. This was so that Uncle Sam would have it, and could actually use those holdings as collateral against their bogus dollars. The Americans went right along with the story. Just as planned.

The heads of the Federal Reserve, our very own Central bank have told folks for 75 years that “inflation of 2% per year is good for growth”. No it isn’t. What it is good for is debasing their worthless currency and stealing your wealth. Yet the American people, and especially its brain dead so called economists will tell you the virtues of this inflation. They never get around to mentioning that a dollar today buys about 6 cents worth of goods versus the 1913 dollar. They remain muted about that.

Just Thursday, the DOW was off some 80 points. Then the news wires lit up with the story of the SEC suit against SAC capital, the hedge fund Mr. Cohen runs. They’re going after criminal charges concerning insider trading for some 12 years or so, and a host of other goodies. Guess what the market did during those TV headlines? It ran from negative 80 to GREEN. Was that the collective wisdom of millions of investors? No, that was the fraud which is Wall Street cutting off any shorts that might have though that another billion dollar crooked hedge fund is “bad”. See, the market knows American love to get ripped off.

In Detroit, a lot of fine upstanding people worked for their local Government. Many put in 30 long years of service and expected to get the retirement they were promised. But of course Detroit like so many other places run by Democrats who love to spend other peoples money doesn’t have the money to pay those retirements. So many will be lucky to see 10 cents on the dollar. Why weren’t there any others than us asking how we were going to pay all these bills in the future?? Oh that’s right, because Americans love getting ripped. They must, because they have their money stolen every day.

Right now some 10K baby boomers a day are hitting retirement age. Most of them used Wall Streets pie in the sky investment return thesis of 8% as the basis for what they’d have to live on. But Uncle Ben Bernanke had other ideas. He cut the interest rate to 0, effectively handing the banks all the money they could ever want, while robbing the elderly of their savings income. See a theme here? Rob the American people.

In NJ they put in a new modern highway in the 60’s called the “parkway”. It was to ultimately join NY State all the way to the southern tip of NJ called Cape May. They erected toll booths all along it, most being 10 or 15 cents. They said at the time they would only collect these tolls until the road was paid for. Well the road was paid for 20 years ago and now the tolls are a buck and a quarter. Those tolls will never go away. Being lied to is all Americans know.

The media lies to us every single day. So ridiculous is some of the crap one might hear on MSNBC that I’ve howled with laughter over some of their statements. Yet just as Jerry Springer will appeal to the masses that get entertainment out of the most guttural and basal “entertainment”, there’s millions that enjoy the fantasy lies that they spew. Consider the Zimmerman/Martin case. The media couldn’t have spun that any harder if they had a wheel. Facts? Forget em, just listen to what we tell ya and follow our plot!

But nowhere is the intermingled potion of lying and stealing more evident than our very own Politicians. Don’t you find it perverse that the field of Politics is so completely overloaded with liars and cheats that we actually EXPECT our leaders to lie to us? Please explain that to me, I really don’t get it. We elect people that we KNOW are going to lie to us. How do we as a collective allow them to get into those positions? Yet we do. And when one of the liars wins the election, millions throw parties over it. “Hey isn’t it great, our liar beat your liar!”. It boggles my mind.

There is however a moral to this story and it is a very important one. One that I expect you all to think about very seriously. You know in your heart that just about everything you’re told is baloney. You know that they take your money at every turn. Which leads us to our relatively immediate future. If you listen to 99% of the talking heads on TV, especially CNBC they will tell you the economy’s rebounding, the future is bright and the global economy is fixed. They want you to feel good and go spend money.

But the economy isn’t fixed, the Global financial structure isn’t sound, and things cannot continue the way they’re going. This isn’t speculation, this is fact. “Something” has to change. Now, what’s that going to be? Frankly we don’t know. We “think” we do, but no one really knows the future except the uber elites and they don’t much invite me to their parties any more. So, we have to figure things on our own.

Our guess is still the “global reset”. What that means is that just about every Country is tired of the US debasing its currency, and they’re willing to move away from having to use it for global commerce. China is leading that way, making deals with over 27 Countries to deal in their own home currency of the Yuan. My guess is that when they feel they’ve amassed enough gold to back the yuan with a percentage base, they’re going to push to either BE the new reserve currency, or at least be a major part of a new Global reserve made up of several currencies. If that’s right and I think it is, the whole reason for the gold price smash falls into place. They had to get some supply and by beating the price down, all the hot money speculators sold. It worked.

China is sucking up all the gold they can get. The next time they officially tell us how much they have, everyone’s going to be surprised because it will be a lot. But that’s just the mechanics. What is interesting to us, is that the price of gold, will then be desired to rise. Until they fill their coffers they need it cheap. But once they’re willing to back the yuan with it…they’ll want the price as high as possible. I’m still convinced that gold sees 2500 dollars an ounce and people much smarter than me, like Jim Rickards thinks 5K is more likely. Thus, you can listen to the main stream media lie to you, or you can rely on dollars which the Fed uses to steal your wealth our you can continue to buy gold and know you’ve got something that has NEVER been worth zero. Can you name one fiat currency in history that can say that? Nope. Don’t get robbed and don’t buy the lies.