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Is Medicaid Needed For Our Sick Financial System?

elitists desperate, parallels between our medical health system and the health of our  financial system, representatives dole out trillions to banker capitalist buddies who in turn help get them reelected, delivery of physical metals is what matters today, U,S. Economy ponders Weimar and Zimbabwe, Bailouts will still be milked out of the economy for some time to come

Bob Chapman | August 22, 2009

In their maniacal quest to destroy the US economy, and indeed the world economy, in order to create an Orwellian one world police state of feudality, the Illuminists have greatly erred and have grossly miscalculated the timing of the financial disaster with their other pet projects. Asking people to undertake these costly legislative atrocities would have been very difficult even during prosperous times when the sheople might have been fooled into thinking they could afford such nitwit legislation, but under the current catastrophic financial conditions, the US public will not stand for such extravagant foolishness even if they agreed with the legislation itself, which most of them vehemently do not.  When Meredith Whitney pulled the plug on Citibank's toxic waste, she may have prematurely created a negative financial environment that was inimical to future Illuminist plans.  Why do you think that the latest Illuminist powwow put forth a decision to try to pull back from the now out-of-control financial catastrophe, while Bernanke hands out money created out of thin air to foreign and domestic banks by the trillions to support the stock, bond and derivative markets, and the moron media touts his smoke and mirrors acts as "green shoots" even though consumer spending, credit and employment continue to contract at an alarming rate?  

Could it be that the Illuminati are desperately, albeit feebly, attempting to instill more confidence in the people to the effect that we are moving toward a recovery, and will be able to afford the poisonous "cap and trade" and euthanasia bills?  You better believe it.  If these bills pass, the only reason the Illuminati will have for keeping the economy afloat will be to milk the system a while longer.  The passage of these bills could accelerate the plans of the Illuminati to destroy our economy and let it go down in flames.  Fortunately, unlike the move to push through the TARP bailout, they can't threaten imminent financial destruction if the bills don't pass because that would not be logical.

Barry recently became "emotional" at a recent town hall meeting regarding his euthanasia bill.  We guess he figured it worked for Queen Hillary in New Hampshire, so why not try feigning emotion for his own ends. Undoubtedly, his emotions are not based on his concern for the welfare of US citizens, who he could care less about, but on the possibility of being booted out of office by Puppet Master and kingmaker David Rockefeller.  Marxist Hillary has already felt the sting of Rockefeller's rejection, and Barry  wants to avoid that at all costs.  

If Barry eally cared about Americans he would promote vitamins and herbs and a healthy lifestyle by helping to fund such things via government subsidies in the same way that pharmaceuticals are subsidized, he would free doctors from being forced into prescribing pharmaceuticals to avoid being accused of medical malpractice when vitamins, herbs and nutrition might be more appropriate or play a supplemental roll, he would promote the education of doctors regarding the use of vitamins, herbs and nutrition to treat various medical conditions, he would require the dispensing of all pharmaceuticals to health facilities in bubble packs so that all unused pharmaceuticals could be safely returned and reused instead of being dumped into our public water systems, he would put caps on tort awards for medical malpractice, he would base the amount of medical insurance reimbursements on the efficacy of treatment, he would take steps to curtail unnecessary testing and treatment, and he would form a partnership between the relevant government agencies and the private insurance industry to bargain together as a group with Big Pharma to control spiraling costs for drugs.  We also do not need the exorbitant cost of a medical information data base to be forced on doctors so Big Brother can watch over us.

If Obama did these things instead of acting like an Illuminist marionette, Medicaid could afford to continue to take care of the poor as it was designed to do, and the Medicaid program could be expanded to provide better coverage.  Any applicant for Medicaid would have to be a legitimate US citizen, by natural birth or proper naturalization, and not by amnesty, which should be forbidden to any illegal immigrant lawbreakers.  Our current system would work the way it was supposed to if all these abuses were terminated, and the government stopped invading the funds set aside for the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs so they can have their pork orgies and fund pet Illuminist projects.  But the sad truth is that all these abuses have been allowed to fester to make it look like the system is broken and needs to be replaced by a toxic government euthanasia monopoly.  Can you imagine having some moronic bureaucrat from our dysfunctional government in charge of your health?  Have they gotten anything else right?  So what could possibly lead anyone to think that they are going to make health decisions correctly?

The same parallel applies to our financial system.  The Illuminati wanted to make it look like our financial system was broken as an orgy of fraud was paraded before us by our fane-stream media due to a lack of regulatory action.  They took away Glass-Steagall courtesy of henchman Slick Willie Clinton and are now trying to replace Glass-Steagall with the Fed, when it is the Fed that is the base cause of virtually all our financial woes.  They want us to put a private company, operating in total secrecy, committed only to big banking interests without the slightest commitment to the welfare of US citizens, and put them in charge of virtually our entire financial system, which system the Fed has malevolently destroyed by expanding and contracting the money supply in a way that steals money from the average citizens and places it in the coffers of the wealthy Illuminists.

Our regulatory system is perfectly fine, it is the people in charge of that system, basically Illuminist puppets, who are the problem.  This is the state of affairs that Elliot Spitzer was decrying.  He is the penultimate example of what happens to any government or regulatory official who steps out of line and criticizes the Illuminist cabal and its toxic policies.  What he did was wrong, yes.  But it would never have been exposed if he had not spoken out against what the Bush Administration had done to block efforts to investigate the real estate derivative fraud.  This is why your Congressmen cow tow to the Puppet Masters.  Most of these evil miscreants have gargantuan skeletons in their closets making them susceptible to extortion, which is often why they were selected by the Illuminists as candidates for public office in the first place.  Their bad habits set them up for puppetry at the hands of the Illuminati.  Either that, or they were just plain bribable.

Our so-called "representatives" have trillions to dole out to their crony capitalist banking buddies who paid to get them elected, but when it comes to funding the SEC and CFTC, all we hear about is how they are under-funded and understaffed.  We suppose it is just as well, as the people running these agencies are little more than criminals themselves and are in on every Illuminist scam as co-conspirators.  If we gave them more money to catch criminals, they would find a way to put the extra money in their pockets while doing nothing to catch the criminals.  It would just be business as usual.  Slap the Illuminist criminals with diminutive fines, require absolutely no accountability or jail time, and make absolutely certain that crime pays, so long as the criminal is part of the Illuminist cabal.  Our financial system is a disgrace, and so are its regulators.

Speaking of regulators, Ted Butler thinks he can work with someone like Gary Gensler, who is the current chairman of the CFTC, and an alumni of Goldman Sachs (gee, what a surprise).  Gary Gensler helped Larry Summers rig the gold market as the Clinton Administration established its strong dollar policy, taking gold down to its market bottom as Gordon Brown put his two cents in to create "Brown's Bottom."   Gensler also teamed up with Summers to advocate the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the deregulation of derivatives via the Commodity Futures Modernization Act.  Ted thinks he can work with Gary because Ted is a gentlemen, but he should know better. These people do not think like he thinks.  They are greedy, slimy animals.  Never in a million years will they decrease position limits for the COMEX silver market without continuing the various exemptions enjoyed by the commercial shorts even though they have absolutely no legitimate business purpose to hedge other than pure manipulation. In fact, it is most likely that any reduction in position limits by the CFTC will be used to suppress the large specs, and thereby to strengthen the positions of the large commercial shorts.  But Ted is serving an important function in that he is documenting the rampant fraud and manipulation, and putting officials on notice, so they do not have the excuse that they were ignorant.  We commend him for this.  That way, when the trials and recriminations start, we will know who to prosecute and we will also know the precise nature of their crimes.  This is why we always put links to Ted's articles in the IF.  He is intelligent and well-meaning, and that is more than we can say for most newsletter writers who are little more than Illuminist disinformation specialists, or just plain idiots, with few exceptions.

The Chinese, on the other hand, might very well accomplish what the CFTC regulators have refused to do, which is to break the paper log jam created by the Illuminist cabal in the silver futures market.  The Chinese just made it legal for their citizens to buy silver, probably so they can protect themselves from the idiot QE (Quantitative Easing) monetary debauchery being perpetrated against them and the rest of people in the world, including Americans, by Buck-Busting Ben.  Even though China's hands are just as filthy-dirty as America's, we can only say:  Go, China!!!

Speaking of COMEX gold and silver futures, it appears that the Illuminati have solved their physical gold and silver inventory shortage which was causing them great headaches as massive demands for physical delivery were received.  At first, they just lied about their inventory.  The inventories did not change even as hundreds of requests for physical bullion were settled month after month, often with the help of central banks like the ECB and other outsiders like the Canadian mint.  Now, instead of using physical bullion, they can hand you an ETF contract instead.  So they are trading paper for, well, more paper!  Pretty slick, eh?  They want to give investors the convenience of having an interest in a publicly traded security so they will just hang onto it and not demand physical delivery.  But therein lies the trap.  These ETF's have leased large portions of their bullion out to the bullion banks for purposes of gold and silver suppression.  They do not have what they say they have any more than the COMEX does, and if you hold on to your ETF contract, you may well become the next victim of a Madoff-like Ponzi scheme.

What this means, oh precious members of the hard money community, is that you should demand delivery of your metals from the ETF's assuming that this is possible pursuant to your contract.  Otherwise, here is what the system looks like:  You buy a COMEX gold or silver contract with cash.  You demand physical delivery of your gold or silver.  Instead, they hand you an ETF contract.  Unless you can demand the metal from the ETF, the ETF will simply hand you back cash instead when you liquidate your position, and you will be left hanging right where you started, with a pile of depreciating cash and no physical metals.  If you try to hold on to your ETF position to at least get the appreciation in value of precious metals, you may never be able to cash it in, because the ETF's may well turn out to be nothing more than Ponzi schemes.  If the sponsors do not have the metals, they will not be in a position to cash out all the shares.  And the COMEX can just hand out as many ETF shares as they please, because no one will be checking the legitimacy of these contracts, especially the ETF sponsors, who will be in cahoots with the COMEX.  

Theoretically, under such a system where you are run around in paper circles leading to nowhere, you could buy and sell gold and silver in any quantity, no matter how vast and ludicrous, because there would never be a requirement anywhere in the system to produce the actual physical bullion!  This is unadulterated BS poppycock!!!  They can just short gold and silver forever and keep handing out ETF contracts to satisfy requests for delivery, and no one will be the wiser as there will never be enough ETF liquidations to empty the ETF's cash pot until it is too late and the Ponzi scheme blows up.  If the Illuminists need a technical advisor, they can always consult with Pat Kiley.

We wanted to remind our friends in the deflationary camp that they seem to be forgetting about the crony capitalist bailout mentality that is setting us up for hyperinflation.  A large portion of world wealth held by private non-bank investors has already gone up in smoke (meaning that it was transferred from the middle class to the Illuminist cabal), and what wealth remains to be lost by non-bank private investors is far smaller than the losses which lie in wait for the anointed legacy banks on Wall Street, which losses will generate a crony capitalist bailout from the leaders of our Crony Capitalist Bailout Nation that will require the Fed to print money out of thin air in quantities more vast by far than all the losses suffered by non-bank private investors worldwide from the beginning of this financial crisis.  Those losses are hidden by mark-to-model rules for bonds and derivatives and are also being kept out of sight in a smoldering volcano full of toxic waste, aka the Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death Star.   Remember that government spending of the type necessary to push through a recession or depression will only produce elevated double digit inflation such as we experienced recently and in the early 1980's.  To get what Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic experienced, you need a carry trade in the subject currency established by a partnership between currency speculators willing to short the subject currency, and a central bank willing to print as much money as the currency speculators demand.