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Insider Trading Gaining Momentum

Insider trading gaining momentum, you as the tax slave, keeping you drugged, unmistakeable warnings of growing fascisim in america, and the increasing power of the  state... an arrogant, incompetent and power hungry FBI, inflation numbers questionable.

Bob Chapman | January 6, 2007

While money managers luxuriate together convinced the market is headed to ever-great heights, insiders are selling 8.4 shares for every one share purchased. They obviously know something that money managers do not know. At least for now they are not buying that we are shifting to a knowledge based economy.

Someone should pinch these analysts and ask them if they are aware that after six years wages are finally rising and labor is the greatest expense for corporations. It should also be noted consumers make up 70% of GDP, and that they are cutting back on spending. Thus, a drop in personal income due to inflation in spite of higher wages will cut into corporate profits.

As a result the market is overbought and overly bullish thus, we see a correction in spite of the sea of money and credit unleashed by the Fed and other private sources. When the tide turns and the lending dries up inevitably we will see lower prices.

You certainly do not want to admit it, but your government has turned you into a tax slave. Unfortunately computer databases have turned you into an economic slave. Banks and credit card companies have reams of data on you, which, of course, is readily available to our spying government. Solving that is simple, use cash for transactions, only using a credit card when you have to, and limit the checks you write to perhaps 10 or 15 a month. That definitely cuts down your available profile. If you have credit card balances or revolving credit, pay it off. If you can, pay off your vehicles. Except for a mortgage that should leave you debt free. That removes you from a system that has enmeshed Americans in a debt prison. If you do not use a credit card you can’t be tracked and you can’t accumulate debt. If you do not like carrying cash get a license to carry a concealed weapon that will bring you peace of mind and may save your life. If you receive checks from others, cash them for cash so they do not run though your account. Have a 300 lb. gun safe in your home for your weapons and for $10,000 in cash for emergencies, along with your gold and silver coins and ammunition. It’s not easy to move a safe that weighs 800 lbs. And most criminals who break and enter are not safecrackers.

You have to avoid the system that wants you in debt. That way the lenders and your government doesn’t have much of a profile on you. Nothing is private anymore. Banks and other lenders as a condition of doing business with you, demand you give up your privacy. Soon most everything will be RFID chipped so government can track your every movement. If you want to avoid the system keep your savings in gold and silver coins and take delivery. Then revert to using cash. You will end up giving government very little to work with.

Federal law prohibits drug makers from promoting prescription drugs for conditions for which they have not been approved, but they do it anyway.

Eli Lilly, which has a history of connections with the Bush crime family, encouraged primary care physicians to use prescriptions for maladies for which they were not intended.

Fresh from winning a $2 million settlement in a suit against the FBI for wrongly trying an Oregon lawyer to the Madrid bombing case, attorney Gerry Spence warned of growing fascism in America. The FBI began investigating lawyer Brandon Mayfield after computers said his fingerprints came close to matching a print found on a bag containing explosive detonators connected with the 3/10/04 bombing in Madrid. Spence cautioned against the government and corporations’ consolidating increasing power. “It’s a very frightening time in our country,” said Spence, who has made a career championing the cases of the common man and the underdogs. “What happens is that the corporate king, or the government-corporate king, the two combined are leading us into fascism.”
He said the mainstream media is shunning his warnings and that even a congressional committee dis-invited him from testifying against the Patriot Act once majority members learned what he would say.

Attorney Mayfield had been secretly investigated before the matter ever came up because he was married to an Egyptian and had become a Muslim. “The FBI got a secret warrant and secretly came to Mayfield’s house and broke in like common burglars. Under the Patriot Act they have the power to install secret microphones and to bug the telephones and to put microphones under the kitchen table and under the bed,” Spence said. One is never given the opportunity to determine what they have done, what they have taken and where they have disseminated this information. They went into Mayfield’s papers, copied his computers, and took his DNA, Spence said.

The FBI and the government released prior information of Mayfield’s pending arrest to the media, which turned it into a circus.

Mayfield spent 11 days in jail and was injured by jailers. Spence also said it was upsetting that the investigation violated attorney-client privilege. He said arrogance of the FBI was key to its shortcomings. “The thing that makes this thing so bad, is that the FBI was instructed by the Spanish police that they had made a mistake – even before they arrested Mayfield – and, that this was not Mayfield’s fingerprint.” This incident is troubling because the charge Mayfield potentially faced carried the death penalty. The FBI was arrogant, incompetent and power hungry. After all was said and done the Office of Inspector General rubber-stamped the whole proceeding saying the FBI was blameless.

The issue goes beyond a botched investigation or the misidentification of fingerprints. Those in power were abusing events to gain more authority. Fear is a powerful motivation. Nobody has been better at making us afraid, or terrorizing us, than the power structure. By terrorizing us they can pass such acts as the Patriot Act. Spence said the Act is undemocratic and that he was stifled when asked to testify to Congress about it. The sad part of it is the American citizen doesn’t know and has no idea what this Patriot Act allows the government to do. When Spence was barred from speaking to Congress by the Republican majority, press releases were sent out to the major media and not one picked up the story.

Spence’s latest book is “Bloodthirsty Bitches & Peons Pimps of Power.” He says he cannot get a talk show to promote it.

“And so we have a very precarious condition, which can lead up into what I call the Fourth Reich,” Spence said. “Mussolini predicted the Fourth Reich would occur when government and corporations became indistinguishable.”

“That’s what we have today. Because we are afraid we are angry. The average person feels helpless – What can I do?”

Freedom, Spence said, “requires a little bit of danger, you have to agree to a little bit of danger to be free.”

This is exactly what we have been saying for six years. You people had best prepare yourselves. The future will be very difficult.

The Gestapo is issuing new passports and they will have always on-radio frequency identification chips, making it easy for officials and hackers to steal your personal statistics. RFID-tagged passports have a distinctive logo on the front cover; the chip is embedded in the back. If you choose to disable the chip you hit it with a hammer. A non-working RFID doesn’t invalidate the passport; you can still use it. If everyone does this the government won’t be able to track anyone and hackers will be left out in the cold.

You can’t win a war with safe nearby sanctuaries for your enemy. Former senior operative for the CIA, who tracked Osama bin Laden for ten years, Michael Sheuer, foresees an apparent American defeat in Afghanistan. By failing to accomplish the only mission that had to be accomplished in Afghanistan, the US and NATO now face a growing insurgency that probably already outnumbered the combined US-NATO forces.

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, an excellent US ally, has acted to advance US interests even while jeopardizing his own. His actions have brought his country to the brink of civil war. George and the neocons will or have garnered the credit, but it’s Musharraf who has taken most of the risks. As we go down to defeat in Afghanistan, George and the neocons will blame everyone else except themselves. This is why the top Illuminists want out of Afghanistan and Iraq. They certainly want to control Iraq’s oil, but that will be a very difficult feat.

For a long time things economic have not made sense. We recently saw foreign central banks sop up another $17.7 billion in Treasury and Agency debt. We see CPI and PPI figures at 3 to 4 percent and we buy things that are increasing in cost at over 10%. The unemployment figures are birth/death oriented so we see unemployment officially at 4.4% when we know it is over 13%. Then there is process know as substitution and hedonics, which most brokers on Wall Street have never heard of, much less the public. These are the dark secrets hidden by government in the background as they lie and bamboozle the citizens of our nation.

Gasoline is back up to $2.34 a gallon, but the BLS has it down via their calculations to about $2.00 a gallon. Last month the PPI rose the largest amount since 1974, and Wall Street and government ignored it. There is no pain - the world is a perfect place and everyone will be rich. Just look at the Wall Street bonuses. Inflation is raging and the government is lying about it. The government lies because they do not want the public to know their wealth is being stolen and that government and the Fed are doing an abysmal job. Incidentally, almost all the governments in the world are lying about their inflation and most all of their statistics. You are supposed to believe everything is just perfect; well it is far from perfect. Last year the obligations were $54.6 trillion, up from $50 trillion. If this isn’t exponential, nothing is. This is just an inkling of what your government and the Fed are doing to your hard earned assets.

Our President on his way to total dictatorship has very quickly claimed sweeping new powers to open Americans’ mail without a judge’ warrant. He asserted this new authority on 12/20/06, under the cover of the holidays after signing legislation that overhauls some postal regulations. He then issued a signing statement that declared his right to open mail under emergency conditions, contrary to existing law and contradicting the bill he had just signed, according to experts.